Find out more about top YouTube singers, including Austin Mahone, Brianna Leah, Carissa Adee, Dodie Clark and Jess Greenberg.

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Today, one of the best platforms to showcase your talent on is YouTube. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many aspiring singers hoping to make it big in the entertainment world are taking to it in large numbers. Sophia Grace (and her cousin Rosie) both garnered mainstream attention thanks to the videos their parents posted on YouTube! When one of their videos went viral and caught the attention of none other than Ellen DeGeneres, the young girls were catapulted to international online fame! Justin Bieber might be a global sensation today, but are you aware of the fact that he got his start only through YouTube? Same was the case with Shawn Mendes! While Rebecca Black’s initial videos on YouTube received much criticism, it didn’t deter the girl who continued posting videos anyway. And things soon took a turn for the better and today she is a well-recognized singer with her own record label! Greyson Chance, Austin Mahone, and Cody Simpson are a few others who began their music career by posting their performances on YouTube. Now you’d agree that YouTube is indeed a stepping stone for aspiring singers. Check out this section to know more about top YouTube singers.