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Quick Facts

Nick Name: Andrew

Birthday: January 24, 2000

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Born Country: Canada

Born in: Canada

Height: 5'10" (178 cm), 5'10" Males

Popularity Index
Gamers #149 YouTubers #689
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If you are a gaming enthusiast, with a knack for Minecraft games then it is quite likely that you have landed on the YouTube channel of famous Canadian teenage Minecraft YouTuber 09sharkboy. His eponymous YouTube channel ‘09sharkboy’ that he launched as a kid of nine years features child friendly and fun filled gaming contents based on sandbox video game ‘Minecraft’. These include content like Minecraft Bedwars, Minecraft Trolling and several fun Minecraft maps and games that he comes up in collaboration with other famous YouTuber friends like Favremysabre, UnspeakableGaming and itsMooseCraft. The awesome, spectacular and entertaining videos he posts has with time garnered attention from viewers leading to increase in both subscription and viewership counts of his channel by leaps and bounds. Its success led him to launch other YouTube channels - ‘LifeOfShark’ where he shares his everyday life; ‘SharksLab’ where he comes up with his daily adventures; and ‘SharkPlays’, his funny gaming channel. The hilarious, positive and intelligent videos of these channels are gradually gaining notice although as per the count of subscription and viewership is concerned the channels are yet to catch up with the primary one.

Rise To Stardom
  • Andrew now more popular by his alter ego 09sharkboy in social media became acquainted with YouTube as a kid and launched his own channel ‘09sharkboy’ on this American video-sharing website on August 16, 2009. The very first video he uploaded on the channel was ‘I MET TOBUSCUS!!’ after three years of its launch, where he vlogged about meeting YouTube star Tobuscus, creator of ‘TobyGames’ on YouTube. 09sharkboy posts child friendly, fun filled and entertaining gaming contents which includes Minecraft Trolling, Minecraft Bedwars and several fun Minecraft games and maps that he creates in collaboration with friends and well-known YouTubers like itsMooseCraft, UnspeakableGaming, and Favremysabre. The popularity of the channel has burgeoned with time garnering him a dedicated fan base who eagerly wait for his new videos. The roleplays he posts have included flicks like ‘The Purge’, ‘The Maze Runner’ and ‘Star Wars’ among others. Many of his friends have appeared in his videos such as FavreMySabre, SGCBarbierian and MangoTango. The most popular video of the channel ‘♪ "Zombies" - A Minecraft Parody of Blame By Calvin’ has already garnered around 2.9 million views. Other popular videos of the channel that has surpassed a million mark includes ‘Minecraft School-LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!’, ‘Minecraft MAZE RUNNER - "TAKEN!" (Episode 1)’ and ‘Minecraft Daycare - BABY GETS KISSED ?!’ to mention a few. The channel at present boasts of having over 709 K subscribers with an incredible count of more than 117 million views!

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  • While his primary channel took giant strides in expanding both its popularity and count of subscribers, this YouTube sensation came up with his second channel ‘LifeOfShark’ on September 8, 2016. In this channel he shares his everyday life with his fans and viewers. Some of the most popular videos of the channel, which so far has accumulated over 55 K subscribers and more than 2.3 million views, are ‘16 YEAR OLD BUYS HIS DAD A ROLEX FOR CHRISTMAS!!’, ‘STRANDED 3000 MILES AWAY FROM HOME! /w MooseCraft & UnspeakableGaming’ and ‘CALLING IN SICK TO PLACES WE DONT WORK AT PRANK CALL!’.
  • On December 13, 2016, he launched another YouTube channel ‘SharksLab’ where he shares his daily adventures in solving problems and saving friends. The channel that has garnered over 63 K subscribers and more than 2 million views has spawned popular videos like ‘WHAT'S AT THE END OF THE MINECRAFT OCEAN?’ and RAINBOW STEVE SPOKE TO ME VERBALLY! (REAL PROOF).
  • The YouTube star then went on to create the funny gaming channel ‘SharkPlays’ on June 25, 2017 where he posts Minecraft Pocket Edition videos every day. Within a few months, the kids friendly, entertaining and hilarious videos of the channel led it to accumulate more than 132 K subscribers and over 4.8 million views. Some of the most popular videos of the channel are ‘THIS HOUSE TOOK 2 SECONDS TO MAKE! (WHAT?!)’, ‘SETTING UP THE BEST TRAP! (Minecraft TROLL WARS #2)’ and ‘CHANGING UNSPEAKABLEGAMINGS HOUSE IN SLIMEBLOCKS!’.
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Presence in Other Social Media Platforms
  • The popularity of this YouTube phenomenon has its reflections in other social media platforms as well. His Twitter account ‘09sharkboy’ where he joined in December 2011 has a count of over 33 K followers, while his Instagram account ‘09sharkboy’ where he describes himself as Shark (Andrew), Content creator on YouTube has already amassed more than 76 K followers.
Behind The Curtains
  • He was born on January 24, 2000 in Canada. There is hardly any information available on the personal life of this YouTube star including family background, parents and education excepting that he has a girlfriend called Emma whose pictures he posts on Instagram.

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