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(American YouTuber)

Birthday: May 6, 1999 (Taurus)

Born In: United States

Mopi is an American ‘YouTube’ star who is known for his unique content. Also known as “CommonMopi” on ‘YouTube,’ he is famous for his challenge videos, which are cringy but fun to watch. The “YouTuber” has attempted several challenges that not many other influencers on ‘YouTube’ have tried doing. Mopi has hurt himself a lot of times while making his videos. However, he receives a lot of love and support from his fans. Mopi is also known for his collaborations with other popular “YouTubers.” He is recognized as a member of the collaborative channel '2Hype.' Mopi’s posts on ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’ have added to his impressive fan base.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: CommonMopi

Age: 25 Years, 25 Year Old Males

Rise to Fame
Mopi wanted to be a “YouTuber” since he was in middle school but did not start until junior year. His friend Jesse Riedel, who is better known for his ‘YouTube’ channel 'JesserTheLazer,' featured him in a few of his videos on his channel. Mopi liked the idea of entertaining people through ‘YouTube’ and decided to start his own channel. He launched his channel on April 8, 2016, and published the first video, 'SPINNER WHEEL BASKETBALL CHALLENGE FT JESSER AND MOBCITY' the following month. The first two videos on the channel to fetch millions of views were '2HYPE 2v2 MINI HOOP TOURNAMENT!!!' and '100 Bellyflops for 100,000 Subscribers (completed).' The latter remains one of Mopi's favorite videos. Though he thinks it was the dumbest thing for him to do, he does not regret doing it. In fact, he is glad that he made the video, as it was something no “YouTuber” had attempted before. Some of the other videos on Mopi's channel to gain millions of views are 'WHO KNOWS ME BETTER??? (2HYPE EDITION),' 'Most Humiliating Basketball Video on Youtube (Emotionally Dunked On),' 'KRISPY KREME TREASURE HUNT IN 2HYPE MANSION!!,' and 'HOW FRIENDLY IS THE FORTNITE COMMUNITY???' Currently, Mopi has over 489 thousand subscribers on his channel. Mopi posts on ‘Instagram,’ too, where he has earned more than 111 thousand followers. Mopi's previous ‘Twitter’ handle is no longer active. However, he has created another ‘Twitter’ page under the title 'Mopi 2Hype,' which has over 38 thousand followers at present.
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Mopi always had an inclination toward online content creation. After completing school, he wished to pursue game designing. He then came to know about 'The Art Institutes,' a system of non-profit schools in the US. Mopi was ready to join the institute, but destiny took him to ‘YouTube’ instead. However, 'The Art Institutes' is now one of the sponsors of his channel. After Mopi decided to venture into vlogging, he started looking for ideas. Back then, he would watch Criken a lot. Criken is a ‘YouTube’ gamer known for his funny gaming montages. Even the name of the channel, 'Mopi,' is inspired by one of the videos made by Criken. Mopi liked the name, which was originally the name of a gaming character, and hence chose it as his online pseudonym.
Mopi later joined the group '2Hype’ that had gameplay video ‘YouTube’ stars living together in a house in Yorba Linda, California. Mopi's “YouTuber” friend Jesse (the two have later collaborated in several videos) lived with three of his fellow “YouTubers” back then. When they moved to a new house, they added Mopi to their group and formed '2Hype.' Mopi is keen on collaborating with Ian Carter, better known as “iDubbbz,” and his all-time favorite “YouTuber” Criken.
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Family & Personal Life
Mopi was born on May 6, 1999, in the US. He grew up with his brother.
He is an avid basketball fan and his favorite ‘NBA’ team is the 'Los Angeles Clippers.' He enjoys watching the Japanese manga series 'Naruto.' Mopi loves collecting hoodies and now owns a huge collection.

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