List of famous molecular biologists with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Molecular biologists study biology at the molecular level. Molecular biology is a field of biology that deals with the biochemical processes within living cells such as DNA, RNA, protein biosynthesis and genetic coding. Even though considered a distinct discipline, molecular biology overlaps with other scientific fields like biology and chemistry; several techniques and concepts of genetics and biochemistry are applicable to this science as well. Molecular biologists have in-depth knowledge of cell physiology, genetics and biochemistry which help them in analyzing the cell processes and codes in living organisms, including human beings. They use sophisticated equipment like DNA synthesizers, cloning kits, electron guns and temperature cyclers. They study the molecular basis of genetic variations, heredity and gene expressions to determine how some biological traits are passed on from generation to generation. By analyzing the cellular makeup of bacteria and viruses, they help doctors in understanding how these microorganisms cause diseases, and how they can be treated. Molecular biologists work primarily in laboratories and may be employed in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, colleges, environmental organizations, etc. to name a few. Browse this section to explore about the life and works of various famous molecular biologists from all over the world.

Sidney Altman Sidney Altman
Canadian, American

Kary MullisKary Mullis
Matthieu RicardMatthieu Ricard

Carol W. GreiderCarol W. Greider

Sydney BrennerSydney Brenner
South African

Shirley M. TilghmanShirley M. Tilghman
Peter AgrePeter Agre
Jack W. SzostakJack W. Szostak
Canadian, Polish, British, American

Seymour BenzerSeymour Benzer

Maclyn McCartyMaclyn McCarty

Susan LindquistSusan Lindquist
Kenneth MurrayKenneth Murray

Richard HendersonRichard Henderson