List of famous art directors with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Art directors are the ones who manage the artistic and design elements in a film or television production and make sure that the overall visual appearance of a project communicates to the audience the message that the film or television production desires to convey. Art directors are required not only in the fields of film making and television production, but also in advertising, publishing and animation. Art direction is an extremely creative and demanding profession; one needs to be highly imaginative and resourceful to pursue a successful career in this field. Also sometimes called a design director or creative director, they are responsible for supervising the various artists who are working on the artistic appeal of a particular scene. The art director is in-charge of ensuring that the overall visual appearance of the project strikes the right chord with the audiences in terms of the contrasting moods and psychological effects the project is supposed to elicit. Their job is very challenging as it is very difficult to translate ideas, emotions, and abstract concepts into visual imagery. In films and television, the art director works in collaboration with the production designer, set decorators and set designers. Browse this section to discover about the life and works of famous art directors from all over the world, through their biographies and timelines.

Makoto ShinkaiMakoto Shinkai
Satoshi KonSatoshi Kon

Hideaki AnnoHideaki Anno
Tony WaltonTony Walton
Massimo VignelliMassimo Vignelli

Norman McLarenNorman McLaren
Hermann ZapfHermann Zapf
Sabu CyrilSabu Cyril

Tibor KalmanTibor Kalman
Takami AkaiTakami Akai
Marcell JankovicsMarcell Jankovics

Yuriy NorshteynYuriy Norshteyn
Aleksandr PetrovAleksandr Petrov
Jorge GutierrezJorge Gutierrez

Břetislav PojarBřetislav Pojar
Kōji YamamuraKōji Yamamura
Yōichi KotabeYōichi Kotabe