iHasCupquake Bio

(American Social Media Star and YouTuber)

Birthday: March 19, 1988 (Pisces)

Born In: California

Tiffany Garcia aka iHasCupquake is one of the most loved YouTubers, who brings to plate everything from gaming sessions to tasting exotic international candies. Her channel is one that never fails to impress and would have you glued to her amazing on-screen presence for hours! She is known for videos like ‘Dino Killer Minecraft Animated Short’ that will excite the little nerd in you, to videos like ‘How I dye my hair purple’ that will send your beauty cells into overdrive! And somehow, Tiffany has proved just how versatile and fun she can be by introducing two bonus channels- TiffyQuake’ and ‘ToyBoxCollectibles’. With the kind of flawlessness that Miss Tiffany and her channels blow our minds with, there is no ounce of doubt that her ‘YouTube’ journey is going to take some major high roads! This is your cue- if you’ve never witnessed her channels- to go on and immerse in her DIYs and artsy goodness, and hail her as one of the best YouTubers!

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Tiffany Michelle Garcia

Age: 36 Years, 36 Year Old Females


Spouse/Ex-: Mario Herrera

siblings: Anthony Garcia

Born Country: United States

Height: 5'3" (160 cm), 5'3" Females

U.S. State: California

Grouping of People: Minecraft Youtubers

More Facts

education: California State University

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Tiffany Garcia never knew her destiny lay on YouTube or on social media, for that matter. She had always been that loud child with high energy levels, never retreating when people tried to bring her spirits down. With this extroverted personality, Tiffany was always in the quest for the right kind of career that complemented her undying ardor- which soon came in the form of social media. When Miss Garcia freshly graduated from college, she found herself in the eye of the greatest dilemma every youngster faces-- what’s my purpose in life? If she was certain about something, it was that desk jobs made her feel unnatural about herself and she even turned down an internship at ‘Cartoon Network.’ During this tough phase, it was Tiffany’s friends who introduced her to YouTube and after a few months, she was hired to create video content for a company called ‘Machinima.’

In her videos, Tiffany was raw and authentic and didn’t seem to portray even the slightest bit of shyness on-screen. And before she could even wrap her mind around the potentiality of fame, she was bombarded with praise and appreciation from her new viewers. With the passing years, she took matters into her own hands and started a channel of her own with support and motivation from her husband and folks. Now the owner of three channels, she is surely a superstar YouTuber! Tiffany’s first channel, iHasCupquake is all about gaming adventures, DIYs, and everything under the category of artsy and creative, and is a fave to around 7 million subs! Her second channel TiffyQuake which has over 1.27 million subscribers is all about random challenges with her husband, makeup and fashion tutorials, and even collabs and vlogs. The third, ToyBoxCollectibles takes a different route, and Tiffany is seen reviewing top games and unboxing trending toys, along with her husband. Think that’s all she has? Well, think again as she has a fourth channel named ‘iHasCupquakeLIVE’ where she hosts gaming livestreams for her ever-so-eager viewers. Since we are on the subject, we should also get acquainted with her other channels such as ‘CozyCafe’ and ‘Mario and Tiffy,’ the latter of which she runs alongside her husband. Her all-deserving fame has even made her a popular name on other portals like Instagram, and Twitter. No doubt, with the kind of insane video content that her channels offer, Tiffany aka iHasCupquake is on to inspire, and looking at the kind of success she enjoys, nothing is going to bring her down!

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What Makes iHasCupquake So Special

If you browse through the iHasCupquake channel, be warned that Tiffany’s eccentricity and zest for life will rub off on you and you will quickly find yourself immersed in all the happiness that her videos offer. She never backs out from trying to change the world even in the smallest way that she can, and her videos radiate the most positive vibes that will get you through the day! She’s an animal lover and according to one of her videos, Tiffany and her husband want to adopt more cats and dogs to grow their family and they even vlog about their pets.

Beyond Fame

During Junior High, Tiffany met a boy Mario Herrera on ‘MySpace’ and soon bonded over constant chats and calls. This later bloomed into a relationship, and the pair dated for seven years until they decided on ‘forever.’ Tiffany and Mario, also a YouTuber, are now married with two cats, Link and Navi, and are currently focusing on their YouTube careers. In June 2022, the couple welcomed their first child.

Behind The Curtains

Tiffany Michelle Garcia was born on March 19, 1988, in California. There is not much we can find about her family life, except that she has an older brother, Anthony Garcia. She is married to Mario Herrera, who is also a YouTuber by the name Red. Tiffany is known and loved for her insane hair color every time she brightens up that screen with her vibrant self, and her channels are definitely a treat to watch!

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