Find out more about top fitness YouTubers & vloggers, including Christian Guzman, Lydia Johnson, Lyzabeth Lopez, Natalie Uhling and Heidi Somers.

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How often do we resolve to start working out and lose all that excess fat but never get around to actually doing it? It’s easy to make resolutions but so tough to follow through! That is why we have compiled a list of fitness YouTubers you should follow for some much needed inspiration! Bart Kwan is one such YouTuber whose videos are not only full of meaningful information but are also fun to watch! He combines hilarious antics with his exercises to motivate you to get off the coach and hit the gym. If your interest is in powerlifting and bodybuilding, then Bryce Lewis is the man to follow. He provides good tips on diet, nutrition, and training for the perfect body. All you health-conscious ladies out there please head on to the channel of Robin Gallant. She will tell you how to lose excess weight and achieve that perfectly toned body. Amanda Bucci, Emily Duncan, and Heidi Somers are equally awesome fitness YouTubers for the women to follow. Those of you looking for something more intense, subscribe to Whitney Simmons’ channel to learn everything about muscle-building exercises for women. Check out this section to know more about top fitness YouTubers.