Musicians Whose First Name Starts With D

Discover the famous musicians whose name starts with D. The list includes people like David Bowie, DJ Khaled, Demi Lovato, David Foster, Dave Grohl and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. This list of musicians whose names start with D includes people from United States, England, Canada, Australia and other countries all over the world.

David BowieDavid Bowie
08 January 1947, British
DJ KhaledDJ Khaled
26 November 1975, American
Disc Jockey, Record Producer, YouTuber

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato
20 August 1992, American
Singer, Songwriter, Actress

David FosterDavid Foster
01 November 1949, Canadian

Dave GrohlDave Grohl
14 January 1969, American

22 December 1991, American
Don JohnsonDon Johnson
15 December 1949, American
Actor, Producer, Singer, Songwriter

10 November 1978, American
Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer

Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman
29 May 1953, American

Dave NavarroDave Navarro
07 June 1967, American
David McCallumDavid McCallum
19 September 1933, British, American, Scottish

David ByrneDavid Byrne
14 May 1952, American, Scottish
American-Scottish musician
Dylan MinnetteDylan Minnette
29 December 1996, American

Darius RuckerDarius Rucker
13 May 1966, American
Singer, Guitarist

Drake BellDrake Bell
27 June 1986, American
Actor, Singer-songwriter
Dave MatthewsDave Matthews
09 January 1967, American, South African
Lead vocalist and guitarist for the Dave Matthews

David GuettaDavid Guetta
07 November 1967, French
Disc Jockey
Deryck WhibleyDeryck Whibley
21 March 1980, Canadian

05 January 1981, Canadian

Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington
29 April 1899, American
Composer, Pianist and Bandleader
Daniel Padilla Daniel Padilla
26 April 1995, Filipino
Actor, Recording Artist

Dexter HollandDexter Holland
29 December 1965, American
Devon WerkheiserDevon Werkheiser
08 March 1991, American

Django ReinhardtDjango Reinhardt
23 January 1910, French

Dennis WeaverDennis Weaver
04 June 1924, American

Dee Dee RamoneDee Dee Ramone
18 September 1951, American
Diana KrallDiana Krall
16 November 1964, Canadian
Jazz Pianist
Dizzy GillespieDizzy Gillespie
21 October 1917, American

Dan AvidanDan Avidan
14 March 1979, American

Dallon WeekesDallon Weekes
04 May 1981, American

DJ ScrewDJ Screw
20 July 1971, American
Hip-hop DJ
Donnie Van ZantDonnie Van Zant
11 June 1952, American
Vocalist & Music Composer

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Dej LoafDej Loaf
08 April 1991, American

Daniel HandlerDaniel Handler
28 February 1970, American

Danny WorsnopDanny Worsnop
04 September 1990, British

Daniel PlatzmanDaniel Platzman
28 September 1986, American
Declan McKennaDeclan McKenna
24 December 1998, British

Domenico ScarlattiDomenico Scarlatti
26 October 1685, Italian
Musical Composer
Devin RatrayDevin Ratray
11 January 1977, American

Dan ReynoldsDan Reynolds
14 July 1987, American

Denis StoffDenis Stoff
04 May 1992, Ukrainian
Danny FujikawaDanny Fujikawa
 , American

Dr. MiamiDr. Miami
16 April 1972, American
Plastic Surgeon
Dieterich BuxtehudeDieterich Buxtehude
24 June 1637, German, Danish
Musical Composer and Organist

DJ FreshDJ Fresh
11 April 1977, British
DJ, Musician, Record Producer

Dmitry ShostakovichDmitry Shostakovich
25 September 1906, Russian

Derek LuhDerek Luh
24 June 1992, American
Hip-Hop Singer

Dillon RuppDillon Rupp
26 March 1987, American
Music Artist, DJ
David RoseDavid Rose
15 June 1910, American

Drew ChadwickDrew Chadwick
01 October 1992, American

Danny O DonoghueDanny O Donoghue
03 October 1979, Irish

David MustaineDavid Mustaine
13 September 1961, American
American musician
Dave GalafassiDave Galafassi
1978 AD, Australian

21 November 1992, Nigerian
DJ DiddyDJ Diddy
28 July 1997, American

Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen
30 September 1996, American
Singer, Guitarist

Debby RyanDebby Ryan
13 May 1993, American
Singer, Child actor, Singer-songwriter, Film
David CassidyDavid Cassidy
12 April 1950, American
Actor, Singer, Musician, Singer-songwriter,

Dennis WilsonDennis Wilson
04 December 1944, American
Record producer, Singer, Drummer, Surfer, Composer
Don HenleyDon Henley
22 July 1947, American
Singer, Composer, Musician, Drummer, Pianist,

David GilmourDavid Gilmour
06 March 1946, British
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter,

Dana WhiteDana White
28 July 1969, American
Dimebag DarrellDimebag Darrell
20 August 1966, American
Guitarist, Composer, Musician

Dave MustaineDave Mustaine
13 September 1961, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer,
David Lee RothDavid Lee Roth
10 October 1954, American
Singer, Musician, Record producer, Radio

Desi Arnaz Jr.Desi Arnaz Jr.
19 January 1953, American

Danny CareyDanny Carey
10 May 1961, American
Drummer, Jazz musician

Dusty SpringfieldDusty Springfield
16 April 1939, British
Singer, Artist, Cleric
Damon DashDamon Dash
03 May 1971, American
Actor, Film producer, Nightclub owner, Film actor,
Don FelderDon Felder
21 September 1947, American

Damon AlbarnDamon Albarn
23 March 1968, British
Guitarist, Singer, Musician, Composer, Songwriter

Dionne WarwickDionne Warwick
12 December 1940, American
Singer, Actor, Television presenter, Musician

Debbie GibsonDebbie Gibson
31 August 1970, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer, Film
Deborah FalconerDeborah Falconer
13 August 1965, American

Dhani HarrisonDhani Harrison
01 August 1978, British
Singer, Guitarist, Composer, Pianist, Model

David GeffenDavid Geffen
21 February 1943, American
Film producer, Talent agent, Businessperson,

10 May 1946, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Composer,

Dierks BentleyDierks Bentley
20 November 1975, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Songwriter,
Doyle Bramhall IIDoyle Bramhall II
24 December 1968, American
Musician, Singer, Guitarist

David Ogden StiersDavid Ogden Stiers
31 October 1942, American
Daryl HallDaryl Hall
11 October 1946, American

David Allan CoeDavid Allan Coe
06 September 1939, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer

Don McLeanDon McLean
02 October 1945, American
American singer-songwriter
Dmitri ShostakovichDmitri Shostakovich
24 September 1906, Russian

Damian MarleyDamian Marley
21 July 1978, Jamaican
Duane AllmanDuane Allman
20 November 1946, American
Guitarist, Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg
13 August 1951, American

DJ Jazzy JeffDJ Jazzy Jeff
22 January 1965, American
Club DJ, Disc jockey, Actor, Television actor,

Dan AuerbachDan Auerbach
14 May 1979, American
Singer, Musician, Guitarist
Duff McKaganDuff McKagan
05 February 1964, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Autobiographer,

Dr. JohnDr. John
21 November 1940, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist, Jazz musician,
Dave GahanDave Gahan
09 May 1962, British
Singer, Songwriter

Diego BonetaDiego Boneta
29 November 1990, Spanish, Mexican, American
Actor, Singer, Association football player,
Donny HathawayDonny Hathaway
01 October 1945, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Conductor, Musician,

David DraimanDavid Draiman
13 March 1973, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Dwayne WayansDwayne Wayans
20 July 1956, American
Composer, Actor, Musician, Writer