Comedy has always been a way of life for the Blacks and from the earliest known time comedy was used as an outlet to voice different opinions. Wit had been used as an aide to shed light on grave issues that were otherwise forgotten, and the Blacks gained much popularity for their comedic sense ever since the black-and-white age. Making generations of people laugh with their hilarious, relatable experiences these famous Black comedians have turned their hobby into a full-time career, paving way for the future generation to do achieve the same level of success that they have earned. Famous Black comedians like Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, and Steve Harvey are known to be the Black legends of comedy, with millions vouching for them worldwide. Their side-splitting performances are witnessed both in front of a live audience and some have even had the opportunity to work in the movies. These famous Black comedians have definitely raised the bar not only for the Blacks but also for everyone associated with the comedy industry. Keep reading to find out more about these jokesters!
Will SmithWill Smith
25 September 1968, American
Eddie MurphyEddie Murphy
03 April 1961, American

Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx
13 December 1967, American

Maya RudolphMaya Rudolph
27 July 1972, American
Actress, Comedienne

Wanda SykesWanda Sykes
07 March 1964, American

Whoopi GoldbergWhoopi Goldberg
13 November 1955, American
Nipsey RussellNipsey Russell
15 September 1918, American
Stand-up Comedian

Dave ChappelleDave Chappelle
24 August 1973, American

Martin LawrenceMartin Lawrence
16 April 1965, American
Actor, Comedian

Bernie MacBernie Mac
05 October 1957, American
Actor, Comedian
Mike EppsMike Epps
18 November 1970, American
Stand-up Comedian

Damon WayansDamon Wayans
04 September 1960, American
Katt WilliamsKatt Williams
02 September 1971, American
Stand-up Comedian, Actor

Flip WilsonFlip Wilson
08 December 1933, American
Comedian & Actor

Redd FoxxRedd Foxx
09 December 1922, American
Television actor, Actor
Cedric the EntertainerCedric the Entertainer
24 April 1964, American
American actor

Tim MeadowsTim Meadows
05 February 1961, American
American actor
Jerrod CarmichaelJerrod Carmichael
06 April 1987, American
American actor

Larry WilmoreLarry Wilmore
30 October 1961, American
Actor, Screenwriter, Comedian, Television actor,

Moms MableyMoms Mabley
19 March 1894, American
American comedian
Rain PryorRain Pryor
16 July 1969, American
American actress

William Henry Cosby, Jr.William Henry Cosby, Jr.
12 July 1937, American