List of the most notorious criminals ever. The list includes names such as Ted Bundy, Andrew Cunanan, Pablo Escobar, Jeffrey Dahmer and Zodiac Killer.

Criminals are the individuals who have committed a crime. Crimes refer to any unlawful activity that is punishable by a state. The term 'criminal'; is not a strictly defined one as different states have different laws regarding crimes and unlawful activities. A crime generally can be said to be an activity that causes harm to an individual, the community or the state. Criminals may commit crimes as a means of earning their livelihood, out of jealousy, greed or malice, for recreational purposes, out of boredom, or for a plethora of other reasons. Crimes may be classified as personal crimes, property crimes, inchoate crimes and statutory crimes. Offences that cause harm to a person such as assault, murder, sexual offences, etc. come under personal crimes while robbery, burglary, arson and forgery are categorized as property crimes. Often high profile criminals are given wide coverage in mass media which accords to them a sort of celebrity status. So fascinated are people with the tales of murderers that Jack the Ripper till date remains a hot topic of discussion. Serial killer Ted Bundy is so notorious that many books and films were based on his life. Jim Jones of the infamous People's Temple incident continues to intrigue psychologists till date. Read on to learn lurid details about the notorious criminals from all over the world.

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Al Capone Al Capone

Ted Bundy Ted Bundy

John Gotti John Gotti

Ed Gein Ed Gein

Assata Shakur Assata Shakur
Cuban, American

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Pol Pot Pol Pot

Jesse James Jesse James

Henry Hill Henry Hill

Ned Kelly Ned Kelly

Albert Fish Albert Fish

George Jung George Jung

Diane Downs Diane Downs

Carlo Gambino Carlo Gambino
Italian, American
John Demjanjuk John Demjanjuk
Ukrainian, American

Meyer Lansky Meyer Lansky
Polish, American

Fred West Fred West

Hideki Tojo Hideki Tojo

Susan Smith Susan Smith

Dean Corll Dean Corll