Throughout history, there have been many American women leaders who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great American female leaders such as Nikki Haley, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt.
Kamala HarrisKamala Harris
20 October 1964, American
US Senator
Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Warren
22 June 1949, American
United States Senator

Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi
26 March 1940, American

Ilhan OmarIlhan Omar
04 October 1981, American
U.S. Representative

Shirley TempleShirley Temple
23 April 1928, American

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton
26 October 1947, American
Former First Lady, Political Leader
Harriet TubmanHarriet Tubman
1820 AD, American

Eleanor RooseveltEleanor Roosevelt
11 October 1884, American
Wife of American President Franklin Delano

Condoleezza RiceCondoleezza Rice
14 November 1954, American

Sarah PalinSarah Palin
11 February 1964, American
Former Governor of Alaska
Betsy DeVosBetsy DeVos
08 January 1958, American
US Secretary of Education

Nikki HaleyNikki Haley
20 January 1972, American
Governor of South Carolina
Dianne FeinsteinDianne Feinstein
22 June 1933, American

Ayaan Hirsi AliAyaan Hirsi Ali
13 November 1969, American
Writer, Politician, Activist, Feminist

Tammy DuckworthTammy Duckworth
12 March 1968, Thai, American
U.S. Representative
Michele BachmannMichele Bachmann
06 April 1956, American
Former United States Representative

Shirley ChisholmShirley Chisholm
30 November 1924, American
Sarah Huckabee SandersSarah Huckabee Sanders
13 August 1982, American
US Political Representative

Gabrielle GiffordsGabrielle Giffords
08 June 1970, American
Political Leader

Barbara JordanBarbara Jordan
21 February 1936, American
Mary Baker Eddy Mary Baker Eddy
16 July 1821, American
Religious Leader, Founder of Christian Science,

Manuela SáenzManuela Sáenz
27 December 1797, American
Jennifer CarrollJennifer Carroll
27 August 1959, American
Former Lieutenant Governor of Florida

Lori BakkerLori Bakker
30 August 1957, American
Former Televangelist, Speaker

Arlyn PhoenixArlyn Phoenix
31 December 1944, American

Phyllis SchlaflyPhyllis Schlafly
15 August 1924, American
Radio personality, Lawyer, Political activist,
Pramila JayapalPramila Jayapal
1965 AD, Indian, American
politician, state senator
Ann RichardsAnn Richards
01 September 1933, American

Mamie EisenhowerMamie Eisenhower
14 November 1896, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Betty FordBetty Ford
08 April 1918, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Kristina KeneallyKristina Keneally
19 December 1968, Australian, American
Ellen G. WhiteEllen G. White
26 November 1827, American

Loretta LynchLoretta Lynch
21 May 1959, American
Former Attorney General of the United States

Mary BonoMary Bono
24 October 1961, American

Pam BondiPam Bondi
17 November 1965, American
Lawyer, Politician

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Fannie Lou HamerFannie Lou Hamer
06 October 1917, American
Civil Rights Activist, Philanthropist
Edith RooseveltEdith Roosevelt
06 August 1861, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Pia CayetanoPia Cayetano
22 March 1966, American
Radio personality, Lawyer
Elizabeth Ann SetonElizabeth Ann Seton
28 August 1774, American
Teacher, Abbé, Memoirist, Nun

Catherine Cortez MastoCatherine Cortez Masto
29 March 1964, American
United States Senator

Clare Boothe LuceClare Boothe Luce
10 March 1903, American
Former U.S. Congressman, Diplomat, Journalist,
J. Z. KnightJ. Z. Knight
16 March 1946, American
Psychic, Writer

Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Rodham Clinton
26 October 1947, American
Former First Lady
Wilma MankillerWilma Mankiller
18 November 1945, American
Author, Writer, Tribal chief

Cynthia McKinneyCynthia McKinney
17 March 1955, American
Former United States Representative

Barbara MikulskiBarbara Mikulski
20 July 1936, American
Former United States Senator

Bess MyersonBess Myerson
16 July 1924, American
Actor, Politician, Model, Television actor

Cathy McMorris RodgersCathy McMorris Rodgers
22 May 1969, American
Frances Xavier CabriniFrances Xavier Cabrini
15 July 1850, American
Missionary, Cleric

Annise ParkerAnnise Parker
17 May 1956, American

Minnie VautrinMinnie Vautrin
27 September 1886, American

Margaret TaylorMargaret Taylor
21 September 1788, American
Former First Lady of the United States
Patricia Roberts HarrisPatricia Roberts Harris
31 May 1924, American
Former United States Secretary of Housing and

Michelle J. HowardMichelle J. Howard
30 April 1960, American
Constance Baker MotleyConstance Baker Motley
14 September 1921, American
Former New York State Senator

Alexis HermanAlexis Herman
16 July 1947, American
Politician, Sociologist

Judy MartzJudy Martz
28 July 1943, American
Speed skater, Beauty pageant contestant,
Janet NguyenJanet Nguyen
01 May 1976, American, Vietnamese
California State Senator

Candy LightnerCandy Lightner
30 May 1946, American
President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Jennifer Mulhern GranholmJennifer Mulhern Granholm
05 February 1959, American

Ellen WilsonEllen Wilson
15 May 1860, American
Former First Lady of the United States