Writers Whose First Name Starts With T

Discover the famous writers whose name starts with T. The list includes people like Tony Robbins, Thomas Jane, T. S. Eliot, Tom Clancy, Truman Capote and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. This list of writers whose names start with T includes people from United States, England, Japan, Canada and other countries all over the world.

Tony RobbinsTony Robbins
29 February 1960, American
Thomas JaneThomas Jane
22 February 1969, American

T. S. EliotT. S. Eliot
26 September 1888, American

Tom ClancyTom Clancy
12 April 1947, American

Truman CapoteTruman Capote
30 September 1924, American

Tennessee WilliamsTennessee Williams
26 March 1911, American
American playwright
Temple GrandinTemple Grandin
29 August 1947, American

Terence McKennaTerence McKenna
16 November 1946, American
Philosopher, Psychonaut, Ethnobotanist, Author

Toni MorrisonToni Morrison
18 February 1931, American
American novelist

Taya KyleTaya Kyle
04 September 1974, American
Activist, Author
Thomas PaineThomas Paine
29 January 1737, British, American
Founding Father of the United States

Thomas HardyThomas Hardy
02 June 1840, British
Novelist & Poet
Tracy LettsTracy Letts
04 July 1965, American
Actor, Screenwriter

Ted HughesTed Hughes
17 August 1930, British
Poet and Children's Writer

Paul Thomas MannThomas Mann
06 June 1875, Swiss, German
Novelist, Short Story Writer
1497 AD, Indian
Poet & Saint

Tom WolfeTom Wolfe
02 March 1931, American
American author
Tove JanssonTove Jansson
09 August 1914, Finnish

Thomas MertonThomas Merton
31 January 1915, French, Thai, American

Thomas FriedmanThomas Friedman
20 July 1953, American
Journalist & Author
Tom StoppardTom Stoppard
03 July 1937, Czech, British

Thomas CarlyleThomas Carlyle
04 December 1795, Scottish
0160 AD, Tunisian

Tim VineTim Vine
04 March 1967, British
Comedian, Actor, Writer

Thomas MooreThomas Moore
28 May 1779, Irish
Poet, Singer, Songwriter, & Entertainer

Tracy GriffithTracy Griffith
19 October 1965, American
Thomas De QuinceyThomas De Quincey
15 August 1785, British
Theodore RoethkeTheodore Roethke
25 May 1908, American
Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet

Tomas TranstromerTomas Tranströmer
15 April 1931, Swedish

Tayeb SalihTayeb Salih
12 July 1929, Sudanese

Timothy FindleyTimothy Findley
30 October 1930, Canadian
Canadian novelist
Thomas Bailey AldrichThomas Bailey Aldrich
11 November 1836, American
Poet & Novelist

Terry PratchettTerry Pratchett
28 April 1948, British
Writer, Novelist, Journalist, Screenwriter,

Till LindemannTill Lindemann
04 January 1963, German
Singer, Actor, Poet, Swimmer, Writer, Carpenter,

Terry JonesTerry Jones
01 February 1942, British
Actor, Comedian, Film director, Screenwriter,

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Tony RobinsonTony Robinson
15 August 1946, British
Television producer, Television actor, Film actor,
Thomas PynchonThomas Pynchon
08 May 1937, American
Writer, Novelist, Essayist, Science fiction writer

0460 BC, Greek
Historian, Writer
Tammy BruceTammy Bruce
20 August 1962, American
Radio personality, Author, Writer, Journalist

T. D. JakesT. D. Jakes
09 June 1957, American
Priest, Author, Writer

Theodor HerzlTheodor Herzl
02 May 1860, Hungarian
Journalist, Writer, Poet lawyer, Lawyer,
Takeshi KitanoTakeshi Kitano
18 January 1947, Japanese
Film director, Actor, Painter, Owarai tarento,

Thomas HarrisThomas Harris
11 April 1940, American
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Playwright,
Tim ArmstrongTim Armstrong
25 November 1965, American
Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Film director, Poet,

0195 BC, Tunisian

Talib KweliTalib Kweli
03 October 1975, American
Poet, Musician, Songwriter, Rapper, Singer

Terrence McNallyTerrence McNally
03 November 1938, American
playwright, screenwriter, librettist, writer

Tarek FatahTarek Fatah
20 November 1949, Pakistani
Traudl JungeTraudl Junge
16 March 1920, German
Memoirist, Painter, Secretary, Writer

Taslima NasrinTaslima Nasrin
25 August 1962, Bangladeshi
Poet, Physician, Novelist, Essayist, Writer,

Tom BergeronTom Bergeron
06 May 1955, American
Television presenter, Presenter, Writer

Terry GoodkindTerry Goodkind
01 May 1948, American
Thorstein VeblenThorstein Veblen
30 July 1857, Norwegian, American
Economist, Sociologist, Writer, University teacher

Tovah FeldshuhTovah Feldshuh
27 December 1952, American
Television actor, Film actor, Writer, Playwright,
1608 AD, Indian
poet, writer

Tom SixTom Six
29 August 1973
Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer,

Tony KushnerTony Kushner
16 July 1956, American
Playwright, Screenwriter, Writer, Music educator
Tony HoareTony Hoare
11 January 1934, British
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer, Writer,

Tom CochraneTom Cochrane
14 May 1953, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Writer
Tadamichi KuribayashiTadamichi Kuribayashi
07 July 1891, Japanese
Poet, Writer, Officer

Thomas NagelThomas Nagel
04 July 1937, American
Philosopher, University teacher, Writer

Tariq RamadanTariq Ramadan
26 August 1962, Swiss
Writer, Faculty, University teacher
Tim LaHayeTim LaHaye
27 April 1926, American
Author, Pastor

Thomas SzaszThomas Szasz
15 April 1920, Hungarian, American
Psychiatrist, Scientist, Writer, University
Tony RealiTony Reali
04 July 1978, American

Theodore DreiserTheodore Dreiser
27 August 1871, American

Thomas LigottiThomas Ligotti
09 July 1953, American

Tanikella BharaniTanikella Bharani
14 July 1956, Indian
writer, film director, actor, journalist
Timothy D. SnyderTimothy D. Snyder
18 August 1969, American
Historian, Writer, Literary critic, University
Tyler CowenTyler Cowen
21 January 1962, American
Economist, Educationist, Writer, Blogger,

Thunchaththu EzhuthachanThunchaththu Ezhuthachan
1495 AD, Indian

Taras ShevchenkoTaras Shevchenko
Ukrainian, Russian

Thomas BrowneThomas Browne
19 October 1605, British
Philosopher, Writer
Tuomas HolopainenTuomas Holopainen
25 December 1976, Finnish
Pianist, Composer, Poet, Record producer,

Tom BodettTom Bodett
23 February 1955, American
Writer, Radio personality, Children's writer

Thomas GrayThomas Gray
26 December 1716, British
Poet, Writer, Literary critic

Thomas MaloryThomas Malory
1405 AD, British

Thomas KeneallyThomas Keneally
07 October 1935, Australian
Writer, Playwright, Novelist, Actor, Author
Thom HartmannThom Hartmann
07 May 1951, American
Radio personality, Author, Journalist, Writer

Tim WintonTim Winton
04 August 1960, Australian
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Children's writer
Tristan TzaraTristan Tzara
16 April 1896, French
Art collector, Poet, Writer, Diplomat, Film

Tony SnowTony Snow
01 June 1955, American
Television presenter, Writer, Journalist

Tom PaxtonTom Paxton
31 October 1937, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Musician, Guitarist,
Thomas BernhardThomas Bernhard
09 February 1931, Austrian, Dutch
Writer, Novelist, Playwright, Screenwriter, Poet

Terence RattiganTerence Rattigan
10 June 1911, British
Playwright, Screenwriter, Writer
Thomas à KempisThomas à Kempis
1380 AD, German
theologian, Writer, philosopher

Terry McMillanTerry McMillan
18 October 1951, American
American author

Taha HusseinTaha Hussein
14 November 1889, Egyptian
linguist, historian, translator, writer, literary

Tigran PetrosianTigran Petrosian
17 June 1929, Georgian
Chess player, Writer, Journalist
Théophile GautierThéophile Gautier
31 August 1811, French
writer, journalist, playwright, literary critic,

Theodore DalrympleTheodore Dalrymple
11 October 1949, British
Journalist, Psychiatrist, Conspiracy theorist,
Toby SchmitzToby Schmitz
04 May 1977, Australian

Timothy ConigraveTimothy Conigrave
19 November 1959, Australian

Tehmina DurraniTehmina Durrani

Theo van DoesburgTheo van Doesburg
30 August 1883, Dutch
Poet, Painter, Architect, Writer, Graphic
Tony JudtTony Judt
02 January 1948, British
Historian, Professor, Non-fiction writer