Find out more about the greatest Israelis, including Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman, Gene Simmons, Benjamin Netanyahu and Solomon.

The first name that comes to your mind at the mention of Israel might be the beautiful supermodel, Bar Rafaeli, but Israel is more than just a sea of pretty faces! Israelis are known to be intelligent, witty and astute people and that is why their nation has the highest standard of living among the countries in the Middle East. Whatever lifestyles the Israelis follow, they are definitely doing something right for this nation boasts of having one of the world’s longest life expectancies. When intelligent, hard working and long-living people live in a country they contribute not just towards the building of their own nation, but also towards the world.

Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman
(Actress, Producer, Director)

09 June 1981

Gal GadotGal Gadot

30 April 1985

Netta BarzilaiNetta Barzilai
(Singer, Looping Artist)

22 January 1993

Mary MagdaleneMary Magdalene
(Disciple of Jesus Christ)

Benjamin Netanyahu Benjamin Netanyahu
(Prime Minister of Israel)

21 October 1949


0990 BC

Saint GeorgeSaint George
(Christian martyr)

0280 AD

Gene SimmonsGene Simmons

25 August 1949

Bar RefaeliBar Refaeli
(Fashion Model, TV Host, Businesswoman)

04 June 1985

Golda MeirGolda Meir
(Former Prime Minister of Israel)

03 May 1898

David Ben-GurionDavid Ben-Gurion

16 October 1886

(Judean Prophet)

Ariel SharonAriel Sharon
(Prime Minister of Israel)

26 February 1928

Yitzhak RabinYitzhak Rabin
(5th Prime Minister of Israel)

01 March 1922

Benny HinnBenny Hinn

03 December 1952

David KahnemanDaniel Kahneman
(American-Israeli psychologist)

05 March 1934

Shimon PeresShimon Peres
(Former President of Israel)

02 August 1923

Chaim TopolChaim Topol

09 September 1935

Moshe DayanMoshe Dayan
(Israeli Military & Political Leader)

20 May 1915

Uri GellerUri Geller

20 December 1946

Menachem BeginMenachem Begin
(Former Prime Minister of Israel)

16 August 1913

Ralph BakshiRalph Bakshi
(Director of Animated Films)

29 October 1938

Reuven RivlinReuven Rivlin
(10th President of Israel)

09 September 1939

Raviv UllmanRaviv Ullman

24 January 1986

Mili AvitalMili Avital

30 March 1972

Martin BuberMartin Buber

08 February 1878

Judea PearlJudea Pearl
(Computer Scientist)

04 September 1936

Anna ZakAnna Zak
( Star, Model)

12 March 2001

Amir BlumenfeldAmir Blumenfeld
(American-Israeli Comedian)

18 January 1983

John The Baptist John The Baptist
(Jewish Preacher)

Yaron VersanoYaron Versano
(Gal Gadot’s Husband)

23 June 1975

George HabashGeorge Habash
(Founder of The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine)

02 August 1926

Meshulam RiklisMeshulam Riklis

02 December 1923

Immanuel VelikovskyImmanuel Velikovsky

10 June 1895

Abba EbanAbba Eban
(Politician and Diplomat)

02 February 1915

Dan ShechtmanDan Shechtman

24 January 1941

Ada YonathAda Yonath

22 June 1939

Lior BittonLior Bitton
(Jenna Jameson's Fiance)

Haneen ZoabiHaneen Zoabi
(Member of the Knesset)

23 May 1969

Aharon AppelfeldAharon Appelfeld

16 February 1932

A. B. YehoshuaA. B. Yehoshua
(Israeli Faulkner)

19 December 1936

Emile HabibiEmile Habibi

29 August 1922

Shahar TzuberiShahar Tzuberi
(Olympic athlete)

01 September 1986

Cyril DombCyril Domb
(Theoretical Physicist)

09 December 1920

Yotam SolomonYotam Solomon
(Fashion designer)

28 March 1987

Judas IscariotJudas Iscariot

(Abraham's son)

1910 BC

Yael GrobglasYael Grobglas
(Actor, Film actor, Model, Stage actor)

31 May 1984

Saint ChristopherSaint Christopher

0200 AD

Thomas the ApostleThomas the Apostle
(Saint, Catholic priest)

John the ApostleJohn the Apostle

0006 AD


1896 BC


0800 BC


0655 BC


0037 AD


3500 BC

Herod AntipasHerod Antipas

0020 BC


0622 BC

Omri CasspiOmri Casspi
(Basketball player)

22 June 1988

(Isaac's son)

1653 BC


0014 AD

Saint StephenSaint Stephen
(Martyr, Saint)

0005 AD

Yonatan NetanyahuYonatan Netanyahu
(Paratrooper, Officer)

13 March 1946


1064 BC

Itzhak PerlmanItzhak Perlman
(Violinist, Conductor, Professor)

31 August 1945

Baldwin IV of JerusalemBaldwin IV of Jerusalem

1161 AD

Dana InternationalDana International
(Singer, Songwriter)

02 February 1972

Alona TalAlona Tal
(Actor, Singer, Television actor)

20 October 1983

Oded FehrOded Fehr
(Stage actor, Film actor)

23 November 1970

Simon the ZealotSimon the Zealot

0001 AD

Bar PalyBar Paly
(Actor, Film actor, Model)

29 April 1985

Ehud BarakEhud Barak
(Politician, Diplomat, Officer)

12 February 1942

Ayelet ZurerAyelet Zurer
(Actor, Model, Stage actor)

28 June 1969

Saint AnneSaint Anne
(Mary's mother)

0050 BC

Israel has been considered a sacred place since the Biblical times and her population is primarily Jewish. The country has a rich cultural heritage but has unfortunately been plagued by political upheavals and turmoil over the past several centuries. Yet Israelis are resilient and bounce back to give the world their very best.  The nation is very advanced when it comes to research and technology. Six Israelis, including Dan Shechtman have won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry within a single decade! Literary geniuses like Yehuda Amichai, Nathan Alterman and Amos Oz have been born in Israel. Read on to learn more about famous Israelis.