Famous American Revolutionaries

United States of America today is far, far different from what it was decades back. Like every other country in the world, US had its own set of problems and glitches that it was dealing with before becoming a super power and a world leader. Its celebrated status and powerful political, economic and social standing is the result of the revolutionary work of American activists who helped the country gain an envious position globally. At present a superpower, America once was under the authority of the Great Britain. Had it not been for the American revolutionaries who rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy, America wouldn’t exude a global influence that it does. The period between 1765 and 1783 marked the American Revolution. It was the result of the American revolution that a new constitution was created which established a strong federal system for America. Some of the American revolutionaries who contributed in America’s struggle for freedom include James Wilkinson, Jonathan Plowman Jr, Samuel Edward Konkin III, Fred Hampton, Daniel Penfield and so on. Check this section to find out more about the life and works of American revolutionaries.

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 1 Paul Revere

Paul Revere
Famous As: Revolutionary
Birthdate: January 1, 1735
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: North End
Died: May 10, 1818
Paul Revere was a silversmith from Boston and a Patriot in the American Revolution who is remembered for alerting his fellow Patriots, during a midnight ride, about the approaching British forces prior to the battles of Lexington and Concord. He remains immortalized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem Paul Revere's Ride.

 2 Huey P. Newton

Huey P. Newton
Famous As: American political activist
Birthdate: February 17, 1942
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Monroe
Died: August 22, 1989

Huey P. Newton was an African-American civil and political rights activist. He is credited with co-founding The Black Panther Party (BPP), which went on to become one of black movement's most influential organizations of the late-1960s. The party, under Newton's leadership, founded more than 60 community support programs, including Free Breakfast for Children, which provided food to thousands of children.

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 3 Tecumseh

Famous As: Native American Leader
Birthdate: February 29, 1768
Sun Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Scioto River, near Chillicothe, Ohio
Died: October 5, 1813

Tecumseh was a Shawnee chief, diplomat, orator, and warrior. He is best known for promoting resistance to the United States' expansion onto Native American lands. He also promoted tribal unity and is credited with forming a Native American confederacy. He died trying to unite Native Americans and is considered an iconic folk hero in Canadian, Indigenous, and American history.

 4 Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry
Famous As: 5th & 6th Governor of Virginia, Orator, Revolutionary leader, Prominent promoter of American Revolution and Independence
Birthdate: May 29, 1736
Sun Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Hanover County, Virginia
Died: June 6, 1799

A significant figure of the American Revolution, Patrick Henry was the first governor of post-colonial Virginia. A skilled orator, he is remembered for his iconic words “Give me liberty or give me death!” He excelled as a lawyer and gained fame with his win in the Parson's Cause.

 5 Éamon de Valera

Éamon de Valera
Famous As: Former President of Ireland
Birthdate: October 14, 1882
Sun Sign: Libra
Birthplace: New York City
Died: August 29, 1975

Irish statesman Éamon de Valera served as the 3rd President of Ireland from 1959 to 1973. An influential political leader in 20th-century Ireland, he played a key role in introducing the Constitution of Ireland. Prior to becoming the president, he served as Taoiseach on three different occasions. He was an austere, stern, and unbending figure.

 6 Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph
Famous As: Nez Perce leader
Birthdate: March 3, 1840
Sun Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Wallowa River
Died: September 21, 1904

Chief Joseph, a leader of the Nez Percé tribe of Native Americans, had initially agreed to the U.S. demand of them moving into a reservation in Idaho. However, fearing retaliation after his men killed a few whites, he attempted an escape to Canada, leading his people through an arduous trek.

 7 Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen
Famous As: Revolutionary War Hero
Birthdate: January 21, 1738
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Litchfield, Connecticut
Died: February 12, 1789

As a child, Ethan Allen was fond of deciphering passages from the Bible. He grew up to co-establish Vermont and led the Green Mountain Boys during the American Revolutionary War. After failing to achieve Vermont’s separation from New York, he tried to unite Vermont with Canada.

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 8 Red Cloud

Red Cloud
Birthdate: 1822 AD
Birthplace: near North Platte, Nebraska
Died: December 10, 1909

One of the most significant leaders of the Oglala Lakota tribe of the Sioux group of Native Americans, Red Cloud is remembered for his fearless resistance to the American plan of accessing the goldfields in Montana. He attached workers along the Bozeman Trail and eventually forced the U.S. to withdraw.

 9 Denmark Vesey

Denmark Vesey
Famous As: Carpenters
Birthdate: 1767 AD
Birthplace: Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Died: July 2, 1822

Sold as a slave in childhood, Denmark Vesey adopted the surname of his master. He later purchased his freedom with the money he had won in a lottery. Earning a living as a carpenter, he simultaneously launched a slave rebellion and planned a coup but was eventually hanged to death.

 10 Osceola

Famous As: Seminole leader
Birthdate: 1804 AD
Birthplace: Talisi, Mississippi Territory, US
Died: January 30, 1838

Osceola led the Seminole tribe of Native Americans in their resistance against the U.S. attempt of moving them out of Florida and into the land west of Mississippi. He was eventually deceived by a fake truce attempt, captured, and transported to Fort Moultrie, where he passed away.

 11 Baruch Goldstein

Baruch Goldstein
Famous As: Physician, Murderer
Birthdate: December 9, 1956
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Died: February 25, 1994

Born in New York, Baruch Goldstein had a medical degree and later moved to Israel as a doctor for the IDF. After firing at a crowd gathered in a Muslim prayer hall in Hebron, and thus killing 29 and injuring many, he was beaten to death by the survivors.

 12 Sybil Ludington

Sybil Ludington
Famous As: American Revolutionary
Birthdate: April 5, 1761
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Kent, New York
Died: February 26, 1839

Born to a militia officer, Sybil Ludington later made history with her fearless resistance to the British during the American Revolutionary War. Most of her statues today find her perched on a horse, in a tribute to her night-long horseback ride to inform American soldiers of an impending British attack.

 13 James Wilkinson

James Wilkinson
Famous As: Soldier
Birthdate: March 24, 1757
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Charles County, Maryland, United States
Died: December 28, 1825

James Wilkinson served the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and also revealed Aaron Burr’s conspiracy to the U.S. government. While he worked against the Spanish people as part of the U.S. army, he was later revealed to be a Spanish spy, also known as Number Thirteen.

 14 Benjamin Lincoln

Benjamin Lincoln
Famous As: Officer
Birthdate: January 24, 1733
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Died: May 9, 1810

Part of the Continental Army during the American Revolution, Benjamin Lincoln had worked on his family farm before joining the army. After he and his 7,000 men surrendered in Charleston, he was freed in a prisoner exchange program and later became the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts.

 15 Juan Seguín

Juan Seguín
Famous As: Political Leader
Birthdate: October 27, 1806
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Texas, United States
Died: August 27, 1890

Tejano revolutionary Juan Seguín was a significant part of the revolution for the independence of Texas. The son of one of the drafters of the Mexican constitution, he grew up to become the mayor of San Antonio and also led the Republic of Texas as an elected senator.

 16 Gabriel Prosser

Gabriel Prosser
Famous As: Blacksmith
Birthdate: 1776 AD
Birthplace: Henrico County, Virginia, United States
Died: October 10, 1800

One of the rare literate slaves of the colonial era, Gabriel Prosser was born into slavery at a tobacco plantation in Virginia. He led one of the first great slave revolutions of the U.S., aspiring to create an all-Black state, with himself as the king. He was eventually hanged.

 17 Hannah Emerson Duston

Hannah Emerson Duston
Famous As: Protestant
Birthdate: December 23, 1657
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States
Died: March 6, 1736

Hannah Emerson Duston was a Puritan who was taken captive during King William's War by the Abenaki people. She is best remembered for killing and scalping 10 of the Native American family members with the help of two other captives. She later became a folk hero and was honored with a statue.

 18 Mary Hays

Mary Hays
Famous As: Folk Hero
Birthdate: October 13, 1754
Sun Sign: Libra
Birthplace: New Jersey, United States
Died: January 22, 1832

Mary Ludwig Hays, an American brave heart who is considered to have fought at the Battle of Monmouth in June 1778 during the American War of Independence, is mostly identified as the woman behind the legend of Molly Pitcher. She reportedly took her husband's place working a gun after he was wounded and brought water to troops at the battle  

 19 Nancy Hart

Nancy Hart
Famous As: Rebel Heroine
Birthdate: 1735 AD
Birthplace: North Carolina, United States
Died: 1830 AD

Legendary heroine of the American Revolutionary War, Nancy Hart was a skilled frontierswoman and herbalist from Georgia. Folklore has it that she was a 6-feet tall, muscular, red-headed woman, known as “war woman” to the locals. She is said to have fought and spied dressed as a man.

 20 Timothy Murphy

Timothy Murphy
Famous As: Sniper
Birthdate: 1751 AD
Birthplace: Pennsylvania, United States
Died: 1818 AD

Irish-American sniper of the American Revolutionary War, Timothy Murphy was the man who inspired John Brick's novel The Rifleman. He is best remembered for his bravery at the Second Battle of Saratoga, in which he killed two British generals, aiming at them from a tree.

 21 Lyman Hall

Lyman Hall
Famous As: Signer of United States Declaration of Independence
Birthdate: April 12, 1724
Sun Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Wallingford, Connecticut
Died: October 19, 1790

Physician, clergyman, and statesman Lyman Hall was one of the three delegates of the Congress from Georgia and one of four doctors to sign the United States Declaration of Independence. He also served as Governor of Georgia for a year and co-founded the University of Georgia before resuming his medical practice. Hall County in north central Georgia is named after him.

 22 Betty Zane

Betty Zane
Famous As: Heroine
Birthdate: July 19, 1765
Sun Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Berkeley County, West Virginia, United States
Died: August 23, 1823

Betty Zane is remembered as the heroine of the second siege of Fort Henry that took place in September 1782, during the American Revolutionary War. She volunteered and thrived in carrying gunpowder from her brother’s home to the fort when the garrison was running low on ammunition, thus allowing them to continue to fight and hold the fort.

 23 Abraham Whipple

Abraham Whipple
Famous As: Revolutionary Commander
Birthdate: September 26, 1733
Sun Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island
Died: May 27, 1819

Abraham Whipple, an American Revolutionary War commander in the Continental Navy is counted among the brave hearts who fought for America’s freedom from British colonial rule. His achievements include attacking and burning the British customs schooner HMS Gaspee, and commanding privateer Game Cock that captured 23 French ships in six months. He was also a founding pioneer of Marietta, Ohio.

 24 John Gates

John Gates
Famous As: American Communist
Birthdate: 1913 AD
Died: May 23, 1992

American Communist businessman John "Johnny" Gates is best-remembered as one of those who made attempt but failed in liberalising the Communist Party USA. He headed the Young Communist League. He was among the 11 communist leaders who were convicted in Smith Act trials of Communist Party leaders in 1949 and sentenced to five years in prison.

 25 Ralph Randolph Gurley

Ralph Randolph Gurley
Famous As: Abolitionist
Birthdate: May 26, 1797
Sun Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Lebanon, Connecticut, United States
Died: July 30, 1872

Considered one of the founders of Liberia, a name he himself coined, Ralph Randolph Gurley was an American clergyman and abolitionist, who believed in separation of races. A major force behind American Colonization Society, he worked to relocate freeborn blacks and emancipated slaves to society’s colony in West Africa. He visited the area thrice and drafted plans for its governance.

 26 Kintpuash

Famous As: Tribal chief
Birthdate: 1837 AD
Birthplace: Tule Lake, California, United States
Died: October 3, 1873