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All about the American YouTube star and gamer, Faze Apex (Yousef); his age, birthday, net worth, girlfriends, family life and some fun facts.

Quick Facts

Birthday: June 20, 1996

Nationality: American

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Gemini

Also Known As: Yousef

Born in: California

Famous as: YouTube Star, Gamer

Height: 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males

U.S. State: California

Popularity Index
Gamers #41 Social Media Stars #255 YouTubers #625
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Faze Apex is known widely as the co-founder / co-owner of the ‘Faze Clan.’ Known to keep his identity a secret, Faze Apex has helped the “pioneers of gaming”—as the Faze Clan calls itself—to 4.3 million subscribers with over a billion views on all social networking sites. With his montages, gameplays, commentaries and tournaments, Apex is not just a league game player, but a role model for many young aspiring gamers and YouTubers. He moved into the Faze House in 2014 and since then there has been no looking back for him. He has over 4 million subscribers on his own YouTube channel ‘bananafone34’ as well.From gaming collaborations to sports, from vlogs to pranks, Apex is badass. He is also followed on other social media sites by his devoted fans.On Instagram he has 1.5 million fans and on Twitter he has 1.57 million followers. His official Facebook page has harnessed over a 100K fans.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Faze Apex began watching YouTube videos when he was in school. He used to love gaming as well and decided to upload videos of gameplays during high school. He made his first video in 2008. He routinely played ‘Call of Duty’ and went by the username Atrocity HD.With his mastery of the game, he used to create great videos. He got to know the ‘Call of Duty’ sniping community along the way. In 2010, Thomas Oliveira formed the Faze Clan along with Faze Resistance and Faze Housecat. They made trick shot videos for ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.’Faze Apex always wanted to join a professional gaming clan, and when the founders of the Faze Clan liked his content and asked him to join the Faze Clan, he was more than happy to take up the opportunity! That was the turning point in his life. He took it up without any hesitation and became the co-owner of the Faze Clan. Today, along with his other team members he owns his own clothingline, and is busy with tours. In 2014 he moved in with the rest of the clan into the Faze house to make business collaborations easier.
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What Makes Faze Apex So Special
  • Faze Apex is hot and sexy. Even though in jest he is often called short, he is of average height in real life. He works ridiculously hard, and is one of the crew members to have the most number of female subscribers. Owing to his rugged looks and his neatly kept beard, he portrays a macho personality. Though his looks make him one that can’t be messed with, he is very warm and caring. Faze Apex has helped one of his fans who was only 12 to do a presentation on him; the boy repeatedly appeared in his videos. The young lad went on to get 100K subscribers with Faze Apex’s help! He has been inspirational to him, and the youngster now makes his own videos and has reached the 300K mark, constantly receiving support from Faze Apex.
Beyond Fame
  • Faze Apex likes to keep his life a secret; he hardly opens up about his personal life. What we do know is that he loves playing sports and is also a video game freak. Working out is his hobby. Since he spends most of the time with the Faze Clan, together the team hangs out and visit places. Faze is awfully fond of his mother, and loves the food she cooks.
Behind the Curtains
  • Faze Apex adores his nephew and has unofficially named him Faze baby. His nephew has even visited the Faze House.

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Last Updated : February 26, 2018
Faze Apex

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