List of famous intellectuals & academics with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Intellectuals are people using their intelligence and thinking as a professional or as an individual. They generally work in such an environment such as academics wherein their mind is the key player involving learning, critical thinking and analysis, researching and reasoning. Their skills are required in many different fields like literature, medicine, law and scientific research. Intellectuals demonstrate the capacity to show the different aspects of human thinking and try to focus on the value of thinking. Historically, the intellectuals or the thinking class were usually the privileged few who could afford an education. It was the likes of upper rich classes like Rousseau or Marx who expressed their views in such a way that they led their ways of thinking to be developed into theories, which resulted in a couple of these schools of thought being named after them. In the present day, anyone can become an intellectual if he or she has the knack for knowledge and learning. Despised by few and idolized by others, intellectuals have always played a critical role in the development of the world. Discover this space for the list of famous Intellectuals of the world with their biographies that include trivia and interesting facts about them and also tracing their timeline and life history.

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Karl Marx Karl Marx

Leon Trotsky Leon Trotsky
Russian, Ukrainian, Russian

Plato Plato

Confucius Confucius

Cicero Cicero
Italian, Ancient Roman

Ann Dunham Ann Dunham

Sam Harris Sam Harris

C. S. Lewis C. S. Lewis
Irish, British

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Albert Camus Albert Camus
Algerian, French

Alan Watts Alan Watts
British, American

Voltaire Voltaire
Ibn Arabi Ibn Arabi

Bertrand Russell Bertrand Russell
British, Welsh

Adam Smith Adam Smith

Chanakya Chanakya

Steven Pinker Steven Pinker
Canadian, American

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Lebanese, British, American
Edmund Burke Edmund Burke
Irish, British

Sun Tzu Sun Tzu

David Hume David Hume

Zoroaster Zoroaster

Rosa Luxemburg Rosa Luxemburg
German, Polish

John Dewey John Dewey

Ibn Battuta Ibn Battuta

Pliny the Elder Pliny the Elder
Ancient Roman