Falling in the eighth house and ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, the zodiac sign Libra is denoted by weighing scales. Much like it symbol, men who fall under this zodiac sign seek balance in their life. They have a keen sense of justice and virtue of fair game and are great at managing conflicts. Librans are great listeners and thus make great friends with people. Easily sociable, they are idealistic and peace loving people who have a kind, caring and sympathetic nature. However, this does not mean that the scales are weighed under positive traits. Libran men have a negative side to their personality as well, the most profound of being his indecisive and gullible nature. While the first does not allow them to take a decision in life, the second makes them swayed by others opinion and beliefs so much so that whatever decision they take they tend to change it. Another thing which works against them is that Libran men often get confused in challenging situations and can get quite temperamental. To know more about Libran men, their characteristic profile and their personality traits, read through the following lines.

Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds
23 October 1976, Canadian
Will SmithWill Smith
25 September 1968, American

Anthony JoshuaAnthony Joshua
15 October 1989, British
Kevin DurantKevin Durant
29 September 1988, American
Basketball Player

Mahatma GandhiMahatma Gandhi
02 October 1869, Indian
Leader of Indian Independence Movement

Zac EfronZac Efron
18 October 1987, American
Actor, Singer
Lewis CapaldiLewis Capaldi
07 October 1996, British, Scottish

Deontay WilderDeontay Wilder
22 October 1985, American
Professional Boxer
17 October 1972, American

Jon FavreauJon Favreau
19 October 1966, American
Donald GloverDonald Glover
25 September 1983, American
Actor, Rapper

John LennonJohn Lennon
09 October 1940, British
Co-founder of 'The Beatles'
Zachary LeviZachary Levi
29 September 1980, American
David BenioffDavid Benioff
25 September 1970, American
TV Producer

Luke PerryLuke Perry
11 October 1966, American
Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg
20 October 1971, American

Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin
07 October 1952, Russian
President of Russia
John KrasinskiJohn Krasinski
20 October 1979, American
Actor, Director, Screenwriter

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman
12 October 1968, Australian
Actor, Producer

Jimmy CarterJimmy Carter
01 October 1924, American
39th U.S. President
ASAP RockyASAP Rocky
03 October 1988, American

Tommy LeeTommy Lee
03 October 1962, Greek, American
Simon CowellSimon Cowell
07 October 1959, British
Reality TV Celebrity

Michael DouglasMichael Douglas
25 September 1944, American
Actor, Producer
Dwight D. EisenhowerDwight D. Eisenhower
14 October 1890, American
34th U.S. President

Matt DamonMatt Damon
08 October 1970, American
Frankie JonasFrankie Jonas
28 September 2000, American
Lil WayneLil Wayne
27 September 1982, American
Hip-hop artist

Imran KhanImran Khan
05 October 1952, Pakistani
22nd PM of Pakistan
Alex GreenwaldAlex Greenwald
09 October 1979, American

Steve KerrSteve Kerr
27 September 1965, Lebanese, American
Basketball Player
Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum
22 October 1952, American

Kane BrownKane Brown
21 October 1993, American

Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen
13 October 1971, British
Bruno MarsBruno Mars
08 October 1985, American

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Viggo MortensenViggo Mortensen
20 October 1958, American
Amitabh BachchanAmitabh Bachchan
11 October 1942, Indian
Film actor

Roger MooreRoger Moore
14 October 1927, British
Mark HamillMark Hamill
25 September 1951, American

Charles DanceCharles Dance
10 October 1946, British
25 September 1980, American
Hip-hop Artist
Tom PettyTom Petty
20 October 1950, American

Oscar WildeOscar Wilde
16 October 1854, Irish
Jean-Claude Van DammeJean-Claude Van Damme
18 October 1960, Belgian
Martial Artist & Actor

Ezra MillerEzra Miller
30 September 1992, American
John MayerJohn Mayer
16 October 1977, American

Friedrich NietzscheFriedrich Nietzsche
15 October 1844, German
Philosopher and Philologist

Hassan JameelHassan Jameel
22 October 1988, Saudi Arabian
Billionaire Businessman, Ex-Boyfriend of Rihanna
Richard HarrisRichard Harris
01 October 1930, Irish
Actor, Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Director

David CameronDavid Cameron
09 October 1966, British
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Derrick RoseDerrick Rose
04 October 1988, American
Basketball Player

Christopher ReeveChristopher Reeve
25 September 1952, American
Manmohan SinghManmohan Singh
26 September 1932, Indian
Former Prime Minister of India

Liev SchreiberLiev Schreiber
04 October 1967, American
21 Savage21 Savage
22 October 1992, British
Hip-hop artist
Scottie PippenScottie Pippen
25 September 1965, American
Basketball Player

Trevor EngelsonTrevor Engelson
23 October 1976, American
Film Producer Meghan Markle's ex-husband
Lee IacoccaLee Iacocca
15 October 1924, American

Fred TrumpFred Trump
11 October 1905, American
Real Estate Developer
Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley
12 October 1875, British

Paul SimonPaul Simon
13 October 1941, American
Singer, Songwriter

Heinrich HimmlerHeinrich Himmler
07 October 1900, German
Nazi Commander
LeBron James Jr.LeBron James Jr.
06 October 2004, American
Son of LeBron James

Ranbir KapoorRanbir Kapoor
28 September 1982, Indian
Luciano PavarottiLuciano Pavarotti
12 October 1935, Italian

Nick CannonNick Cannon
08 October 1980, American
Edward VI of EnglandEdward VI of England
12 October 1537, British
King of England

Chevy ChaseChevy Chase
08 October 1943, American
Comedian, Actor
John William CarsonJohnny Carson
23 October 1925, American
Television Host
14 October 1542, Indian
Mughal Emperor

Christoph WaltzChristoph Waltz
04 October 1956, Austrian, German
Phil HartmanPhil Hartman
24 September 1948, Canadian, American
Actor, Voice Actor, Comedian

Lee Harvey OswaldLee Harvey Oswald
18 October 1939, American
Armed force officer
Matt BomerMatt Bomer
11 October 1977, American

John LithgowJohn Lithgow
19 October 1945, American

Richard III of EnglandRichard III of England
02 October 1452, British
King of England
Stevie Ray VaughanStevie Ray Vaughan
03 October 1954, American
Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

Guy PearceGuy Pearce
05 October 1967, Australian, British
Milo YiannopoulosMilo Yiannopoulos
18 October 1984, British

Jerry Lee LewisJerry Lee Lewis
29 September 1935, American
Rock & Roll Singer. Pianist
John MellencampJohn Mellencamp
07 October 1951, American
Musician, Singer-Songwriter

Sadiq KhanSadiq Khan
08 October 1970, British
Mayor of London
Eddie GuerreroEddie Guerrero
09 October 1967, American
Professional Wrestler
Danny BoyleDanny Boyle
20 October 1956, British
Film Director, Screenwriter, Film Producer

Ray KrocRay Kroc
05 October 1902, American
Founder of the McDonald’s Corporation
Christopher LloydChristopher Lloyd
22 October 1938, American

Guillermo del ToroGuillermo del Toro
09 October 1964, Mexican
Filmmaker, Screenwriter
Bhagat SinghBhagat Singh
27 September 1907, Indian

Thom YorkeThom Yorke
07 October 1968, British
Singer, Musician, Songwriter
Calum ScottCalum Scott
12 October 1988, British
Singer, songwriter

Ram Nath KovindRam Nath Kovind
01 October 1945, Indian
14th President of India
F. Scott FitzgeraldF. Scott Fitzgerald
24 September 1896, American

Randy QuaidRandy Quaid
01 October 1950, American
Matthew MacfadyenMatthew Macfadyen
17 October 1974, British

Jim CaviezelJim Caviezel
26 September 1968, American
Benjamin Netanyahu Benjamin Netanyahu
21 October 1949, Israeli
Prime Minister of Israel

Libra Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
You need someone to laugh with, he is there, you need a shoulder to cry on, just ring him up and he’ll come running to you, you are dead tired after the party and need someone to assist you cleaning the mess up, just let him know and he’ll do the honors. Need anything else? A Libran man is a perfect example of a Godsend friend. He is the kind of person whom you can blurt out your innermost secrets and worry not for he would not leak out to anyone. Libran men are good listeners. They would listen to all your hopes, desires, dreams and wishes but if you think that he would understand your innermost emotion, you are wrong. Another significant trait of men under this sun sign is that they aren’t the biased types. So, even if you are his best friend or someone close to him, don’t expect him to be by your side when you are wrong. In fact, don’t be surprised if he is the first to point out your mistake. This brings to light another important quality of Libran males – their honest nature. Libran men are true to heart and honest is every matter. For them, a lie is a lie, irrespective of whether it is white or black. One of the lesser known aspects of Libran males is their creativity and intelligence. Libran men are generally calm and composed. As such, it takes more than a brawl and fight to get a Libran male to spew and scrap. In fact, he has utmost capability to manage a conflicting situation and bring peace.

The Dark Side
If you have been thinking that all is good with a Libran man, know that behind all that charm and charisma are a few characteristic features of him that can leave you irritated and vexed. First and foremost, Libra men are indecisive in nature. They take a very long time to make up their mind for even the smallest bit of things. What’s worse, if even after much deliberation, Libran men take a decision, they may change their opinion in a split second if they think they have made a mistake. Expecting a Libran man to take a life-altering decision is way too much as his mind or the consequences around him would make it difficult for him to make a choice. With a Libran man around, instead of taking the decision himself, he would let the coin decide what is best. What causes such behaviour is the easily influenced and gullible trait of a Libran man. Since he listens to his heart more than his mind, it is very easy to mould the thinking of a Libran, the way you like. Since men under this zodiac sign are easily influenced and not active decision makers, they get easily discouraged and disappointed and need to be constantly pepped up. Libran men are self-indulgent and flirtatious. They often spend more than necessary amount on things they might not even look back again, forget using. This attitude though not harmful can be a matter of concern when the credit card bill appears!

Romance Quotient
Have you fallen for a charming and charismatic guy? Is it getting more and more impossible for you to keep him out of your mind? Does his smile get your heart pulsating? Well, by all means, the cupid has struck you and the guy in question is definitely a Libran. For, no other man in the zodiac has the charm and charisma that a Libran guy exudes. What is even more convincing is the fact that the smile of a Libran (and the Libran alone) is so captivating that not even his enemies can resist it. Once in love with a Libra guy, it is impossible to get over it as he would never let you do so. As such, even if you try to back off, he will convince you with such persuasive arguments that you would be left with no other option but to stay. When in love with a Libran, a woman forgets her own existence and immerses herself completely in him. As such, she dreams what he dreams, loves what he loves and finds her happiness in his. However, don’t think that a Libran guy looks for a robot or a partner who has no intellect of her own. In fact, a Libran guy looks for soul mate who is intelligent, smart, good looking and has a knack for effective decision making.

To impress a Libran man, use of flattery and admiration is the key to win his heart. Your sweet talk and molly-cuddling would melt him down and make you an irresistible treat for him. And if he too feels for you in the same way, he would be more than happy to return your affection. Libran men are flirtatious by nature. However, the same only continues until they meet their perfect soul mate or someone who is absolutely compatible. Once in a relationship, Libran men are loyal and trustworthy. However, men under this zodiac sign tend to confuse love with friendship and vice-versa. They keep searching for the perfect girl and if the relationship doesn't turns out to be as they expected it, they become a little heartbroken but move on with life. A lost love or an unpleasant end of a relationship does not affect a Libran too much. Since a Libran man is not much of a decision maker, he is more than glad when the woman in his life takes the initiative and controls the situations. An indecisive woman only adds to the insecurities of a Libran man. To be with a Libran man, just make sure that you fill up for his weakness and life would be as smooth as silk!