Comprehensive biographies of world's most famous physicists.

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Physicists are the scientists who study the field of physics in great detail. They conduct research into physical phenomena or the natural science that involve the study of matter and related concepts. They analyze the general happenings in nature and try to understand how the universe behaves. On the basis of research through observation and experiments, they discover physical laws and propound theories that explain the functioning of natural forces like gravity, electromagnetism, and nuclear interactions. The discovery of new physical laws and theories contribute to the existing base of theoretical knowledge and can also be used for more practical applications such as development of medial equipment, electronic devices, nuclear reactors, etc. During the earlier days, physics was considered a field of philosophy; it was only during the 19th century that physics was realized as a discipline separate from philosophy. Some of the major branches of physics are classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, theory of relativity and electromagnetism. Since physics covers a vast number of fields, most physicists specialize in one of the many subfields. However, the various subfields may overlap with each other and also with other sciences resulting in interdisciplinary fields such as biophysics, geophysics, meteorology, etc. Browse through this section to explore the biographies, life and works of various famous physicists from all over the world.
Albert Einstein Albert Einstein
German, American

Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla
Austrian, American

Carl Sagan Carl Sagan

Sally Ride Sally Ride

Leonhard Euler Leonhard Euler
Swiss, Russian

Ernest Rutherford Ernest Rutherford
New Zealander, British

Enrico Fermi Enrico Fermi
Italian, American

Kip Thorne Kip Thorne

Abdus Salam Abdus Salam

Max Born Max Born

Robert Boyle Robert Boyle
Irish, British

Thomas Kuhn Thomas Kuhn

Steven Chu Steven Chu

David Bohm David Bohm

Hans Bethe Hans Bethe

Ernst Mach Ernst Mach

John Tyndall John Tyndall
Irish, British

John Stewart Bell John Stewart Bell
Northern Irish

Ivar Giaever Ivar Giaever
Norwegian, American
Tsung-Dao Lee Tsung-Dao Lee
Chinese, American