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Bereghost (Mike Coker) is an American YouTuber and gamer. Let’s have a look at his family, personal life, net worth, age, birthday, relationships, and some fun facts.

Quick Facts

Birthday: August 9, 1978

Nationality: American

Age: 41 Years, 41 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Leo

Also Known As: Mike Coker

Born in: Utah

Famous as: YouTuber, Gamer


children: Tyler (Son) and Brianna

U.S. State: Utah

Popularity Index
Gamers #276 Social Media Stars #125 YouTubers #333
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Mike Coker, known to his YouTube followers as Bereghost, is a full time gamer who rose to prominence through his YouTube channel ‘BereghostGames’ featuring the game plays of a host of popular games. He is primarily known for his gameplay of culturally popular games. Bereghost has stressed time and again that he has no qualms in playing games that have been labeled childish or easy by other pro-gamers. Instead, the inclusion of these games into his channel has made it into one suitable for the whole family to enjoy together. His unique insight into gaming went on to create a distinctively different gaming channel from other similar counterparts. He has tried to include the most popular games of the time and he has tried to include as many genres of gaming as possible. What he has done differently is rebuilding this image of typical gamers and has made his viewers believe that ‘a family that plays games together stays together’. Originally from Utah, the gamer may not be the most popular one out in YouTube, but he is most definitely the most unique among them.

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Rise to Fame
  • Bereghost created his channel in 2011 but started posting regular videos since mid-2012. All the videos posted prior to that have either been deleted or have been marked private. His very first video featured a gameplay from the strategic game called Modern Warfare 3 where he declared that ‘Bereghost is Back’.
  • In subsequent years he recorded and uploaded videos of almost all mainstream and popular videogame titles. He played Minecraft and Modern Warfare 3 for the initial few weeks of the channel. He explored all the different modes and maps within these games. His videos were instructional and at the same time they presented an entertaining watch.
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  • After a while, he started playing another mythology based, strategic game called League of Legends. He also introduced in his channel something which is a long standing tradition now that is the Family Game Nights with his wife whose screen name is Pixiedust423 and his children Tyler and Brianna.
  • In the meantime, Bereghost also joined the Roblox community which is the world’s largest social platform for gaming. He started playing the different user created games on the platform along with introduction of other games in his channels like Saints Row 3, Dungeon Defenders, Brick Force etc. He also started uploading vlogs to his channel talking about his various gaming components.
  • He subsequently expanded the repertoire of games featured on his channel. He included gameplays of various kid-friendly games in the Roblox platforms. He also featured a series of Grand Theft Auto or GTA 5 Online and 7 Days to Die, gameplays, which are hardcore adult gamer’s choice. He also tried his hand at simulation games such as The Forest and Farming Simulator. He also tried his hands in the FGN Crew Plays and Friday the 13th.
  • The number of views on his earlier videos was not stellar, and the channel was on the verge of getting lost in the spirals of hundreds of other such gaming channels. But things improved since 2014 where his channel started getting popular. The Family Game Night episodes became quite the popular things. Viewers as well as avid gamers enjoyed the family camaraderie and the easy banter between the family members.
  • Currently, the channel boasts over 830K Subscribers and enjoys number of views well over 500 million. He has also exploring the entrepreneurial side of this business by creating Bereghost merchandises to be sold on select online platforms.
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What Makes Bereghost So Special
  • Bereghost or Mike has molded the structure of his channel in some fundamentally different ways than conventional gaming channels would prefer. First thing that he did differently is his choice of games to be featured in the channel.
  • Most gamers prefer to stick to either a single type of a game or at least to a single genre. But Bereghost, his content involved gameplays from most of the popular games as well as genres.
  • From Simulation to strategic to actions to adventures, he has tried them all. It seems that Bereghost is trying to promote the fun and enjoyment that he derives from gaming rather than exhibiting his prolific abilities to achieve impossible scores.
  • The second big different way that his channel is special is inclusion of family. Big gaming channels often do collaborative videos with other big gamers. Bereghost did not follow that particular route at all. Instead he introduced his family in his channel and started the popular Game Nights with Family episodes. It was his way of showing to his viewers that you do not need to be reclusive and lonely to be a gamer. Instead the joy of gaming is increased several folds when you include your friends and family into it.

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Last Updated : April 27, 2018

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