A directory of world famous physicians and their comprehensive biographies.

Physicians or doctors have always been a very respected and revered group of people. The reasons for this are quite obvious; they have always been the healers and the voice of the necessity for good health. Due to the advancements in the understanding of medicine, physicians are generally categorized under various specialties like cardiologists, radiologists, internal medicine, surgeons and many more. These, however, are not the only classification of doctors. There are medical practitioners who practice traditional methods of healing; methods like Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine. The science of medicine has seen great advancements in the past and even more so in recent times; all of which have been the result of the work of some dedicated people. A list of such people would include names like Frederick Banting, who was famous for his work with insulin, Elizabeth Blackwell, she was the first woman in the US to get a medical degree and laid the foundation for the entry of women into medicine and Harvey Cushing, a neurosurgeon who is widely accepted as the father of brain surgery in its current form. The following is a list of the biographies, including trivia, timelines and the life stories, of many such men and women.

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Ignaz Semmelweis Ignaz Semmelweis
Austrian, Hungarian
Ben Carson Ben Carson

Ron Paul Ron Paul

Mae Jemison Mae Jemison

Patch Adams Patch Adams

Jean-Paul Marat Jean-Paul Marat
Swiss, French

Galen Galen
Erik Erikson Erik Erikson
Canadian, German, American

John Snow John Snow
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Magdi Yacoub Magdi Yacoub
Egyptian, British

Christiaan Barnard Christiaan Barnard
South African

Barry Marshall Barry Marshall

R. D. Laing R. D. Laing
French, Scottish

Paul Farmer Paul Farmer

Tran Jeong Tran Jeong

Howard Florey Howard Florey

Victor Chang Victor Chang

Dr. Miami Dr. Miami

Alexandre Émile John Yersin Alexandre Yersin
Swiss, French, Vietnamese

Fred Hollows Fred Hollows
New Zealander

Jose Rizal Jose Rizal