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Tsung-Dao Lee Tsung-Dao Lee
Chinese, American

Sydney Brenner Sydney Brenner
South African

Peter Debye Peter Debye
Albert von Szent-Györgyi Albert Szent-Györgyi
Austrian, Hungarian, American

Alexandre Émile John Yersin Alexandre Yersin
Swiss, French, Vietnamese

Franklin Diaz Franklin Chang Díaz
Chinese, Costa Rican, American
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Dennis Gabor Dennis Gabor

Mark Oliphant Mark Oliphant

Harold Urey Harold Urey

Erwin Chargaff Erwin Chargaff
Ukrainian, American

Paul Berg Paul Berg

Ferid Murad Ferid Murad

Leonid Kantorovich Leonid Kantorovich
Russian, Russian

Joseph Louis Lagrange Joseph Louis Lagrange
French, Italian

Claudius Ptolemy Claudius Ptolemy
Ancient Roman
Johann Heinrich Lambert Johann Heinrich Lambert
Swiss, German, French