Find out more about top parody YouTubers including DavidParody, Hillary Hindi, Orkun Isitmak, Dion Yorkie and Harrison Webb.

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Some of the funniest YouTubers are undoubtedly the parodists. Their videos are so much fun to watch and there is no way you can stop laughing! "Weird" Al Yankovic is one such parodist who posts parodies of popular songs on his channel. His videos are shot very well, and with the hilarious lyrics, make for a delightful watch! Don’t miss his parody of ‘Amish Paradise,” you might just die laughing! Parody YouTubers Sandy and Richard Riccardi are also too hilarious to ignore. Just watch one of their parody videos and we promise, you’d be hooked for life. While most parodists post their content just with the aim of entertaining their audiences, a few others try to convey social messages through their parodied lyrics. Rucka Rucka Ali, a musician and internet sensation, often posts parodies highlighting issues such as racism and ethnic stereotypes. However, not everyone finds his videos funny and he has kindled quite a few controversies because of his parodies. Talking of parodists, how can we miss mentioning the name of Bart Baker, the self-proclaimed “King of Music Parodies?” Check out this section to know more about top parody YouTubers.

Memeulous Memeulous

2J 2J

Mario Ruiz Mario Ruiz

DavidParody DavidParody

Aksually Aksually

Big Marvel Big Marvel
South Korean

Andy Warski Andy Warski

Lil Moco Lil Moco
Dion Yorkie Dion Yorkie
Canadian, British
Roi Fabito Roi Fabito
Filipino, American

Benny Fine Benny Fine