Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln
12 February 1809, American
American President.
Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
06 February 1911, American
40th U.S. President

Subhas Chandra BoseSubhas Chandra Bose
23 January 1897, Indian

Dick CheneyDick Cheney
30 January 1941, American
Former Vice President of the United State

Prince Andrew, Duke of YorkPrince Andrew, Duke of York
19 February 1960, British
Son of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

Harold MacmillanHarold Macmillan
10 February 1894, British
Former British Prime Minister
William McKinleyWilliam McKinley
29 January 1843, American
President of the U.S.A

Aaron BurrAaron Burr
06 February 1756, American
3rd Vice President of United States

William Henry HarrisonWilliam Henry Harrison
09 February 1773, American
Douglas MacArthurDouglas MacArthur
26 January 1880, American

Beau BidenBeau Biden
03 February 1969, American
Son of Joe Biden
Sarah PalinSarah Palin
11 February 1964, American
Former Governor of Alaska

Boris YeltsinBoris Yeltsin
01 February 1931, Russian

Jimmy HoffaJimmy Hoffa
14 February 1913, American
Labor Union Leader

Kim Jong-ilKim Jong-il
16 February 1941, North Korean
Former Supreme Leader of North Korea

Nicolae CeaușescuNicolae Ceaușescu
26 January 1918, Romanian
Former President of Romania
Jerry SpringerJerry Springer
13 February 1944, British, American
Talk Show Host, Former Politician, Former News

Thomas MoreThomas More
07 February 1478, British
Catholic Saint

Dennis SkinnerDennis Skinner
11 February 1932, British
Political Leader

Khalifa bin Zayed Al NahyanKhalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
25 January 1948, Emirati
President of UAE
William Tecumseh ShermanWilliam Tecumseh Sherman
08 February 1820, American
General in the Union Army During the American

Huey NewtonHuey P. Newton
17 February 1942, American
American political activist
Felipe VI of SpainFelipe VI of Spain
30 January 1968, Spanish
King of Spain

Thomas PaineThomas Paine
29 January 1737, British, American
Founding Father of the United States

Eckhart TolleEckhart Tolle
16 February 1948, German
Spiritual Speaker & Author
Moon Jae-inMoon Jae-in
24 January 1953, South Korean
Current President of South Korea

Walter RaleighWalter Raleigh
22 January 1554, British
Politician, Writer, Explorer, Aristocrat
Paul RyanPaul Ryan
29 January 1970, American
Speaker of the United States House of

Dan QuayleDan Quayle
04 February 1947, American
Former Vice President of the United States

Stonewall JacksonStonewall Jackson
21 January 1824, American
Manuel NoriegaManuel Noriega
11 February 1934, Panamanian
Former Panamanian Dictator

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Antonio GramsciAntonio Gramsci
22 January 1891, Italian
Politician, Philosopher
Caroline, Princess of HanoverCaroline, Princess of Hanover
23 January 1957, Monacan
Heir presumptive

Jeb BushJeb Bush
11 February 1953, American
Former Governor of Florida

Cristina Fernández de KirchnerCristina Fernández de Kirchner
19 February 1953, Argentinian
Former President of Argentina

Herbert SobelHerbert Sobel
26 January 1912, American
U.S. Army Officer
Nicolas SarkozyNicolas Sarkozy
28 January 1955, French
Corazon AquinoCorazon Aquino
25 January 1933, Filipino
Former President of Phillipines

Park Geun-hyePark Geun-hye
02 February 1952, South Korean
11th President of South Korea

Adlai Stevenson IIAdlai Stevenson II
05 February 1900, American

Lala Lajpat RaiLala Lajpat Rai
28 January 1865, Indian
Freedom Fighter
Lee Hsien LoongLee Hsien Loong
10 February 1952, Singaporean
Third Prime Minister of Singapore

Omar N BradleyOmar Bradley
12 February 1893, American
Former U. S. Army General

Wu ZetianWu Zetian
17 February 0625, Chinese
Chinese Empress

John HancockJohn Hancock
23 January 1737, American
Former President of the Continental Congress

Ashraf GhaniAshraf Ghani
12 February 1949, Afghan
13th President of Afghanistan
Benigno Aquino IIIBenigno Aquino III
08 February 1960, Filipino
15th President of the Philippines

Robert PeelRobert Peel
05 February 1788, British
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Mirza Ghulam AhmadMirza Ghulam Ahmad
13 February 1835, Indian
Founder of Ahmadiyya Sect

Carwood LiptonCarwood Lipton
30 January 1920, American
United States Army Officer

Chaitanya MahaprabhuChaitanya Mahaprabhu
18 February 1486, Indian
Founder of Gaudiya Vaishnavism
Mauricio MacriMauricio Macri
08 February 1959, Argentinian
Current President of Argentina

Sonny LandhamSonny Landham
11 February 1941, American
Julius StreicherJulius Streicher
12 February 1885, German
A Member of National Socialist German Workers'

Henry MorganHenry Morgan
24 January 1635, British, Welsh
Privateer, Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica

Charles George GordonCharles George Gordon
28 January 1833, British
British soldier and Administrator

Isabel Martínez de PerónIsabel Martínez de Perón
04 February 1931, Argentinian
Former President of Argentina

Leigh Taylor-YoungLeigh Taylor-Young
25 January 1945, American
Charles Taze RussellCharles Taze Russell
16 February 1852, American
Christian Restoration Minister

Ethan AllenEthan Allen
21 January 1738, American
Revolutionary War Hero

Rick WarrenRick Warren
28 January 1954, American

Walter ModelWalter Model
24 January 1891, German
Military Officer
Ira HayesIra Hayes
12 February 1923, American
Military Leader

Paul BiyaPaul Biya
13 February 1933, Cameroonian
President of Cameroon
Yahya KhanYahya Khan
04 February 1917, Pakistani
Former President of Pakistan

Tunku Abdul RahmanTunku Abdul Rahman
08 February 1903, Malaysian
First Prime Minister of Malaysia

J. E. B. StuartJ. E. B. Stuart
06 February 1833, American
Military Leader
U ThantU Thant
22 January 1909, Burmese
3rd Secretary General of the U.N.

Joseph E. JohnstonJoseph E. Johnston
03 February 1807, American
Friedrich EbertFriedrich Ebert
04 February 1871, German

Kliment VoroshilovKliment Voroshilov
04 February 1881, Russian
Military Officer

Charles CurtisCharles Curtis
25 January 1860, American
Former Vice President of the United States
James G. BlaineJames G. Blaine
31 January 1830, American

Bruce Vincent Rauner Bruce Rauner
18 February 1957, American
42nd Governor of Illinois
Vasili ArkhipovVasili Arkhipov
30 January 1926, Russian
Naval Officer

Hussain Muhammad ErshadHussain Muhammad Ershad
01 February 1930, Bangladeshi
Former President of Bangladesh

Tony TanTony Tan
07 February 1940, Singaporean
Seventh President of Singapore

Pope Benedict XIIIPope Benedict XIII
02 February 1649, Italian
Servant of God
Henry WilsonHenry Wilson
16 February 1812, American
18th Vice President of the U.S.A
Omar TorrijosOmar Torrijos
13 February 1929, Panamanian
Elected official

Hussein OnnHussein Onn
12 February 1922, Malaysian
Former Prime Minister of Malaysia

Benjamin LincolnBenjamin Lincoln
24 January 1733, American

Khan Abdul Ghaffar KhanKhan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
06 February 1890, Pakistani
Political and Spiritual Leader
Anastasio Somoza GarcíaAnastasio Somoza García
01 February 1896, Nicaraguan
President of Nicaragua

Abba EbanAbba Eban
02 February 1915, Israeli
Politician and Diplomat

Michel MartellyMichel Martelly
12 February 1961, Haitian
President of Haiti

Chidambaram SubramaniamChidambaram Subramaniam
30 January 1910, Indian
Former Indian Politician & Freedom Activist

Gia LongGia Long
08 February 1762, Vietnamese
Emperor of the Nguyễn Dynasty of Vietnam
Dayanand SaraswatiDayanand Saraswati
12 February 1824, Indian
Indian philosopher

Rupiah BandaRupiah Banda
13 February 1937, Zambian
Former President of the Republic of Zambia
Andrej KiskaAndrej Kiska
02 February 1963, Slovak
Former President of Slovakia

Alva MyrdalAlva Myrdal
31 January 1902, Swedish
Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Mainza ChonaMainza Chona
21 January 1930, Zambian
Zambian Politician
Tony ClementTony Clement
27 January 1961, Canadian, British
Member of the Canadian House of Commons