Nicole Brown Simpson Biography

Nicole Brown Simpson, the wife of the American football star O. J. Simpson, hit the headlines when she was found murdered at her home in 1994. Read this biography to know about her childhood, birthday, family life and timeline.

Quick Facts

Birthday: May 19, 1959

Nationality: American, German

Famous: Family Members American Women

Died At Age: 35

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born Country: Germany

Born in: Frankfurt

Famous as: Murdered Wife of O. J. Simpson

Height: 1.65 m

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Spouse/Ex-: O. J. Simpson

father: Louis Hezekiel Brown

mother: Juditha Anne Brown

siblings: Denise Brown, Dominique Brown, Margit Carr, Rolf Baur, Tanya Brown, Tracy Brown, Wendy Kirk

children: Justin Ryan Simpson, Sydney Brooke Simpson

Died on: June 12, 1994

place of death: Brentwood

Cause of Death: Assassination

More Facts

education: Rancho Alamitos High School, Dana Hills High School

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Nicole Brown Simpson was the wife of the American football star O. J. Simpson. Gifted with natural beauty, Nicole won the homecoming queen’s crown at her high school and shortly after that, she started working as a waitress at an upscale club. Her stint as a waitress led to her meeting with O. J. Simpson, a football idol and NFL star. The duo started courting each other immediately and eventually married in 1985. However, their marriage was characterized by public spats, violence and unending fights. Simpson was said to dominate Nicole in every aspect of her life. The volatile relationship carried on for many years before Nicole decided to file for divorce in 1992. Despite many attempts at reconciliation, the couple couldn’t get along. On 13 June 1994, Nicole was found murdered along with her friend Ron Goldman outside her home in Los Angeles. The primary suspect in the brutal murders was O.J. who was acquitted in one of the most covered criminal trials in 1995. However, in 1997, upon the appeal of Nicole’s family, the trial was reopened and O.J. was found responsible for the deaths. The court ordered him to pay $33.5 million to the victims’ families in damages. While Nicole’s life ended abruptly, her murderer remains a convicted felon who has been granted parole.

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Early Years
  • Nicole Brown Simpson was born on May 19, 1959 in Frankfurt, Germany, to Juditha Brown and Louis Brown. Her mother was German and her father was American. Her parents had met each other when Louis was stationed as a correspondent in Germany. The family initially lived in Frankfurt and later moved to the United Sates, choosing to settle in California. Nicole had three siblings and led a happy life as a teen in California. She was often seen playing at the beach. She was a student of Rancho Alamitos High School and later enrolled in Dana Hills High School where she became the homecoming princess in her senior year. She decided to start working when she turned 18 and took up employment as a waitress at The Daisy, an elite Beverly Hills club. She met her future husband O. J. Simpson here.
  • Despite O.J. being a famous footballer, Nicole did not recognize him and her manager introduced her to him. Aside from waitressing, Nicole’s interest in modeling and photography led her to enroll in Saddleback College, but she was rarely seen there as she had started seeing O. J. Simpson. At this point, O. J.’s popularity as a sport star was on the decline, and his marriage to Marguerite Whitley was rocky. Nicole and O. J. fell in love with each other quickly and started dating. She eventually dropped out of college and moved in with him as Simpson’s career demanded travel and he wanted her besides him. Many friends of the couple reported that they had begun fighting early in their relationship and went through long periods of violence.
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Marriage to O. J. Simpson
  • O. J. divorced his wife in 1979. In 1985, he married Nicole at his home in Los Angeles. She soon gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Sydney. Her neighbors and friends were often quoted by the media as saying that Nicole was a devoted mother who wanted to spend all her time with her daughter. Three years later, the couple had a son, Justin. Her happy motherhood stood in stark contrast to her marriage. O. J. was an abusive husband who constantly beat up his wife. Several friends recollected Nicole with bruises all over her body. His violent attacks never stopped, and he would often threaten to kill her. However, they eventually managed to get back together despite the bitter fights. Many friends termed their relationship ‘volatile’ and ‘obsessive’ as they constantly fought but didn’t quit the relationship. She decide to call it quits in 1992 and filed for a divorce.
  • On 13 June 1994, Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were found dead outside her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. It was later reported that she had been stabbed repeatedly in her head and had struggle marks on her hands. The police discovered the victims two hours after their murders. The detectives went to visit O. J. Simpson to inform him about his ex-wife’s death, but they found him missing. They also found a pair of bloody gloves, which aroused suspicion. With probable cause and sufficient evidence pointing toward O.J., it was the start of the highly publicized trial against O. J. Simpson as the murderer. He was let free in the trial. Nicole’s family however filed a civil suit against him. In 1997, the court awarded $33.5 million to the victims’ families as compensatory damages and pronounce O.J. ‘responsible’ for the murders.

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