Leading life with a ‘live and let live’ attitude, Aquarius men are exciting individuals who are as mischievous as thoughtful. They are social animals who make friends easily. What’s more, they maintain their social relationships very strongly. Steered by mental stimulation and having a fancy for fun and excitement, Aquarius men are unpredictable and broadminded and often a little ‘different’ from others. They are intellectual, radical and look for partners who are as unique as themselves. Aquarians are best matched with independent partners as they do not take keenly on those who are emotionally dependent. In matters of love, Aquarians may seem to be detached initially. But worry not, for this is common trait in Aquarians as they love independence. When committed, an Aquarius man makes the most loyal and trustworthy partner. To know more about the bright and dark side of Aquarius men, a reading of the following lines would be of help.

Aaron BurrAaron Burr
06 February 1756, American
3rd Vice President of United States
Michael JordanMichael Jordan
17 February 1963, American
Basketball player

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo
05 February 1985, Portuguese
Football Player

Beau BidenBeau Biden
03 February 1969, American
Son of Joe Biden

John TravoltaJohn Travolta
18 February 1954, American

Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
06 February 1911, American
40th U.S. President
Daveed DiggsDaveed Diggs
24 January 1982, American

Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln
12 February 1809, American
American President.

23 January 1998, American
Tom SelleckTom Selleck
29 January 1945, American

Harry StylesHarry Styles
01 February 1994, British
Prince Andrew, Duke of YorkPrince Andrew, Duke of York
19 February 1960, British
Son of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

Philip HamiltonPhilip Hamilton
22 January 1782, American
Alexander Hamilton's Son

Bob MarleyBob Marley
06 February 1945, Jamaican

Kim Soo-hyunKim Soo-hyun
16 February 1988, South Korean
South Korean Actor

Michael B. JordanMichael B. Jordan
09 February 1987, American
05 February 1992, Brazilian

Christian BaleChristian Bale
30 January 1974, British

The WeekndThe Weeknd
16 February 1990, Canadian

Joseph Gordon-LevittJoseph Gordon-Levitt
17 February 1981, American
Actor, Director
Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher
07 February 1978, American
Actor, Producer, Model, Investor

Patton OswaltPatton Oswalt
27 January 1969, American
Stand-up Comedian
Jackie RobinsonJackie Robinson
31 January 1919, American
Professional baseball player

Dr. DreDr. Dre
18 February 1965, American
American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur

José MourinhoJosé Mourinho
26 January 1963, Portuguese
Football Manager
Dick CheneyDick Cheney
30 January 1941, American
Former Vice President of the United State

Michael SheenMichael Sheen
05 February 1969, British
Brett KavanaughBrett Kavanaugh
12 February 1965, American
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the

Josh BrolinJosh Brolin
12 February 1968, American

Ed SheeranEd Sheeran
17 February 1991, British
Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass
01 February 1818, American
American orator

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Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds
11 February 1936, American
Taylor LautnerTaylor Lautner
11 February 1992, American

Brandon LeeBrandon Lee
01 February 1965, American

Grigori RasputinGrigori Rasputin
21 January 1869, Russian

Paul NewmanPaul Newman
26 January 1925, American
John BelushiJohn Belushi
24 January 1949, American
Phil CollinsPhil Collins
30 January 1951, British

Robert HansenRobert Hansen
15 February 1939, American
Serial Killer

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
27 January 1756, Austrian

Jimmy HoffaJimmy Hoffa
14 February 1913, American
Labor Union Leader
Edinson CavaniEdinson Cavani
14 February 1987, Uruguayan

Thomas EdisonThomas Edison
11 February 1847, American
Inventor, Businessman

James SpadesJames Spader
07 February 1960, American

Steve NashSteve Nash
07 February 1974, Canadian
Basketball Player

James DeanJames Dean
08 February 1931, American
Chris FarleyChris Farley
15 February 1964, American

Henry VIIHenry VII of England
28 January 1457, British
King of England
Gene HackmanGene Hackman
30 January 1930, American

Guy FieriGuy Fieri
22 January 1968, American
Restaurateur, Cookbook Author

Subhas Chandra BoseSubhas Chandra Bose
23 January 1897, Indian
Political leader
Clark GableClark Gable
01 February 1901, American

Gabriel MachtGabriel Macht
22 January 1972, American
William McKinleyWilliam McKinley
29 January 1843, American
President of the U.S.A

Babe RuthBabe Ruth
06 February 1895, American

Gerard PiquéGerard Piqué
02 February 1987, Spanish
Football Player

Alex JonesAlex Jones
11 February 1974, American
Radio Personality

Alexander Hamilton Jr.Alexander Hamilton Jr.
26 January 1816, American
Galileo GalileiGalileo Galilei
15 February 1564, Italian

Valentino RossiValentino Rossi
16 February 1979, Italian
Italian motorcycle road racer

Tom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston
09 February 1981, British

Freddie HighmoreFreddie Highmore
14 February 1992, British
J. Cole J. Cole
28 January 1985, German, American
Rapper, Record Producer, Singer-Songwriter

16 February 1958, American
Gianluigi BuffonGianluigi Buffon
28 January 1978, Italian

Bob LazarBob Lazar
26 January 1959, American
Conspiracy Theorist

William Henry HarrisonWilliam Henry Harrison
09 February 1773, American
Charles DarwinCharles Darwin
12 February 1809, British

Charles DickensCharles Dickens
07 February 1812, British
Darren CrissDarren Criss
05 February 1987, American

Luke GrimesLuke Grimes
21 January 1984, American

Axl RoseAxl Rose
06 February 1962, American
Kid CudiKid Cudi
30 January 1984, American
Rapper, Songwriter

Robert WagnerRobert Wagner
10 February 1930, American
Charles LindberghCharles Lindbergh
04 February 1902, American
Aviator, Inventor & Author

Paul RyanPaul Ryan
29 January 1970, American
Speaker of the United States House of

Lou Diamond PhillipsLou Diamond Phillips
17 February 1962, Filipino

Gary Leon Ridgway Gary Ridgway
18 February 1949, American
Serial Killer
John McEnroeJohn McEnroe
16 February 1959, American
Former US Tennis Star
Chris RockChris Rock
07 February 1965, American
Standup Comedian, Actor

19 February 1630, Indian

Simon PeggSimon Pegg
14 February 1970, British

Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg
14 February 1942, American
Mayor of New York City
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel
13 February 1950, British

Elijah WoodElijah Wood
28 January 1981, American

Wayne GretzkyWayne Gretzky
26 January 1961, Canadian
Ice Hockey Player

Rick AstleyRick Astley
06 February 1966, British

18 February 1994, South Korean
Joel CourtneyJoel Courtney
31 January 1996, American

Adam LambertAdam Lambert
29 January 1982, American
Christopher GuestChristopher Guest
05 February 1948, American

Seth GreenSeth Green
08 February 1974, American
Damian LewisDamian Lewis
11 February 1971, British
Kimbo SliceKimbo Slice
08 February 1974, American
Mixed martial Artist

Aquarius Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
If you find a guy who is constantly surrounded by people and has countless friends, know that he definitely is an Aquarian. Go near him and if you instantly share a rapport with him and become his friend, be dead-sure that this can be possible with none other than an Aquarius man. A friend of friends, an Aquarius man is the most social, gregarious and friendly out of all the zodiacs. He is the kind who would make friends wherever he goes and whoever he is with. However, this does not mean he maintains his relationship on the superficial level. With an Aquarius man as your friend, you can be certain that he would be there for you in the thick and thin of affairs. Selfishness is not one of his personality traits and he does not like small-mindedness. Men born under this zodiac naturally have a penchant to get the details of everything going around him. They are constantly analysing and scrutinizing things and like to be in the loop all the time. Another prominent trait of an Aquarius man is his love for creativity. Aquarius men are bowled over and have a soft corner for innovativeness and ingenuity. As such, everything that they do reflect the creativity streak in them. So, whether it is conducting a business meeting or organizing a birthday party for a friend or planning a surprise romantic date for their partner, an Aquarius man would do so with utmost creativity and style. Rest assured, with an Aquarius man, you can never get bored. He will keep you pepped up with his surprises and creative calling!

The Dark Side
He is friendly, he is cordial, he is polite, he is decent, but wait a minute, he is none of these when he is moody. Yes, Aquarian men can be extremely moody and unstable in their thoughts which affect their actions as well. They are shifty in their mindset and tend to get unpredictable at times. As such, it becomes extremely difficult to measure how an Aquarius man would react in a particular situation. What’s more, it would get highly difficult to keep up with him in times like this. Aquarius man tends to get timid. He will have his silent spells once in a while and during those periods, it is best to leave him alone. Don’t worry as he would come out of it fresh and renewed. In matters of love, Aquarians can be on the unromantic side. There are a couple of reasons for the same. Since Aquarian men are people’s people, they treat everyone on the same scale. So, chances of you feeling important or special rank very little. He would be as interested in your life as he is of the newspaper boy’s or the vendor’s. Also, most of the times, Aquarian men don’t even realise that the relationship has gone a step further than mere friendship. What’s more, remembering birthdays, anniversaries or any other special days is not an Aquarian man’s cup of tea. Don’t expect even flowers or any other PDAs (public display of affection) from him. What’s that face for? Don’t get depressed as he is the man who would hold your hands and be with you even when the entire world is against you! Now, isn’t that what you want at the end of the day! A loving and loving and loving partner!

Romance Quotient
So, you have finally made friends with that Aquarius guy who lives down the block? Good for you, but note that you haven’t done anything out of the ordinary?  Confused? Agreed friendship is the best way to grow a relationship and take it to the next level but in matters of Aquarians, this is a little different. Aquarius men are people’s people. They are friends with every second person they meet. Taking this into consideration, mere friendship isn’t likely the best way to get close to guys born under this sun sign. In fact, when an Aquarius does not like you at all or likes you way too much that he would be seriously looking at you from amongst his numerous pals and well-wishers, there is a chance that you can build strong romantic ties with him. For an Aquarian, love is just another experience. Only when you have successfully driven him to the point of altar that you can consider being special. Else, you are amongst the many folks and friends that he shares a friendly relationship with. You have to understand that with an Aquarius male, everyone he has met till date, people he meet every day and those he is likely to meet in the future hold a special place in his life. As such, the competition is much and the chances limited.

To entice an Aquarius man, be as intriguing and captivating as a mystery book. He’ll be drawn towards you like a magnet. However, do not keep him waiting for long or he’ll get on with his next mystery book. Aquarian men aren’t the wooing and winning types. So, expect him not to go to any extreme to woo you. However, when in a relationship with him, you sure are going to be blessed with romantic gestures every now and then. There are no loyalty issues with Aquarius men as they are dependable and dedicated lovers. In return, an Aquarian man will never ever doubt you or be suspicious of your activities. If and when, he becomes jealous, he will never let you know about it. Playing jealousy tricks with your Aquarius man can turn the tables for you. You need to know that he isn’t the one who would come running to claim you. Instead, he would resign himself and say that he knew he didn't deserve you. Overall, Aquarius men make loving and caring partners. Make sure that you do not neglect your Aquarius husband when the kids come along. He married you so that he could have you around him round the clock, 24X7!