Writers Whose First Name Starts With N

Discover the famous writers whose name starts with N. The list includes people like Nigella Lawson, Niccolò Machiavelli, Neil Gaiman, Nora Ephron, Nathaniel Hawthorne and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. This list of writers whose names start with N includes people from United States, England, India, Canada and other countries all over the world.

Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson
06 January 1960, British
Television Personality, Gourmet, Food Writer
Niccolò MachiavelliNiccolò Machiavelli
03 May 1469, Italian
Political Philosopher

Neil GaimanNeil Gaiman
10 November 1960, British

Nora EphronNora Ephron
19 May 1941, American
Screenwriter, Producer, Director

Nathaniel HawthorneNathaniel Hawthorne
04 July 1804, American
American Novelist

Nicholas SparksNicholas Sparks
31 December 1965, American
Norman MailerNorman Mailer
31 January 1923, American
Novelist, Journalist and Screen Writer

Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill
26 October 1883, American
Writer of personal-success literature

Noah BaumbachNoah Baumbach
03 September 1969, American
Neil SimonNeil Simon
04 July 1927, American
Playwright & Screenwriter

Nat FaxonNat Faxon
11 October 1975, American
Naomi KleinNaomi Klein
08 May 1970, Canadian

Nancy KwanNancy Kwan
19 May 1939, Hong Konger, American

Neal CassadyNeal Cassady
08 February 1926, American

Nick HornbyNick Hornby
17 April 1957, British
Author & Editor

Naguib Mahfouz Naguib Mahfouz
11 December 1911, Egyptian
vNikos Kazantzakis
18 February 1883, Greek
Philosopher and Writer

Nadine GordimerNadine Gordimer
20 November 1923, South African
Writer, Political Activist

Neale Donald WalschNeale Donald Walsch
10 September 1943, American
Spiritual Author

02 May 1772, German
Philosopher & Poet
Norman ThomasNorman Thomas
20 November 1884, American

Nizar QabbaniNizar Qabbani
21 March 1923, Syrian
Norman CousinsNorman Cousins
24 June 1915, American
Journalist & Author

Nirad C. ChaudhuriNirad C. Chaudhuri
23 November 1897, Indian
Indian writer

Nuruddin FarahNuruddin Farah
24 November 1945, Somalian
Norman AngellNorman Angell
26 December 1872, British
British Journalist & Author

Neville Cardus Neville Cardus
03 April 1888, British
Writer & Critic
Norman LearNorman Lear
27 July 1922, American
American television writer

Nicolle WallaceNicolle Wallace
04 February 1972, American
Political Commentator

Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich
17 June 1943, American
Politician, Novelist, Writer
Nassim Nicholas TalebNassim Nicholas Taleb
1960 AD, Lebanese, American

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Nick MasonNick Mason
27 January 1944, British
Nick ClooneyNick Clooney
13 January 1934, American
Journalist, Television presenter, Writer

N. K. JemisinN. K. Jemisin
19 September 1972, American

Nadiya HussainNadiya Hussain
25 December 1984, British
Television personality

Nigel SlaterNigel Slater
09 April 1958, British
Food Writer
Norma Leah McCorveyNorma McCorvey
22 September 1947, American
Nikolai GogolNikolai Gogol
31 March 1809, Russian

Niall FergusonNiall Ferguson
18 April 1964, British
Writer, Economic historian, Historian, University

Neal StephensonNeal Stephenson
31 October 1959, American

Nora RobertsNora Roberts
10 October 1950, American
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Science fiction
Nandana SenNandana Sen
19 August 1967, Indian

Naomi Foner GyllenhaalNaomi Foner Gyllenhaal
15 March 1946, American
screenwriter, film producer

Nicholas KristofNicholas Kristof
27 April 1959, American

Noah HawleyNoah Hawley
1967 AD, American

Nik KershawNik Kershaw
01 March 1958, British
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Singer, Poet
Nicholas PileggiNicholas Pileggi
22 February 1933, American
Writer, Screenwriter, Film producer, Journalist

Neil StraussNeil Strauss
09 March 1969, American
Naomi WolfNaomi Wolf
12 November 1962, American
Political writer

Nikki GiovanniNikki Giovanni
07 June 1943, American
Poet, Writer

Nick SimmonsNick Simmons
22 January 1989, American
Nestor MakhnoNestor Makhno
07 November 1888, Ukrainian

Nick CastleNick Castle
21 September 1947, American
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Writer, Film
Norman FinkelsteinNorman Finkelstein
08 December 1953, American
Political Scientist

Nicholas RoerichNicholas Roerich
09 October 1874, Russian
Philosopher, Painter, Choreographer, Writer,

Nick JoaquinNick Joaquin
04 May 1917, Filipino
Writer, Journalist

Nancy MitfordNancy Mitford
28 November 1904, British

Nic PizzolattoNic Pizzolatto
19 April 1975, American
Norman MacleanNorman Maclean
23 December 1902, American
Novelist, Journalist, Writer, University teacher

Nissim EzekielNissim Ezekiel
14 December 1924, Indian

Nabaneeta Dev SenNabaneeta Dev Sen
13 January 1938, Indian
Author, Writer

Nelson DeMilleNelson DeMille
23 August 1943, American
Writer, Novelist
Neal ShustermanNeal Shusterman
12 November 1962, American

Nadine LabakiNadine Labaki
18 February 1974, Lebanese
Actor, Film director, Artist, Screenwriter
Nevil ShuteNevil Shute
17 January 1899, British

Nnedi OkoraforNnedi Okorafor
08 April 1974, American

Neil PostmanNeil Postman
08 March 1931, American
Nicholas StollerNicholas Stoller
19 March 1976, British, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Writer

Nicholas KazanNicholas Kazan
30 November 1945, American
screenwriter, film director, film producer
Neil LaButeNeil LaBute
19 March 1963, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Writer

Ned VizziniNed Vizzini
04 April 1981, American
Writer, Novelist

N. Scott MomadayN. Scott Momaday
27 February 1934, American
Na. MuthukumarNa. Muthukumar
12 July 1975, Indian

Nicholas MosleyNicholas Mosley
25 June 1923, British
Nizami GanjaviNizami Ganjavi
1141 AD, Azerbaijani, Iranian
poet, writer

Northrop FryeNorthrop Frye
14 July 1912, Canadian
Writer, Philosopher, Educationist, Cleric, Poet,

Nikolai TolstoyNikolai Tolstoy
23 June 1935, British
Historian, Non-fiction writer

Ngaio MarshNgaio Marsh
23 April 1895, New Zealander
Writer, Theatre director, Novelist,
Nayantara SahgalNayantara Sahgal
10 May 1927, Indian
Journalist, Writer
Nur Muhammad TarakiNur Muhammad Taraki
15 July 1917, Afghan
Politician, Poet, Writer, Journalist

Ntozake ShangeNtozake Shange
18 October 1948, American

Nikolai LeskovNikolai Leskov
16 February 1831, Russian

Nick FlynnNick Flynn
26 January 1960, American
Writer, Screenwriter
Nicolas MalebrancheNicolas Malebranche
06 August 1638, French
Philosopher, Writer, Theologian

Nizam al-MulkNizam al-Mulk
10 April 1018, Iranian, Kosovar
scientist, writer

Nâzım HikmetNâzım Hikmet
15 January 1902, Greek, Russian

Nellie McClungNellie McClung
20 October 1873, Canadian
Novelist, Writer, Politician, Human rights

Nick LoveNick Love
24 December 1969, British
Writer, Screenwriter, Film director
Natalia PushkinaNatalia Pushkina
27 August 1812, Russian
Russian poet

Nawal El SaadawiNawal El Saadawi
27 October 1931, Egyptian
Neal BledsoeNeal Bledsoe
26 March 1981, Canadian, American

Nathanael WestNathanael West
17 October 1903, American
Natalie Clifford BarneyNatalie Clifford Barney
31 October 1876, American
Natan SharanskyNatan Sharansky
20 January 1948, Israeli
Politician, Writer, Mathematician, Human rights