The smooth functioning of any country is as much dependent on its political and economic system as it is on its military. Courageous, valiant and heroic, both on and off the field, military personnel secure the country and its country men and help in safeguarding from enemies and rivals. Today, history is full of leaders and revolutionaries who through their sheer brilliance and daring spirit became most famous military figures of all times. It is due to their dauntless audacity that they helped change not just the future of the country but the world at large. Every country boasts of umpteen military leaders and revolutionaries who helped in securing their land. The United States of America has had numerous military leaders who have left an indelible mark on human civilization with their acts of courage. Some of the illustrious American military leaders include Dwight Eisenhower, General Patton, George Washington, Douglas MacArthur, George Dewey, David D Porter, Winfield Scott, Henry H Arnold and so on. Explore this section and find out in details about the life, conquests, battles and wars of great American military leaders. Their act of bravery and courage is sure to leave you startled!
George WashingtonGeorge Washington
22 February 1732
First U.S. President
Robert E. LeeRobert E. Lee
19 January 1807
Confederate General in the American Civil War

Dwight D. EisenhowerDwight D. Eisenhower
14 October 1890
34th U.S. President

Colin PowellColin Powell
05 April 1937
65th United States Secretary of State

Jim MattisJim Mattis
08 September 1950
Former United States Secretary of Defense

Nathan Bedford ForrestNathan Bedford Forrest
13 July 1821
Military commander
Stonewall JacksonStonewall Jackson
21 January 1824

Douglas MacArthurDouglas MacArthur
26 January 1880

Braxton BraggBraxton Bragg
22 March 1817
Military Leader
Michael FlynnMichael Flynn
30 November 1958
Former United States National Security Advisor

William Tecumseh ShermanWilliam Tecumseh Sherman
08 February 1820
General in the Union Army During the American
Pete ButtigiegPete Buttigieg
19 January 1982

Albert PikeAlbert Pike
29 December 1809
Military Leader

George Armstrong CusterGeorge Armstrong Custer
05 December 1839
Military Officer

Richard WintersRichard Winters
21 January 1918
Army officer

Chester W. NimitzChester W. Nimitz
24 February 1885
Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet in
Sitting BullSitting Bull
1831 AD

John Bell HoodJohn Bell Hood
01 June 1831
Confederate General

Jimmy DoolittleJimmy Doolittle
14 December 1896
Military General

John F. KellyJohn F. Kelly
11 May 1950
Former White House Chief of Staff
James LongstreetJames Longstreet
08 January 1821

Herbert SobelHerbert Sobel
26 January 1912
U.S. Army Officer
Robert Gould ShawRobert Gould Shaw
10 October 1837
Military Personnel

John J. PershingJohn J. Pershing
13 September 1860
US Army Officer During WW I

George B. McClellanGeorge B. McClellan
03 December 1826
Paul TibbetsPaul Tibbets
23 February 1915

J. E. B. StuartJ. E. B. Stuart
06 February 1833
Military Leader
George MarshallGeorge Marshall
31 December 1880
Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army

Ira HayesIra Hayes
12 February 1923
Military Leader

Chesty PullerChesty Puller
26 June 1898
United States Marine Corps lieutenant general
Kit CarsonKit Carson
24 December 1809
Explorer & Soldier

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Joshua ChamberlainJoshua Chamberlain
08 September 1828
Educator & War Hero
Benjamin TallmadgeBenjamin Tallmadge
25 February 1754
Military Leader

Winfield ScottWinfield Scott
13 June 1786
Military Officer

Philip SheridanPhilip Sheridan
06 March 1831
Military Leader

Smedley ButlerSmedley Butler
30 July 1881
Friedrich Wilhelm von SteubenFriedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
17 September 1730
Military Officer
Nathanael GreeneNathanael Greene
07 August 1742
Military Commander

John C. BreckinridgeJohn C. Breckinridge
16 January 1821
Former Vice President of the United States

Matthew C. PerryMatthew C. Perry
10 April 1794
Naval Officer

Joseph E. JohnstonJoseph E. Johnston
03 February 1807
Henry KnoxHenry Knox
25 July 1750
Former United States Secretary of War

George PickettGeorge Pickett
16 January 1825
Army Officer

Alexander HaigAlexander Haig
02 December 1924
Former United States Secretary of State

George MeadeGeorge Meade
31 December 1815
Army Officer

Carwood LiptonCarwood Lipton
30 January 1920
United States Army Officer
David FarragutDavid Farragut
05 July 1801

Ambrose BurnsideAmbrose Burnside
23 May 1824
Military Leader
Henry H. ArnoldHenry H. Arnold
25 June 1886
Military Leader

Anthony WayneAnthony Wayne
01 January 1745

Joseph WarrenJoseph Warren
11 June 1741
Physician, Military Leader
George DeweyGeorge Dewey
26 December 1837
Military Leader

Caspar WeinbergerCaspar Weinberger
18 August 1917
Creighton AbramsCreighton Abrams
15 September 1914

Abner DoubledayAbner Doubleday
26 June 1819
Military Leader

Alfred Thayer MahanAlfred Thayer Mahan
27 September 1840
Naval Officer

Benjamin LincolnBenjamin Lincoln
24 January 1733

Henry Ossian FlipperHenry Ossian Flipper
21 March 1856
Military Leader
Adna ChaffeeAdna Chaffee
14 April 1842
Army General

P.G.T. BeauregardP.G.T. Beauregard
28 May 1818
Army General

George PattonGeorge Patton
11 November 1885
Military Officer

Curtis LemayCurtis Lemay
15 November 1906
U. S. Air Force General During World War II
William Barret TravisWilliam Barret Travis
01 August 1809
Military Leader

Stanley A McChrystalStanley A McChrystal
14 August 1954
Retired Armed Force Officer
William Childs WestmorelandWilliam Childs Westmoreland
26 March 1914
Military Leader

Tulsi GabbardTulsi Gabbard
12 April 1981

Jocko WillinkJocko Willink
08 September 1971
Rob RiggleRob Riggle
21 April 1970

Lindsey GrahamLindsey Graham
09 July 1955
Tom CottonTom Cotton
13 May 1977

George Smith Patton, Jr.George S. Patton
11 November 1885

Chesley SullenbergerChesley Sullenberger
23 January 1951
Samuel AlitoSamuel Alito
01 April 1950

Eric GarcettiEric Garcetti
04 February 1971
William Halsey Jr.William Halsey Jr.
30 October 1882
Military officer

Glenn MillerGlenn Miller
01 March 1904

William H. McRavenWilliam H. McRaven
06 November 1955

Joni ErnstJoni Ernst
01 July 1970
David PetraeusDavid Petraeus
07 November 1952
Stanley A. McChrystalStanley A. McChrystal
14 August 1954
Armed Force Officer

Theodore Roosevelt Jr.Theodore Roosevelt Jr.
13 September 1887
Military Leader

Ralph NorthamRalph Northam
13 September 1959

Kyle CarpenterKyle Carpenter
17 October 1989
Military personnel
Prescott BushPrescott Bush
15 May 1895

Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.Norman Schwarzkopf Jr.
22 August 1934

Michael MullenMichael Mullen
04 October 1946
Naval Officer

P. G. T. BeauregardP. G. T. Beauregard
28 May 1818
Military personnel, Artilleryman, Inventor,

Richard E. ByrdRichard E. Byrd
25 October 1888
Naval officer
Dale DyeDale Dye
08 October 1944

Francis MarionFrancis Marion
26 February 1732
Military officer
James BowieJames Bowie
10 April 1796

James BakerJames Baker
28 April 1930
Raymond A. SpruanceRaymond A. Spruance
03 July 1886
Officer, Diplomat
Paul LambertPaul Lambert
01 August 1922