List & biographies of world's most famous revolutionaries.

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A revolution is a drastic and sudden change which is instigated or propagated by a revolutionary, which means that revolutionaries, as the name suggests, are people who take up the cause of bringing about change in an existing system. Revolutions, in the past, have been responsible for changes in political, religious and even economic ideologies. A revolutionary is generally the one person who decides that he or she has had enough of the perceived injustice enforced by a system and decides to directly or indirectly; take steps to facilitate the removal of the unjust system. The history of the world has shown us examples of such instances in the form of various movements, instigated or propagated by individuals that have led to the complete collapse of entire governments and resulted in the establishment of a new regime or government that is supposed to correct the wrongs of the one it’s replacing. The word revolution can also apply to non-political revolutions like the field of technology and industry which saw its biggest boom during the industrial revolution. During this period production methods saw an increasing shift from manual production to the use of machines to produce goods. Even though, at times, the word revolutionary is used in conjunction with science and art more often than not, it relates to the political aspect of revolutions. Listed below is a list of some of the notable revolutionaries with their complete biographies that include timelines, trivia and life stories.
Che Guevara Che Guevara

Leon Trotsky Leon Trotsky
Russian, Ukrainian, Russian

Pol Pot Pol Pot

Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe

Thomas Paine Thomas Paine
British, American

Gavrilo Princip Gavrilo Princip
Bosnian, Czech, Serbian

Rosa Luxemburg Rosa Luxemburg
German, Polish
Jacob Zuma Jacob Zuma
South African

Paul Revere Paul Revere

Tecumseh Tecumseh

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Mikhail Bakunin Mikhail Bakunin
Swiss, Russian

Jean-Jacques Dessalines Jean-Jacques Dessalines
Guinean, Haitian

Louis Riel Louis Riel

Red Cloud Red Cloud

Manuela Sáenz Manuela Sáenz

Ethan Allen Ethan Allen

Samora Machel Samora Machel

Begum Hazrat Mahal Begum Hazrat Mahal
Indian, Nepalese

Imre Nagy Imre Nagy

Hristo Botev Hristo Botev

Lyman Hall Lyman Hall

Jose Rizal Jose Rizal

Simon Bolivar Simon Bolivar

John Gates John Gates