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With videogames being the rage among teenagers and youngsters worldwide, it comes as no surprise that gameplay videos are the most popular ones on YouTube! And it’s only natural that the gamers who create these awesome videos are considered celebrities in the eyes of their fans. One such highly popular gamer is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online pseudonym PewDiePie. Best known for his ‘Let's Play’ commentaries, the YouTuber has over 54 million subscribers on his channel! Also popular is the very funny and charismatic Markiplier who specializes in survival horror and action video games. He is also the proud man behind the 22nd most-subscribed channel on YouTube! So what exactly makes these young men so popular? Along with possessing excellent gaming skills, these gamers are also able to relate to the youngsters of today with their quirky and humorous commentaries which in turn attracts hordes of gaming enthusiasts to their channels. While gaming is predominantly a male-oriented field, some lady gamers like Tiffany Michelle—better known as iHasCupquake—and Aphmau have created their own niches with their fun-filled and entertaining gaming channels. Read on for more information about the life and works of top YouTube gamers.