Preston Arsement Bio

(American Gamer, Social Media Personality, and YouTuber)

Birthday: May 4, 1994 (Taurus)

Born In: Texas, United States

Preston Arsement is definitely that one YouTuber and gamer who you can watch just for his hilarious-yet-appropriate sense of humor, which is quite entertaining. And if you’re passionate about gaming and the rush that comes with it, then Preston Arsement’s channels won’t disappoint. Preston has gained a reputation of being a pro at taking down even the toughest ‘COD’ or ‘Black Ops’ levels. One just needs to see how insane his ‘Minecraft’ skills are. No wonder he has taken social media platforms by storm with over 5 million subscribers in total! It surely does look like Preston was born to take over the e-gaming space and at the age of 22 he has already made it as big as any professional gamer on social media. As if his career isn’t enviable enough, Preston also hangs out with some of the big time gamers like JeromeASF, and TheBajanCanadian. Well, this sure does mean he is some kind of gaming prodigy!

Quick Facts

Nick Name: TBNRFrags

Also Known As: Preston Blaine Arsement

Age: 30 Years, 30 Year Old Males


siblings: Caleb, Daka, David, Joshua, Keeley

Born Country: United States

Height: 5'8" (173 cm), 5'8" Males

U.S. State: Texas

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
Preston Arsement has been making his presence felt on ‘YouTube’ since the year 2010 and his once newfound hobby of gaming has now taken the shape of a full time career. Unlike other full time gamers on social media, Preston didn’t always dream of choosing a career path as an e-gamer. But as technology took over, he found himself engrossed in gaming almost every waking hour and that paved the way into making this a full time job.
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Preston’s first channel ‘TBNRFrags’, which was created in the year 2010, mostly reveals Preston’s incredible ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Black Ops’ skills to his followers on the internet. His talents didn’t go unnoticed and in less than a few years into the channel, Preston gained over 1.5 million subscribers.
In 2012, this young man shifted gears from ‘Call of Duty’ to other games like ‘Castle Crashers’ and ‘Far Cry’ and even started a new dedicated channel called ‘PrestonPlayz’. Though it was originally meant for those new games, Preston eventually drifted towards ‘Minecraft’ and now this channel has been in the spotlight for his classic commentaries and prowess at the game. ‘PrestonPlayz’ is now a handle that has over 3 million subscribers and looking at the way Preston has been living in the spotlight, his channels are only going to make bigger waves!
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What Makes Preston Arsement So Special
If you’re a fan of this incredible gamer or at least someone who has skimmed through his channels, you’ll know just how genuinely modest Preston is. Need more proof? This 22-year-old is one of those few YouTubers whose channel suits a young audience, since he is against the use of cuss words.
Not only does modesty trait make him super special among his peers, Mr. Arsement also taught himself how to build computers and got his IT-1 Certification when he was just 14 years old. Now that makes him truly worthy of all praise!
Behind The Curtains
Preston Blaine Aresment was born in Texas on 4 May 1994. He lives with his biological mother, step-father, as well as his siblings and half siblings. Preston has 4 brothers and a sister -David, Daka, Caleb, Joshua, and Keeley. Preston grew up loving and getting involved in all kinds of sports like soccer, baseball and basketball. At the age of 11, Preston grew fond of paintball and dreamed of playing the sport professionally. He even uploaded a vlog of him and his family playing paintball when he hit his first 50,000 subscribers on ‘YouTube’.
Preston Arsement has been in a relationship with LA based fellow YouTuber, Paige, whose ‘YouTube’ channel is called ‘Turnthepaige’. Preston currently lives in an apartment in Texas, near his family house, and with all the free time available, he was inspired to start his second channel. Preston builds his own computer and once even vlogged the whole process of building one for his brother.

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