List of most famous and notorious gangsters of all time.

Gangsters might be criminals in the eyes of law, but when it comes to their mass appeal they are no less than celebrities! The aura of mystery that shrouds gangsters imparts a tinge of glamour to them and whets our interest to learn more about these elusive figures. Jesse Woodson James, probably one of the most notorious gangsters of the later part of the 19th century, continues to be one of the most iconic American outlaw, bank and train robber, and gang leader. He not only enjoyed celebrity status in life, but also became a legendary figure of the Wild West after his death. Chinese mobster Du Yuesheng was another gangster who was elevated to celebrity status and is often depicted in popular culture despite media on Du and his exploits being officially banned in China. Gangsters have been operating all over the world from the past several centuries. Paul Carbone, Auguste Ricord, and Lucien Sarti are among the most notorious gangsters of European origins. Even though most of the gangsters are men, female mobsters like Sandra Ávila Beltrán, Claudia Ochoa Felix, and Rosetta Cutolo prove that women should not be underestimated! Read on to know about the most famous and notorious gangsters of all time!

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Jesse JamesJesse James

Ned KellyNed Kelly
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