She is emotional, she is vulnerable and she is sensitive. Piscean women can be rightly called ultra-feminine individuals. They are the dreamers of the zodiac, mysterious, idealistic, imaginative and artistic. They are a perfect epitome of femininity and have in themselves the charm and charisma to allure every man who comes in touch with them. A die-hard romantic at heart, Piscean women are deeply spiritual and sensitive and often see the world through their rose tinted glasses. They secretly yearn for men who would love them, cuddle them, hug them and make them feel loved and protected. Piscean women need to be dealt with utmost care and compassion. One foot stepped wrongly and they have the ability to disappear into the depth of the sea without coming back again. Since Piscean females are shy, emotional and vulnerable, they often wear a cloak of wittiness, frigidity and independence to protect their susceptibility. To know more about the good and bad traits of Piscean women and their romantic fantasies and illusion, read through the following lines.

Camila CabelloCamila Cabello
03 March 1997, American
Lily CollinsLily Collins
18 March 1989, British

Rashida JonesRashida Jones
25 February 1976, American

20 February 1988, Barbadian

Emily BluntEmily Blunt
23 February 1983, British, American

Sophie TurnerSophie Turner
21 February 1996, British
Dakota FanningDakota Fanning
23 February 1994, American

Liza MinnelliLiza Minnelli
12 March 1946, American
Actress, Singer

Kalpana ChawlaKalpana Chawla
17 March 1962, American

Alexandra DaddarioAlexandra Daddario
16 March 1986, American
Alia BhattAlia Bhatt
15 March 1993, Indian, British

Jenna FischerJenna Fischer
07 March 1974, American
Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore
22 February 1975, American

Laura PreponLaura Prepon
07 March 1980, American
Actress, Model

Rachel WeiszRachel Weisz
07 March 1970, British
Ruth Bader GinsburgRuth Bader Ginsburg
15 March 1933, American
Associate Justice of US Supreme Court

Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor
27 February 1932, British, American
Ruby RoseRuby Rose
20 March 1986, Australian

Eva MendesEva Mendes
05 March 1974, American

Bryce Dallas HowardBryce Dallas Howard
02 March 1981, American
Film Actress
Jessica BielJessica Biel
03 March 1982, American
American actress

Olivia WildeOlivia Wilde
10 March 1984, American
Actress, Model
Eva LongoriaEva Longoria
15 March 1975, American

Rebel WilsonRebel Wilson
02 March 1980, Australian

Kaya ScodelarioKaya Scodelario
13 March 1992, British

Chelsea PerettiChelsea Peretti
20 February 1978, American
Jennifer Love HewittJennifer Love Hewitt
21 February 1979, American
Queen LatifahQueen Latifah
18 March 1970, American
Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Aactress,

Ellen PageEllen Page
21 February 1987, Canadian

Gloria VanderbiltGloria Vanderbilt
20 February 1924, American
Artist, Actress

Sharon StoneSharon Stone
10 March 1958, American
Ivana TrumpIvana Trump
20 February 1949, American
Ex-Wife of Donald Trump

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Aileen WuornosAileen Wuornos
29 February 1956, American

Teresa PalmerTeresa Palmer
26 February 1986, Australian

Téa LeoniTéa Leoni
25 February 1966, American

Lauren GrahamLauren Graham
16 March 1967, American
Christina GrimmieChristina Grimmie
12 March 1994, American

Rue McClanahanRue McClanahan
21 February 1934, American
Cindy CrawfordCindy Crawford
20 February 1966, American

Park Min-youngPark Min-young
04 March 1986, South Korean

Kelly MacdonaldKelly Macdonald
23 February 1976, Scottish
Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood
10 March 1983, American

Joanne WoodwardJoanne Woodward
27 February 1930, American
Patty HearstPatty Hearst
20 February 1954, American
Kidnapping Victim

Jhené AikoJhené Aiko
16 March 1988, American

Sasha GreySasha Grey
14 March 1988, American
Model, Actress

Karen CarpenterKaren Carpenter
02 March 1950, American

Glenn CloseGlenn Close
19 March 1947, American
emily osmentEmily Osment
10 March 1992, American
Actress, Singer, and Songwriter

Saina NehwalSaina Nehwal
17 March 1990, Indian
Indian Badminton Star

Hazel KeechHazel Keech
28 February 1987, Mauritian, British
Wife of cricketer Yuvraj Singh

Julie BowenJulie Bowen
03 March 1970, American
Wanda SykesWanda Sykes
07 March 1964, American

Mia HammMia Hamm
17 March 1972, American
Soccer Player
Sutton FosterSutton Foster
18 March 1975, American
Actress, Singer

Pattie BoydPattie Boyd
17 March 1944, British
Model, Ex-Wife of George Harrison

Poonam PandeyPoonam Pandey
11 March 1991, Indian
Model, Actress
Nina SimoneNina Simone
21 February 1933, American
Singer-songwriter, Composer

Erykah BaduErykah Badu
26 February 1971, American
01 March 1987, American

Rozonda ThomasRozonda Thomas
27 February 1971, American

Kimberly GuilfoyleKimberly Guilfoyle
09 March 1969, American
News Anchor
Mélanie LaurentMélanie Laurent
21 February 1983, French
Actress, Director

Jeanne CalmentJeanne Calment
21 February 1875, French
Oldest Person Ever
Rachel DratchRachel Dratch
22 February 1966, American

Madison BeerMadison Beer
05 March 1999, American

AJ LeeAJ Lee
19 March 1987, American
Professional Wrestler

Holly HunterHolly Hunter
20 March 1958, American
Naga MunchettyNaga Munchetty
25 February 1975, British
Television Presenter
Nikkie De JagerNikkie De Jager
02 March 1994, Dutch
Makeup Artist, YouTube Star

Sosie BaconSosie Bacon
15 March 1992, American

Chelsea ClintonChelsea Clinton
27 February 1980, American
Bill Clinton's Daughter

Emma WillisEmma Willis
20 March 1976, British
Television Presenter
Paget BrewsterPaget Brewster
10 March 1969, American

Katherine WaterstonKatherine Waterston
03 March 1980, British, American

Kristin DavisKristin Davis
24 February 1965, American

Jaimie AlexanderJaimie Alexander
12 March 1984, American

Talia BalsamTalia Balsam
05 March 1959, American
Tyne DalyTyne Daly
21 February 1946, American

Kat Von DKat Von D
08 March 1982, American
Tattoo Artist
Mary KomMary Kom
01 March 1983, Indian

Princess Alice of BattenbergPrincess Alice of Battenberg
25 February 1885, British
Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark

27 February 1986, American
Television Personality
Bernadette PetersBernadette Peters
28 February 1948, American

Ashley GreeneAshley Greene
21 February 1987, American
Lisa Robin KellyLisa Robin Kelly
05 March 1970, American

Alex KingstonAlex Kingston
11 March 1963, British

Sophie HunterSophie Hunter
16 March 1978, British
Theatre Director

Lucy DeVitoLucy DeVito
11 March 1983, American
Simone BilesSimone Biles
14 March 1997, American

Jean HarlowJean Harlow
03 March 1911, American
Hollywood Sex Symbol of the 1930s
28 February 1989, Chinese

Glenne HeadlyGlenne Headly
13 March 1955, American
Delphine LaLaurieDelphine LaLaurie
19 March 1787, French

Juliette BinocheJuliette Binoche
09 March 1964, French
Emeraude ToubiaEmeraude Toubia
01 March 1989, Canadian

Pisces Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Unless you take a dip inside the water, you would never know how cold or warm it is. Same way, unless you get close to a Piscean woman, you would never know who she is! Deep and mysterious, a Piscean woman is every man’s fantasy. She is soft, she is gentle, she is caring and she is romantic. In short, she is the delightfully feminine woman that most men seek for, but only a few get lucky. Piscean woman are a tangent apart from the new 21st century woman. There are many reasons for the same. While the Piscean females thrive on love, the latter blossom when in power. While Piscean women are happy to play the second fiddle for their husbands, the latter survive on dominance and power. Pisceans are sensitive and emotional, unlike their counterparts who are strong and resilient. Piscean women are constantly in need of someone to protect them and love them. They prefer to live in their own world of fantasy and illusion. Dreamer by nature, Piscean females want to escape the harsh realities of life by imagining wonderful things. They are drawn by compassion and concern and have a surplus of empathy and emotion to share. A Piscean woman has a gift of intuition by birth. As such, she can often foresee future through her sixth sense and guess what would happen next. There is a mystical side to most Piscean women. To best enjoy the company of a Pisces woman is to revel in her feelings of empathy and compassion and catch hold of her flights of fancy to land in the world of dreams and imaginations – her world!

The Dark Side
So the Fish has captured your attention like none other and seems to hold onto your mind and soul day and night. Her compassionate nature coupled with her spiritual disposition has made your heart flutter frantically. However, dealing with a Piscean female isn’t a child’s play, for she can get quite clingy and dependent. Since a Piscean female is extremely emotional and sensitive, she wants a man to tend to her needs all the time. While initially, this can be quite a pleasing experience for men, with time, it can get on to their nerves and become frustrating and maddening. Since Piscean women are emotional and sensitive individuals, their vulnerability, feeling of insecurity, nervousness and crybaby behaviour is not what every man can deal with. What’s more, females born under this zodiac sign are somewhat deceptive in nature. They do not open up easily and completely and it is this secrecy which can be annoying at times. Piscean woman tend to be unpredictable. One moment they are excited and interested in something, in the next, they can be totally aloof and distracted. Just like other women, Piscean women too have a bad temper. In times of fury and rage, they can get bitterly sarcastic. However, thankfully, the period of rage appears only once in a while! Mostly, they are the gentle and caring women who would tend to all your needs and be there for you!

Romance Quotient
Charming, compassionate, intuitive and enduring, a Piscean woman is the kind that every guy would fall for. Vulnerable and susceptible, she is one of those women who need to be protected and cared. When a Piscean woman falls in love, she does so with her heart and soul. She is not likely to have flings in life and is a dedicated lover who would have complete faith, trust and conviction in her partner. She would lean on him completely and show full confidence in his strength and abilities. This aspect of a Piscean female is a great male ego booster as every man seeks for a girl who believes him completely. What’s more, with a Piscean woman as a partner, you can expect her to admire every minute quality in you. Such is the warmth of the personality of a Piscean woman that most men feel relaxed and composed in her presence. With her benevolence, compassion and typical womanly traits, Piscean woman is a totally feminine individual, in all the seasons and at all the places. However, by this, don’t expect her to be weak or feeble. If in a crises situation, Piscean woman has the capability to shed off all her inhibitions and worries and stand behind her husband and support him in every way she can. Otherwise, a Piscean woman would never dominate her husband and prefers him to take the lead.

Piscean woman are patient listeners. You can share your deepest secret, dreams, desires and aspiration with her without having a second thought in mind. She is not the one who would fill in the information to your neighbours and satiate their need for gossip! However, dealing with a Piscean woman requires you to be utmost careful and vigilant. Since Piscean female is the emotional and sentimental types, your slightest harsh words, neglect or tough looks can cause her to cry for hours. Also, since Piscean women tend to self-pitying, you have to constantly provide your assurance to them in the form of appreciating their great wisdom, empathy and understanding. Also, your biggest mistake would be to leave her unattended when she says she does not need anyone. In fact, at times like those, she badly needs someone to protect her, hug her, keep her close and make her feel protected. In order to be the man in a Piscean woman’s life, understand her, appreciate her deep emotions and reciprocate her intense feelings. In short, you have to anchor her flights of fantasy and provide her the stability and control that she seeks. In return, she would sacrifice her all to bring that smile on your face!