List of the most dreaded murderers ever. The list includes names like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Zodiac Killer and John Gotti.

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A murderer is someone who terminates the life of another person unlawfully. There are numerous types of murderers. Some murder for money.  There are some killers who are mentally sick and their act of murder is the result of their psychological problems; There are some murderers who commit this crime in a fit of passion. Religious blindness can also be a cause of murder. There are many instances where a single person has committed a series of murders. This type of killers is known as serial killers. Generally, they murder strangers and they do it just for the sake of killing. Mass murderers are those who intentionally murder a large number of people either at the same time or over a short period of time. Spree killers are those who commit the act of murder in several locations within a brief period.  Often a family member intentionally murders a particular person to protect the honour of his family. This type of murder is called honour killing. Research says that certain conditions like negligence and abuse in childhood lead persons towards criminal activities. This section provides information about infamous murderers from all over the world.

Ted Bundy Ted Bundy

John Gotti John Gotti

Ed Gein Ed Gein

Assata Shakur Assata Shakur
Cuban, American

Jesse James Jesse James

Ned Kelly Ned Kelly

Diane Downs Diane Downs
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Susan Smith Susan Smith

Albert Anastasia Albert Anastasia
Italian, American

Seung-Hui Cho Seung-Hui Cho
South Korean

Sawney Bean Sawney Bean
Mary Bell Mary Bell

Moses Sithole Moses Sithole
South African

Jodi Arias Jodi Arias

Herschel Grynszpan Herschel Grynszpan
German, Polish

Mel Ignatow Mel Ignatow

Martha Beck Martha Beck