List of famous playwrights with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

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Playwrights are the persons who write dramatic literature. Most of the times, these dramas are written specifically for performance by actors though some dramatists may also write ‘closet dramas’ which are literary works written in a dramatic format, but not meant for performance. The work of a playwright is similar to that of a screenwriter though it must be noted that playwrights have limited creative freedom as compared to screenwriters. Playwrights create scripts which tell stories through the words and actions of the characters. The success of a play depends a lot upon the storyline and characterization. Thus to be a good playwright one needs a vivid imagination to produce stories that would interest the audience and hold their attention. Like most writers, playwrights often work alone though they also have to collaborate with the actors and directors in producing the final script. The art of writing plays for the stage is an ancient one and some of the earliest known playwrights were from ancient Greece. The best known playwright of all time is undoubtedly William Shakespeare, the 16th century English writer. Coming to the modern times, Samuel Beckett is regarded as the greatest playwright of the 20th century. Browse on to learn more about the life and works of famous dramatists and playwrights from all over the world.

Sam Shepard Sam Shepard
Martin McDonagh Martin McDonagh
Irish, British

Tracy Letts Tracy Letts

Danai Gurira Danai Gurira
American, Zimbabwean

Gore Vidal Gore Vidal
Nora Ephron Nora Ephron

Rod Serling Rod Serling

Henry James Henry James

Henrik Ibsen Henrik Ibsen

David Mamet David Mamet

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Neil Simon Neil Simon

Tom Stoppard Tom Stoppard
Czech, British

Humayun Ahmed Humayun Ahmed

Dick Cusack Dick Cusack

Oliver Goldsmith Oliver Goldsmith
Irish, British

Patrick White Patrick White

Dario Fo Dario Fo

Irwin Shaw Irwin Shaw

John Gay John Gay

James Wong James Wong

Robert Greene Robert Greene
British, American