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GoodGuyFitz (Cameron) is a ‘YouTube’ gamer from New Zealand, who is also known as “Fitz.” Check out this biography to know about his personal life, family, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: September 7, 1996

Nationality: New Zealander

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Virgo

Also Known As: Cameron

Born in: New Zealand

Famous as: YouTube Gamer

Height: 6'5" (196 cm), 6'5" Males

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GoodGuyFitz is a 'YouTube' gamer from New Zealand. He is primarily known for his entertaining gaming content for popular games such as 'Fortnite,' 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,' and 'PUBG.' Also known as “Fitz,” GoodGuyFitz owns two 'YouTube' channels. His primary channel hosts gameplay videos with his funny commentaries. After a period of struggle, he finally rose to prominence after he began collaborating with popular gamers. His second channel offers deleted footages, bloopers, and other unseen footages. GoodGuyFitz is now regarded as one of the fastest-growing “YouTubers." Both his channels have millions of “views” and subscribers. GoodGuyFitz co-hosts 'The Misfits Podcast.' He also live-streams on 'Twitch.'

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Birth & Early Life
  • GoodGuyFitz was born on September 17, 1996, in New Zealand. His real name is Cameron. He started his 'YouTube' journey after completing high school. He had enough free time before his university session began. Thus, he thought of giving 'YouTube' a try. GoodGuyFitz worked at a restaurant back then. The job earned him enough to pay his bills. However, he did not like his job.
  • GoodGuyFitz had no idea about which subjects to choose for his university session. Although he ended up selecting arts, he soon lost interest in the course and dropped out after a year. In one of his 'YouTube' videos, he has mentioned that he had dropped out not because he wanted to pursue 'YouTube,' but because he had no interest in studies. However, he was glad that he had become a "YouTuber" and had started earning enough to sustain.
  • Much before GoodGuyFitz started his 'YouTube' career, he would follow 'YouTube' channels, which later inspired him. Two of his favorite channels were 'Smosh' and 'Toby on the Tele.' Additionally, GoodGuyFitz watched 'Pewdiepie' and was a huge 'The Yogcast' fan. However, he eventually developed an interest in other genres. In his teens, GoodGuyFitz played 'Minecraft' games a lot.
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Rise on Social Media
  • GoodGuyFitz began his first 'YouTube' channel on January 28, 2014. He is also known as “Fitz,” which is now the title of his primary channel.
  • GoodGuyFitz rose to fame on the gaming platform as a commentator. He primarily creates gaming content for popular games such as 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,' 'DayZ,' 'H1Z1,' and 'Battlefield.' He has recently started making videos on the games 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' (PUBG) and 'Fortnite.' His game montages usually contain funny moments from the game.
  • GoodGuyFitz did not receive overwhelming response instantly. Some of his initial videos have few "views." In his initial days, GoodGuyFitz only created simple gameplay videos. He then decided to collaborate with popular 'YouTube' gamers who had millions of subscribers on their channels. GoodGuyFitz also started adding jokes and funny moments to his montages.
  • The move turned out to be profitable and helped GoodGuyFitz gain more subscribers on his channel. The first video on his channel to hit over a million "views" was ‘AUSSIE MATCHMAKING BANTER 2 (CS: GO Funny Moments).’ GoodGuyFitz is now known for his remarkable editing skills and his humor that make his videos fun to watch. However, his content cannot be termed child-friendly.
  • GoodGuyFitz’s 'YouTube' channel now has garnered millions of "views." The videos 'FORTNITE 18+ EDITION' and 'WHEN GIRLS PLAY CS: GO 2' both have over 12 million "views," the highest on the channel. The channel now has over 4.5 million subscribers.
  • On June 27, 2018, GoodGuyFitz launched his second 'YouTube' channel, 'Also Fitz.' The channel is dedicated entirely to deleted scenes, live-stream highlights, and extra footage that one would not find anywhere else. This channel, too, has gained over a million subscribers.
  • GoodGutFitz is the co-host of the 'The Misfits Podcast.' He has collaborated with popular "YouTubers" such as SwaggerSouls, Jameskii, SMii7Y, Mini Ladd, Zuckles, Grizzy, McCreamy (also known as Ainsley), JohnontheRadio, Kryoz, RaccoonEggs, iNoToRiOuS, and Blarg. Of these, John and SwaggerSouls (Eric) are GoodGuyFitz’s friends.
  • GoodGuyFitz live-streams on 'Twitch' and has over 267 thousand followers on the platform. He also has an 'Instagram' account, where his posts have earned him more than 524 thousand followers. GoodGuyFitz has over 394 thousand 'Twitter' followers and owns a merchandise line on the website ''

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Last Updated : February 01, 2019

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