Sagittarius women have a vivacious and ebullient personality. Know more about personality traits and characteristics of Sagittarius woman.

Imagine speaking out the truth 24X7? Sounds suicidal, isn’t it? Face it or not, all of us tend to speak the lie or a fabricated truth all the time. So, whether it is citing the reason for coming late to work, or not completing the school homework or not turning up for a party, there is some amount of falsehood that we resort to while justifying ourselves. However, the same is not the case with Sagittarian females. Those born under this zodiac sign are too tactless to come up with half-burned truths. In fact, they are the true crusaders of truth and say it the way they see it, raw and blatant. Other than that, Sagittarian females have a vivacious and ebullient personality. They are charming and have the ability to make any man go weak in the knees. However, beware before approaching a Sagittarian woman as extravagance comes naturally to her. Only when you are sure that you would be able to satiate her shopping appetite that you can think of coming closer to her. The following lines further provide details of the personality and characteristic traits, positive and negative, of Sagittarius women. Read on!

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Mary, Queen of ScotsMary, Queen of Scots
(Queen of Scotland)

08 December 1542

08 February 1587

Linlithgow Palace


Britney SpearsBritney Spears
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11 December 1996

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Bae Suzy Bae Suzy
(Singer, Actress)

10 December 1994

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South Korean

Jennifer CarpenterJennifer Carpenter

07 December 1979

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22 December 1972



Trish StratusTrish Stratus

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19 December 1963

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06 December 1958

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10 December 1830

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14 December 1972

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09 December 1946



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06 December 1972

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Alexandra of DenmarkAlexandra of Denmark
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01 December 1844

20 November 1925

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02 December 1978



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07 December 1979

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Sagittarius Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
You met a woman at a friend’s party the night before and were completely bowled by her. She captivated your senses like none other with her happy mannerism, her alarmingly frank nature and her fiercely guarded independence. Think no further as it is a Sagittarian girl who has set your heart pulsating. While describing a Sagittarian, she is all of the above and much more. She a complete optimistic who views life positively. This often leads to her having blind faith upon people, who use her for their own needs. However, despite the fact, she tends to rely on each and every person who comes close to her. By nature, Sagittarian women are pleasant, friendly, outspoken and very talkative. Their forthrightness comes from the fact that she has no illusions about the world. They say the way they see it. Though it might seem crude and harsh, they just cannot change the way they are. With a Sagittarian woman by your side, you could only wish that she were not so honest that she is. Sagittarius females are out-and-out enthusiasts. They hate to be pinned down to a particular place or with a particular thing. Boredom is not their cup of tea. Sagittarian women are career oriented and excel in whatever they take up. Their charming manners coupled with intuitive mind helps them complete a plan successfully, ahead of others.

The Dark Side
With the present lifestyle, being a little diplomatic is the order of the day. As such, the outspoken attitude of a Sagittarius female can be quite disturbing and off-putting for people. While holding on to the truth is great in positive circumstances, when things are not favourable, a person speaking out the reality can be quite distressing. Sagittarian females say what they see and most of the times, due to this fall in trouble or invite tough looks of others. They are not deliberately mean but lack the tact and diplomacy that others possess. Their ignorance of playing with words rubs people on the wrong end and causes enemies. Also, though women under this sun sign are calm and composed beings, if a foot stepped wrongly they have the ability to turn into fire spitting dragon. She is not the person who would hesitate to lash back. In matters of love, getting a Sagittarian female to commit is another big issue. Since she is a free bird, marriage to a Sagittarian woman is like chopping her wings of flight and being tied down in the four walls of the house. The concept of settling down can be quite nerve racking for a Sagittarius woman, which explains her flirtatious nature. Financially, Sagittarian women are extravagant beasts and lovers of luxury. They are careless with money and tend to spend every penny they have. So, think twice before you hand over your credit card to her, lest she croses the credit limit!

Romance Quotient
Just like the ocean can’t help but rush to the shore, similarly, a Sagittarius woman can’t help but get into a relationship. However, if it is long-term commitment that you are looking for, sit back and relax, this centaur-driven female isn’t the one who would easily fall in place. Dominated by a free-spirit and a liberated mind, Sagittarius females are known to get in and get out of the relationship too quickly. This arises from the fact that they hate to be confined to a thing, place, time or a relation. Making a Sagittarian commit can be quite tricky as it makes her nervous. In fact, most of the times, you would have to tempt your girl to get her to commit. Sagittarian women are like the boys at play. They are a little hard to catch. But once committed, a Sagittarian woman is what every man dreams of. She is loyal, honest, loving and caring. She is the one who would dutifully be yours and take efforts to make your life happy and satisfactory.

However, pleasing a Sagittarius woman isn’t all that easy. And if you are the sissy types of lover, you have no chance to making it to a Sagittarius woman. She looks for a real man who has his ego and does not stand for nonsense. A right balance of politeness and firmness is what you need to have to impress her. But if you don’t couple the same by giving her the freedom she desires, forget about having any chance. Sagittarius women are quite independent and love their freedom. And they would not comprise with the same on any grounds. They are quite the sentimental and emotional types but do not show the same due to their shy nature. Sagittarian women are lovely hostess to guests and have the ability to make them feel at home. They are great with kids but their outspoken and blunt nature is something that they have to deal with. To be with the Sagittarian woman, the key is not to change her individuality. Just let her be the way she is and give her the freedom she desires. And she would be the most loving and caring partner you can ever wish for. Her optimism and brightness would brighten your life and make it pleasurable!

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