MrCrainer Bio

(Danish YouTube Star)

Birthday: December 12, 1994 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Denmark

Many videogame enthusiasts might not be aware of who Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard is, but just mention his alter ego “MrCrainer” and see their eyes light up! MrCrainer is one of the most popular gamers on the YouTube. Best known for his Survival Modded Minecraft videos as well as the occasional mini-games which have his teenage fans going gaga over him, he also does fun challenges like the highly popular ‘POKEMON BATH BOMB WUBBLE BUBBLE CHALLENGE!!’. He is a friendly guy and often collaborates with other YouTubers with whom he loves working. Along with fellow YouTubers, SSundee and CaptainSparklez, he launched the ‘Troll Craft’ series where the gamers play together and troll each other. One of his most popular recent series is the ‘THIS IS CHOCOLATE?!’ series where he eats swords, iPhones, cameras, watches, and other stuffs made of chocolate! Taking forward his YouTube fame, the young man has now forayed into entrepreneurial ventures and sells MrCrainer merchandise like T-shirts and backpacks through his website.
Quick Facts

Girlfriend: Thea Kornum

Age: 29 Years, 29 Year Old Males


siblings: Josefine (sister)

Height: 5'5" (165 cm), 5'5" Males

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
Unlike several other popular YouTube gamers who have been uploading videos from a long time, MrCrainer made his entry into the YouTube relatively recently. It was just a few years ago in early 2014 that he joined YouTube. Aged 19 at that time, he began by uploading Minecraft videos to his channel which started gaining popularity within a few weeks. Encouraged by the initial support he received, he continued making more videos, eventually branching out into other games as well. The number of his subscribers continued increasing steadily and they happily lapped up all that he had to offer. He received a lot of positive feedback from his followers and decided to make some fun challenge videos for them as well in addition to the gaming ones. This proved to be an excellent strategy as his fans were more than happy to watch his challenge videos and shared them on other mediums as well. Thus within a period of three years not only was MrCrainer able to accumulate huge subscribers not only on YouTube, but also on Instagram and Twitter. What adds to his popularity is his collaboration with other well-known gamers, such as SSundee and CaptainSparklez, which further boosts his image as a fun-loving gamer who loves to hang out with his friends. This popular YouTuber also has his own line of merchandise which he sells through the website
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What Makes MrCrainer So Special
MrCrainer is talented, charming, and oh-so-cute with golden brown hair and deep blue eyes! While his good looks definitely make him appealing to the young girls, there’s more to his personality that make him extremely popular with all his fans. One of his distinguishing features is that he never uses swear words or vulgar slang in his videos which make them suitable for people of all age groups. Anyone from preteen kids to young adults can watch his videos, laugh with him, and have fun! This trait of his makes him popular even with the parents of teens who don’t mind their kids watching MrCrainer’s videos as they’re assured that there’s no vulgarity involved. MrCrainer knows he is famous only due to his fans and thus showers them back with love. He lovingly calls them his “Crazie Family” and never misses a chance to thank them profusely for their support.
Behind The Curtains
MrCrainer’s real name is Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard and he was born in Denmark on December 12, 1994. He is a private person and hasn’t disclosed much about his personal life to his fans. Though we don’t know anything about his parents, we do know that he has a sister called Josefine. He was previously in a relationship with Fie Laursen who is also a YouTube phenomenon. The couple broke up and he eventually started dating Thea. His girlfriend also features in some of his videos; his video featuring her titled ‘GIRLFRIEND'S FIRST TIME PLAYING MINECRAFT’ is a very popular one.

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