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Birthday: March 30, 1138

Nationality: Egyptian

Died At Age: 66

Sun Sign: Aries

Also Known As: Moses ben Maimon, Rambam

Born Country: Spain

Born in: Córdoba, Spain

Famous as: Philosopher

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siblings: David ben Maimon

children: Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon

Died on: December 13, 1204

place of death: Fustat, Egypt

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Moses ben-Maimon, commonly called Maimonides, was a distinguished Jewish philosopher of medieval times. Apart from being an eminent philosopher, he was also counted among the excellent Torah scholars and physicians of his times. Rambam is his other name. He was greatly admired for his works on Jewish law and ethics. With his impressive writings, he not only gained respect amongst most of the Jews but also in Spain, Iraq and Yemen. Maimonides also served as the honored head of the Jewish community in Egypt. His large fourteen volumes work “Mishneh Torah” till date holds canonical authority in regard of a codification of Talmudic law. In the Jewish “Yeshiva world”, he is regarded as “haNesher haGadol” (the great eagle) in acknowledgment of his preeminent status as a certified exponent of the Oral Torah. After his demise, he had been recognized as one of the chief rabbinical arbiters and philosophers in the entire history of Jews.

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