List of famous microbiologists with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Microbiologists are the scientists who study microscopic organisms like bacteria, fungi, algae, etc. and their effects on other living organisms. Microbiology, as a separate field of biology focuses on studying the characteristics, growth and development of microorganisms both at the molecular and cellular level. It also involves the study of their ecology and their effects on other living organisms like plants and animals. Microbiologists in the course of their work collect samples from various types of environments like human beings, animal, field locations, etc. and analyze these in the laboratory to identify and monitor the microorganisms present in the samples. Some specializations within this field include bacteriology, immunology, mycology, and phycology. This field of science is closely related with other life sciences like molecular biology and biochemistry. Microbiologists work in a number of fields like medicine, research, and university teaching. They basically work in a laboratory setting and use a variety of tools like microscopes, gas chromatographs, and electrophoresis gels while working with microbes. Their work is also required in industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, and biotechnology. What follows is a collection of the biographies, timelines, trivia and other information about the professional and personal lives of some of the world’s most famous microbiologists.

Bruce Edwards IvinsBruce Edwards Ivins

Peter PiotPeter Piot
Maurice HillemanMaurice Hilleman

Martinus BeijerinckMartinus Beijerinck
Sergei WinogradskySergei Winogradsky
French, Russian

Heinrich Anton de BaryHeinrich Anton de Bary

Friedrich LoefflerFriedrich Loeffler
René DubosRené Dubos
French, American

Jacob Dolson CoxJacob Dolson Cox
Canadian, American
Rebecca LancefieldRebecca Lancefield

Max SchultzeMax Schultze

Fritz SchaudinnFritz Schaudinn
German, Prussian
Mary BuntingMary Bunting
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Hattie AlexanderHattie Alexander
August von WassermannAugust von Wassermann

Kenneth V. ThimannKenneth V. Thimann
British, American

Irving MillmanIrving Millman

Harold GinsbergHarold Ginsberg
Ephraim AndersonEphraim Anderson

Johannes Eugenius Bülow WarmingJohannes Eugenius Bülow Warming

Shiga KiyoshiShiga Kiyoshi

Félix d'HérelleFélix d'Hérelle
Canadian, French