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Ryguyrocky is an American YouTube gamer. Check out this biography to know about his birthday, childhood, family life, achievements, and fun facts about him.

Quick Facts

Birthday: November 25, 1995

Nationality: American

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Also Known As: Ryan Damon

Born in: Boston, Massachusetts

Famous as: YouTube Gamer

City: Boston

U.S. State: Massachusetts

Popularity Index
Gamers #150 Instagram Stars #119
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Ryan Damon, better known as Ryguyrocky, is a YouTuber from the US. He is known for playing Minecraft videos on his channel Ryguyrocky. He also runs a side gaming channel titled ‘RyguyGames’ on which he plays games other than Minecraft. The videos on both the channels are very informative as well as entertaining. Today, these channels, especially Ryguyrocky, feature on the list of top gaming channels on the social platform. With over 1.1 million subscribers and more than 430 million views, this channel features everything related to the game Minecraft, ranging from gameplay sessions and role plays to live streams and more. Talking about RyguyGames, this gaming channel too is followed by a decent number of viewers. The American gamer is very particular about posting on his channels regularly. He is very talented and hardworking. His gaming techniques and gaming commentaries and explanations are really praiseworthy.

Rise to Stardom
  • Though Ryan Damon created his main gaming channel in 2009, he didn't upload anything until 2012, opening with a tutorial titled "Minecraft: How to make a Drawbridge”. Since then, he has been sharing Minecraft videos on it. From Minecraft roleplay videos and Minecraft High School videos to Minecraft STAR WARS and FNAF World Minecraft Roleplay videos, this channel features everything concerning the popular video game.
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  • The best part of Damon’s Minecraft videos is that they are very detailed and showcase all the nuances of the game. This makes it easy for the viewer to learn from the videos and become a better player. Two of the most popular Minecraft-related videos on the channel are “Warfare - A Minecraft Parody of Pompeii By Bastille (Music Video)” and 'Minecraft Jurassic World - Jurassic Park – RUN #9 - Jurassic Craft Roleplay”. With over a million views and hundreds of thousands of likes, these videos are an interesting parody and a roleplay video respectively.
  • One of the recent videos uploaded by him on his channel Ryguyrocky is “Minecraft Recess - Wolves Attack (Minecraft Roleplay Season 2 Episode 9)”. Published on May 10, 2018, this gaming video has gained over 53k views as of now.
  • Coming to the YouTuber’s side channel, this gaming channel titled RyguyGames was launched in January 2014. This channel features let’s play, role play, live streams, and gameplay videos related to video games other than Minecraft. Talking about the status of this gaming channel, it has got more than 28k subscribers (as of May 2018).
  • This channel has also become a popular hub for mini games, horror games, and mod showcases. The YouTuber runs a Twitch channel as well where he has accumulated more than 1,000 followers.
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Personal Life
  • Ryan Damon was born on November 25, 1995 in the United States. He grew up alongside his two brothers. He is close friends with fellow YouTube gamer FavreMySabre. Currently, Damon resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

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