Comprehensive directory containing biographies of world's most famous economists.

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An economist is a person who has studied and is well versed with the policies and practices in the field of economics. Not only are these people well versed with the intricacies of economics but are also the very people who create, propose and even implement certain policies that are designed to better serve they work for. The sectors where they are found generally include the private sector and the public sector or the government sector. While most colleges offer courses in the study of economics, which can take up to 6 years to complete, there have been instances where some of the most notable economists come for backgrounds that may vary from mathematics to sociology and even history. The field of economics even has Nobel Prize associated with it. The list of Nobel laureates in economics include names like Amartya Sen, who got it for his work on welfare economics, Daniel Kahneman, who got the award for his work with the integration of learning’s from phycology into economic science and Elinor Ostrom who was awarded this prestigious honour for her work in the field of economic governance. What follows is a collection of the biographies, including the life story, trivia, interesting facts and timelines, of some such famous economists.
Karl Marx Karl Marx

Adam Smith Adam Smith

Rosa Luxemburg Rosa Luxemburg
German, Polish

David Kahneman Daniel Kahneman
Israeli, American

Muhammad Yunus Muhammad Yunus

Gary Becker Gary Becker

Myron Scholes Myron Scholes
Canadian, American
Wassily Leontief Wassily Leontief
Russian, American, Russian

James Tobin James Tobin

John Harsanyi John Harsanyi
Hungarian, American

Leonid Kantorovich Leonid Kantorovich
Russian, Russian

Friedrich von Hayek Friedrich von Hayek
Austrian, German, British

Sir Arthur Lewis Sir Arthur Lewis
Saint Lucian

Gerard Debreu Gerard Debreu
French, American

Sir Clive William John Granger Sir Clive William John Granger
British, American, Welsh