People born in February are usually far from reality. They are interesting and intelligent, but are preoccupied with abstract thoughts. These people are also extremely sensitive and can be easily hurt. They are friendly by nature, but may feel isolated at times. They are exceptionally loyal and devoted to the people they love. Another interesting trait is that, these people can read other people easily, but choose to reserve their comments. They are little low on their self-esteem but if a situation demands, they can surprise everyone with their hidden talents. By nature they are attracted to places of amusement and. Entertainment and leisure are essential parts of their life and they love freedom. Generally they are shy, but when held back or forced to do something against their will, they can be aggressive.  They are introverts in the sense that they show their abilities only when required. They do not believe in unnecessary publicity of their talents or capabilities, one of the reasons they are quite modest and discreet.

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Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg
14 February 1942, American
Mayor of New York City
02 February 1977, Colombian

Michael JordanMichael Jordan
17 February 1963, American
Basketball player

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo
05 February 1985, Portuguese
Football Player

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston
11 February 1969, American

Harry StylesHarry Styles
01 February 1994, British
Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln
12 February 1809, American
American President.

Steve JobsSteve Jobs
24 February 1955, American
Co-founder of Apple

George WashingtonGeorge Washington
22 February 1732, American
First U.S. President
Millie Bobby BrownMillie Bobby Brown
19 February 2004, Spanish, British

Rashida JonesRashida Jones
25 February 1976, American
Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
06 February 1911, American
40th U.S. President

Gerard PiquéGerard Piqué
02 February 1987, Spanish
Football Player

Johnny CashJohnny Cash
26 February 1932, American

Robert KardashianRobert Kardashian
22 February 1944, American

Ed SheeranEd Sheeran
17 February 1991, British
Emily BluntEmily Blunt
23 February 1983, British, American

Alan RickmanAlan Rickman
21 February 1946, British

Bob MarleyBob Marley
06 February 1945, Jamaican

20 February 1988, Barbadian
19 February 1630, Indian

Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher
07 February 1978, American
Actor, Producer, Model, Investor
John TravoltaJohn Travolta
18 February 1954, American

Floyd Mayweather Jr.Floyd Mayweather Jr.
24 February 1977, American

Anne, Queen of Great BritainAnne, Queen of Great Britain
06 February 1665, British
Queen of Britan
Nora FatehiNora Fatehi
06 February 1992, Canadian

Randy MossRandy Moss
13 February 1977, American
Kurt Donald Cobain Kurt Cobain
20 February 1967, American
Singer, Songwriter

George HarrisonGeorge Harrison
25 February 1943, British

Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore
22 February 1975, American
Rosa ParksRosa Parks
04 February 1913, American

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Elizabeth OlsenElizabeth Olsen
16 February 1989, American
Dakota FanningDakota Fanning
23 February 1994, American

Denise RichardsDenise Richards
17 February 1971, American

Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor
27 February 1932, British, American

Charles DickensCharles Dickens
07 February 1812, British
Thomas EdisonThomas Edison
11 February 1847, American
Inventor, Businessman
Steve IrwinSteve Irwin
22 February 1962, Australian
Television Personality

Megan Thee StallionMegan Thee Stallion
15 February 1995, American

Paris HiltonParis Hilton
17 February 1981, American
Socialite, Model, Reality Star

05 February 1992, Brazilian
Trevor NoahTrevor Noah
20 February 1984, South African
Actor, Comedian,TV host

Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds
11 February 1936, American

Michael SheenMichael Sheen
05 February 1969, British

Mélanie LaurentMélanie Laurent
21 February 1983, French
Actress, Director

Brandon LeeBrandon Lee
01 February 1965, American
Joe AlwynJoe Alwyn
21 February 1991, British

Ronda RouseyRonda Rousey
01 February 1987, American
Professional wrestler
Emma RobertsEmma Roberts
10 February 1991, American

Dr. DreDr. Dre
18 February 1965, American
American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur

Elizabeth of York Elizabeth of York
11 February 1466, British
Queen Consort of England
Vanna WhiteVanna White
18 February 1957, American
Televion Personality

Sophie TurnerSophie Turner
21 February 1996, British
Isla FisherIsla Fisher
03 February 1976, Australian, Omani

Lisa Marie PresleyLisa Marie Presley
01 February 1968, American

Ivana TrumpIvana Trump
20 February 1949, American
Ex-Wife of Donald Trump

Josh BrolinJosh Brolin
12 February 1968, American

Mary I of EnglandMary I of England
18 February 1516, British
Queen of England and Ireland
Michael B. JordanMichael B. Jordan
09 February 1987, American

Laura DernLaura Dern
10 February 1967, American
Actress, Director

John WilliamsJohn Williams
08 February 1932, American

Aileen WuornosAileen Wuornos
29 February 1956, American
Serial killer
Sean AstinSean Astin
25 February 1971, American

Elizabeth BanksElizabeth Banks
10 February 1974, American
Mitch McConnellMitch McConnell
20 February 1942, American
United States Senator

Alex BorsteinAlex Borstein
15 February 1973, American

18 February 1994, South Korean
Bikram ChoudhuryBikram Choudhury
10 February 1944, Indian, American
Yoga Teacher

Chelsea PerettiChelsea Peretti
20 February 1978, American
Gary Leon Ridgway Gary Ridgway
18 February 1949, American
Serial Killer

Prince Andrew, Duke of YorkPrince Andrew, Duke of York
19 February 1960, British
Son of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

Robbie WilliamsRobbie Williams
13 February 1974, British
James DeanJames Dean
08 February 1931, American

Michael BayMichael Bay
17 February 1965, American
Film Director, Producer
Gemma ArtertonGemma Arterton
02 February 1986, British

Jennifer Love HewittJennifer Love Hewitt
21 February 1979, American

Kelsey Grammer Kelsey Grammer
21 February 1955, American, U.S. Virgin Islander
Film Actor, Theater Actor, Television Actor

Richard RamirezRichard Ramirez
29 February 1960, American
Serial Killer
Alice CooperAlice Cooper
04 February 1948, American
Galileo GalileiGalileo Galilei
15 February 1564, Italian
Astronomer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Rebel

Joseph Gordon-LevittJoseph Gordon-Levitt
17 February 1981, American
Actor, Director

Babe RuthBabe Ruth
06 February 1895, American

Duane ChapmanDuane Chapman
02 February 1953, American
Reality TV Star
James SpadesJames Spader
07 February 1960, American

Yoko OnoYoko Ono
18 February 1933, Japanese

Clark GableClark Gable
01 February 1901, American

Charles DarwinCharles Darwin
12 February 1809, British
Naturalist, Geologist

Katie HopkinsKatie Hopkins
13 February 1975, British
Media Personality
Chris FarleyChris Farley
15 February 1964, American

Charles BarkleyCharles Barkley
20 February 1963, American
Basketball Player
Taylor LautnerTaylor Lautner
11 February 1992, American

The WeekndThe Weeknd
16 February 1990, Canadian
Damian LewisDamian Lewis
11 February 1971, British
Harold MacmillanHarold Macmillan
10 February 1894, British
Former British Prime Minister

People born in February are also extremely caring and make good parents. They are very emotional when it comes to their relationships and excessively compassionate towards their family members or close friends. Those who are not married or looking for a partner, can spend a whole life looking for the ‘special someone’. They are very particular about this and can be depressed if they do not find the right person.  They are dependent on their partners and may feel dejected at occasion of their lack of attention or love. Nevertheless, they are ambitious and work towards materializing their dreams and hopes. Though their mind is filled with abstract thoughts, they do come to terms with the abstractions to reach their goals. A person born in February also undertakes daring pursuits and can be quite determined to achieve what he/she desires.