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Birthday: March 7, 1996 (Pisces)

Born In: Canada

Austin Pamajewon is a Canadian-born American professional gamer. Also known as “Pamaj,” he has gained prominence as an expert 'Call of Duty' player. Austin began his gaming career by posting gameplay videos on his 'YouTube' channel and later represented two of the most popular e-sports organizations in the world, 'FaZe Clan' and 'OpTic Gaming.' He first joined 'FaZe Clan' and then joined its rival organization, 'OpTic.' As an official representative of 'OpTic,' Austin grew as a gamer and made a name for himself in the 'Let’s Play Community.' He is known for creating entertaining and informative gaming videos for 'Call of Duty' and 'Fortnite' games. Unfortunately, Austin left 'OpTic' in 2018 and rejoined 'FaZe Clan.' Austin is originally from the Shawanaga First Nation, located close to Parry Sound, Ontario, and has Anishinaabe roots. Proud of his indigenous origin, Austin has used elements from his community in his brand logo.

Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In March

Also Known As: Austin Pamaj

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Males

Born Country: Canada

Austin was in high school when he decided to showcase his gaming talent on 'YouTube.' Soon, with the help of his older brother, Austin convinced his mother to buy him a device to edit his game videos. His mother was skeptical about Austin’s choice of career.
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Nevertheless, Austin finally received the device and started recording his gameplay videos, also adding commentaries to them. When he stocked a considerable number of gameplay videos, Austin launched his 'YouTube' channel and uploaded his edited videos. His channel, 'FaZe Pamaj' (formerly 'PuR3Pamaj'), began with an introductory video posted on October 3, 2010.
Over time, Austin improved his editing skills remarkably. This helped him create better gaming content. This had a significant impact on his 'YouTube' subscription base, and by the time he graduated high school, his channel had earned a million subscribers. Austin’s main gaming channel primarily hosts 'Call of Duty' (a first-person shooter video-game franchise) games. In 2014, Austin launched his vlog channel. However, he is not too active on this channel, as he mostly focuses on his gaming channel. Austin's second 'YouTube' channel primarily hosts his older videos from 'FaZe Clan' and 'OpTic Gaming.' Most of these videos are related to 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' and 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.' The second channel has a vlog series titled 'Road to Commander,' which is one of the most-viewed segments on the channel.
Austin’s primary gaming channel has earned over 3 million subscribers. His 'Twitter' posts have earned him over a million followers on the platform, and he has over 705 thousand 'Instagram' followers. Austin also live-streams his gameplay videos on 'Twitch,' where he has garnered over 228 thousand followers.
In the initial days of his career, Austin had joined 'FaZe Clan,' an American e-sports organization that competes in various video game tournaments. He left the clan in 2013. On September 23, 2013, Austin released a video titled 'Why I Left FaZe' on his 'YouTube' channel, explaining the reason for his exit from 'FaZe Clan.' He then joined 'OpTic Gaming,' one of 'FaZe Clan’s rivals.
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OpTic Gaming
Austin’s remarkable growth in the gaming arena caught the attention of 'OpTic Gaming,' a professional American e-sports organization. He primarily played 'Call of Duty' as an 'OpTic' gamer. Over time, Austin made his mark in the 'Let’s Play Community,' a 'YouTube' channel dedicated to some of the most skilled first-person players in the business.
By November 2015, Austin had established himself in 'OpTic.' The organization also regarded him as their brand and hence provided him a room in a Chicago mansion named the ‘OpTic Scuf House,’ which Austin shared with other 'OpTic' gamers. Additionally, Austin received a hefty amount from 'YouTube' for every thousand views.
Austin eventually began earning an impressive amount from his gaming career. His mother, who initially doubted her son’s choice of career, later became his biggest supporter.
Austin was made an official representative of 'OpTic.' In 2016, he drove from Anaheim to Las Vegas to promote 'Turtle Wax,' one of the sponsors of 'OpTic Gaming.' However, he soon developed trust issues with the organization. While in Chicago, he missed his family, who lived in northern Ontario. These factors eventually led to Austin’s departure from 'OpTic.'
Departure from OpTic
On October 10, 2018, Austin posted a video titled 'Why I Left OpTic Gaming' on his 'YouTube' channel. Through the video, he explained the reasons behind his departure and his decision to join 'FaZe Clan' again.
Shortly after the announcement, 'OpTic Gaming’s CEO, Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez, released a podcast episode on his 'The Eavesdrop Podcast,' in which he discussed Austin’s sudden decision.
Austin largely blamed the lack of commitment and the unprofessional attitude of 'Infinite Esports,' 'OpTic Gaming's parent company, for his decision. He revealed that the organization had made false promises regarding his shift to new apartments dedicated to streaming and producing content. 'Infinite’s unethical intervention in 'OpTic's operations led to a lot of mismanagement, which demotivated many 'OpTic' gamers. One such unprofessional decision made by 'Infinite' was their decision to drop the 'OpTic Gaming Halo' roster just a week before the 'World Championships.' Unable to sustain in such a negative environment, Austin finally left the organization.
Another major factor behind his decision was that he wanted to be close to his family, and that would not have been possible had he continued with 'OpTic.' Hence, he joined 'Faze Clan.'
Re-Joining FaZe Clan
Shortly after Austin’s declaration of his exit from 'OpTic Gaming,' on October 17, he posted a "tweet" announcing his entry in the 'FaZe Clan.'
Interestingly, 'FaZe Clan' announced about their new member just 2 minutes before Austin himself declared his decision to join the community. The video that 'FaZe Clan' released also included a tour of the house of the 'Raptors GC NBA 2K League' team that was allotted to the members of 'FaZe' for the winter.
Family & Personal Life
Austin was born on March 7, 1996, in Canada. His real name is Austin Pamajewon, although he also goes by the name “Austin Pamaj.” Austin currently lives in Schaumburg, Illinois, US.
Austin is deeply attached to his roots. He has maintained a strong bond with his family that still lives in the Shawanaga First Nation (an Anishinaabe First Nation band government in central Ontario, near Nobel) and the Wasauksing First Nation. Both of these areas are near Parry Sound, a town in Ontario, Canada. He takes pride in his Anishinaabe heritage. The Anishinaabe is a group of culturally related indigenous people in what is now known as Canada and the United States. Austin’s native name was given to him by his grandmother. It means the “Northern Lights.” Austin later added the Northern Lights design to his 'YouTube' channel logo as a gesture to showcase his pride in being part of the Anishinaabe community. The logo and brand colors of his 'YouTube' channel represent also represent his great-grandmother, a traditional elder from his community. However, Austin has never explained how his brand logo reflects his heritage.
Austin is an ardent animal lover and has two dogs: Daisy and Princess Leia.

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