United States of America today is far, far different from what it was decades back. Like every other country in the world, US had its own set of problems and glitches that it was dealing with before becoming a super power and a world leader. Its celebrated status and powerful political, economic and social standing is the result of the revolutionary work of American activists who helped the country gain an envious position globally. At present a superpower, America once was under the authority of the Great Britain. Had it not been for the American revolutionaries who rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy, America wouldn’t exude a global influence that it does. The period between 1765 and 1783 marked the American Revolution. It was the result of the American revolution that a new constitution was created which established a strong federal system for America. Some of the American revolutionaries who contributed in America’s struggle for freedom include James Wilkinson, Jonathan Plowman Jr, Samuel Edward Konkin III, Fred Hampton, Daniel Penfield and so on. Check this section to find out more about the life and works of American revolutionaries.
Thomas PaineThomas Paine
29 January 1737
Founding Father of the United States
Paul ReverePaul Revere
01 January 1735

Huey NewtonHuey P. Newton
17 February 1942
American political activist

Samuel AdamsSamuel Adams
27 September 1722
Founding Father of the United States

Éamon de ValeraÉamon de Valera
14 October 1882
Former President of Ireland

29 February 1768
Native American Leader
Patrick HenryPatrick Henry
29 May 1736
5th & 6th Governor of Virginia, Orator,

Ethan AllenEthan Allen
21 January 1738
Revolutionary War Hero

Chief JosephChief Joseph
03 March 1840
Nez Perce leader

Red CloudRed Cloud
1822 AD
Benjamin LincolnBenjamin Lincoln
24 January 1733

Lyman HallLyman Hall
12 April 1724
Signer of United States Declaration of
Abraham WhippleAbraham Whipple
26 September 1733
Revolutionary Commander

John GatesJohn Gates
1913 AD
American Communist

Denmark VeseyDenmark Vesey
1767 AD
1804 AD
Seminole leader

Baruch GoldsteinBaruch Goldstein
09 December 1956
Physician, Murderer
James WilkinsonJames Wilkinson
24 March 1757

Haym SalomonHaym Salomon
07 April 1740

Juan SeguínJuan Seguín
27 October 1806
Political Leader
Sybil LudingtonSybil Ludington
05 April 1761
American Revolutionary

Nancy HartNancy Hart
1735 AD
Rebel Heroine
Abraham ClarkAbraham Clark
15 February 1726
Politician, Lawyer

Timothy MurphyTimothy Murphy
1751 AD

Hannah Emerson DustonHannah Emerson Duston
23 December 1657