List of famous diplomats with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

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A person, who serves as a representative or an ambassador on behalf of the government of a particular country, may be referred to as a diplomat. A diplomat plays a crucial and significant role in maintaining healthy relations with other countries and their respective governments. Thus, a diplomat is a specifically skilled and trained person who has the skills and uses tact in dealing with sensitive and important matters that affects the political concerns of the world. Appointed by the government, a diplomat may be required to conduct and diplomatic talks with other countries and even many of the established international organizations. A diplomat is responsible for maintain peaceful and friendly relations with other countries, he may be required to represent the interests of his nation and promote his nation in a positive light to the world. They work in collaboration with the foreign ministers of a nation and play a role in the foreign policy formulation. A diplomat is thus one of the most significant representatives of a country and advocate and negotiate foreign policy related issues. Dig out more about some of most famous diplomats around the world, with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.
John Bolton John Bolton

Sidney Poitier Sidney Poitier
Bahamian, American

John Jay John Jay

Kofi Annan Kofi Annan

Zbigniew Brzezinski Zbigniew Brzezinski
Polish, American

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Alger Hiss Alger Hiss

Klemens von Metternich Klemens von Metternich
Austrian, German

U Thant U Thant

Dan Coats Dan Coats

Sergey Lavrov Sergey Lavrov
Armenian, Russian

Trygve Lie Trygve Lie

Abba Eban Abba Eban

Zoran Jolevski Zoran Jolevski