Despite experiencing racism, the Blacks excelled in every field be it education, music or art. Their poetry is an inspiration to generations and generations of poets and races that still face racism. Elizabeth Alexander, the poet who composed “Praise Song for the Day” poem for the inauguration of President Barack Obama is the 1st one to receive the Alphonse Fletcher, Sr. Fellowship. Her books The Venus Hottentot, Body of Life, Antebellum Dream Book, and American Sublime are quite famous. Gwendolyn Brooks, the first black poets to bag the Pulitzer Prize in poetry motivates the contemporary poets. Lucille Clifton, the Afro-American poet known for her poems on spirituality, womanhood and African-American identity won the National Book Award. Rita Dove, Jessie Redmon Fauset, Saeed Jones, Jean Toomer and Langston Hughes are some of the greatest black poets. Continue reading to know more about the famous Black poets of all time.
Maya AngelouMaya Angelou
04 April 1928, American
James BaldwinJames Baldwin
02 August 1924, American

Langston HughesLangston Hughes
01 February 1902, American
Poet, Novelist, Playwright, & Columnist

Alice WalkerAlice Walker
09 February 1944, American

Amiri BarakaAmiri Baraka
07 October 1934, American

Gwendolyn BrooksGwendolyn Brooks
07 June 1917, American
Claude McKayClaude McKay
15 September 1889, Jamaican, American

James Weldon JohnsonJames Weldon Johnson
17 June 1871, American

Lucille CliftonLucille Clifton
27 June 1936, American
American poet

Robert HaydenRobert Hayden
04 August 1913, American
Poet, Essayist, Educator
Paul Laurence DunbarPaul Laurence Dunbar
27 June 1872, American
Writer, Novelist, Playwright, Poet

Rita DoveRita Dove
28 August 1952, American
Poet, Writer
Ishmael ReedIshmael Reed
22 February 1938, American

Natasha TretheweyNatasha Trethewey
26 April 1966, American

Yusef KomunyakaaYusef Komunyakaa
29 April 1947, American
Melvin TolsonMelvin Tolson
06 February 1898, American