Throughout history, there have been many women playwrights who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female playwrights such as Joyce Carol Oates, Doris Lessing, Nora Ephron, Lillian Hellman, Elfriede Jelinek.The women playwrights featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia and many more countries.
Danai GuriraDanai Gurira
14 February 1978, American, Zimbabwean
Sophie HunterSophie Hunter
16 March 1978, British
Theatre Director

Nora EphronNora Ephron
19 May 1941, American
Screenwriter, Producer, Director

Lashana LynchLashana Lynch
27 November 1987, British

Roxann DawsonRoxann Dawson
11 September 1958, American

Joyce Carol OatesJoyce Carol Oates
16 June 1938, American
Charlayne WoodardCharlayne Woodard
29 December 1953, American

Yang JiangYang Jiang
17 July 1911, Chinese

Doris LessingDoris Lessing
22 October 1919, British
Novelist, Short Story Writer

Yolanda KingYolanda King
17 November 1955, American
Lillian HellmanLillian Hellman
20 June 1905, American
Dramatist and Screenwriter

Elfriede JelinekElfriede Jelinek
20 October 1946, Austrian
Novelist & Nobel Prize Winner in Literature
Caryl ChurchillCaryl Churchill
03 September 1938, British
Dramatist, Women's Rights Activist

Frances BurneyFrances Burney
13 June 1752, British

Rebecca HumphriesRebecca Humphries
03 October 1987, British
Actress, Playwright
Zoe KazanZoe Kazan
09 September 1983, British, American

Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein
21 May 1966, American
Playwright, Television actor, Actor, Film actor,
Amanda PalmerAmanda Palmer
30 April 1976, American
Singer, Street artist, Composer, Pianist,

Sally WainwrightSally Wainwright
1963 AD, British
television producer, screenwriter, playwright

Marilyn vos SavantMarilyn vos Savant
Buchi EmechetaBuchi Emecheta
21 July 1944, Nigerian
Writer, Novelist, Sociologist, Playwright, Editor,

Ruby DeeRuby Dee
27 October 1922, American
Amelia BullmoreAmelia Bullmore
31 January 1964, British

Gypsy Rose LeeGypsy Rose Lee
08 January 1911, American

Julia JonesJulia Jones
27 March 1923, British

Carrie HamiltonCarrie Hamilton
05 December 1963, American
Michaela CoelMichaela Coel
01 October 1987, Ghanaian, British
Christine JorgensenChristine Jorgensen
30 May 1926, American

Anna Deavere SmithAnna Deavere Smith
18 September 1950, American
Stage actor, Film actor, Television actor, Writer,

Anna SilkAnna Silk
31 January 1974, Canadian

Patricia WettigPatricia Wettig
04 December 1951, American
Actor, Playwright, Stage actor, Television actor
Elaine MayElaine May
21 April 1932, American
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Stage actor,

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Dorothy L. SayersDorothy L. Sayers
13 June 1893, British
Writer, Translator, Novelist, Playwright,

Lorraine HansberryLorraine Hansberry
19 May 1930, American
Writer, Theatre director, Screenwriter,

Kate AtkinsonKate Atkinson
20 December 1951, British

Tovah FeldshuhTovah Feldshuh
27 December 1952, American
Television actor, Film actor, Writer, Playwright,
Sarah SolemaniSarah Solemani
04 September 1986, British

Frances Hodgson BurnettFrances Hodgson Burnett
24 November 1849, British, American
Dramaturge, Writer, Playwright, Children's writer,
Clare Boothe LuceClare Boothe Luce
10 March 1903, American
Former U.S. Congressman, Diplomat, Journalist,

Marguerite DurasMarguerite Duras
04 April 1914, French, Vietnamese
Writer, Film director, Screenwriter, Publisher,

Olympe de GougesOlympe de Gouges
07 May 1748, French
Playwright, Journalist, Philosopher, Writer,
Julia DonaldsonJulia Donaldson
16 September 1948, British
Writer, Playwright, Author, Children's writer

Eve EnslerEve Ensler
25 May 1953, American
Artist, Actor, Playwright, Autobiographer, Writer,
Sharman MacdonaldSharman Macdonald
08 February 1951, British
Playwright, Writer, Screenwriter

Kathy AckerKathy Acker
18 April 1947, American

Françoise SaganFrançoise Sagan
21 June 1935, French
Writer, Playwright, Novelist, Screenwriter,

Maeve BinchyMaeve Binchy
28 May 1939, Irish

Sarah KaneSarah Kane
03 February 1971, British
Playwright, Writer
Lady Mary Wortley MontaguLady Mary Wortley Montagu
15 May 1689
Explorer, Poet, Writer, Playwright

Mercy Otis WarrenMercy Otis Warren

Leslye HeadlandLeslye Headland
1981 AD, American
film director, screenwriter, playwright

Laura WadeLaura Wade
16 October 1977, British
Natalie Clifford BarneyNatalie Clifford Barney
31 October 1876, American

Suzan-Lori ParksSuzan-Lori Parks
10 May 1963, American
American playwright
Hannah SzenesHannah Szenes
17 July 1921, Hungarian
Writer, Poet

Josephine TeyJosephine Tey
25 July 1896, British
Writer, Playwright, Novelist, Screenwriter,

Caroline GrahamCaroline Graham
17 July 1931, British
Screenwriter, Novelist, Writer
Kerry GreenwoodKerry Greenwood
17 June 1954, Australian
Novelist, Playwright, Writer, Poet lawyer, Science

Sue TownsendSue Townsend
02 April 1946, British
Judy CampbellJudy Campbell
31 May 1916, British
Actor, Playwright

Susannah DoyleSusannah Doyle
05 July 1966, British
Actor, Film actor

Betty ComdenBetty Comden
03 May 1917, American
Screenwriter, Librettist, Performer, Stage actor,
Hannah MoreHannah More
02 February 1745, British
Writer, Poet, Essayist

Yasmina RezaYasmina Reza
01 May 1959, French
Actor, Linguist, Translator, Playwright, Novelist,
Annie BakerAnnie Baker
31 March 1981, American
screenwriter, author, writer

Ingeborg BachmannIngeborg Bachmann
25 June 1926, Austrian
Poet, Writer, Journalist, Screenwriter,

Nelly SachsNelly Sachs
10 December 1891, German, Swedish
Poet, Playwright, Writer

Sarah RuhlSarah Ruhl
1974 AD, American
Cherríe MoragaCherríe Moraga
25 September 1952, Mexican
Writer, Poet
Alice ChildressAlice Childress
12 October 1912, American
American playwright

Frederica Sagor MaasFrederica Sagor Maas
06 July 1900, American
Screenwriter, Playwright, Journalist,

Karen SundeKaren Sunde
18 July 1942, American

Louise-Rose-Etiennette GerardLouise-Rose-Etiennette Gerard
05 April 1871, French