List of famous robbers with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Robbers, as the name suggests, are people who take illegal procession of something which they do not own. They try to snatch valuable items either by force or by threatening the owner of those items. It may seem that the crime may be small but many a times it involves violence and in some cases even fatalities. There are several types of robbery. When robbers commit their act by using deadly weapons, it is called armed robbery. There are many instances where robbers engaged themselves in criminal activities in public places like a highway then the incident is known as highway robbery. When robbers steal cars from parking lot, it is called carjacking. They also steal cars by threatening the owners of those cars. Robbers involved in bank robbery steal important belongings of bank by forcing and threatening bank employees and customers of bank. Generally bank robbery occurs mostly in cities and large towns when banks are known to have more customers leading to higher amounts of cash stored at the bank. Issues like unemployment and poverty can play a dominant role in the occurrence of a robbery. What follows is a collection of the biographies, timelines, trivia and other information about the professional and personal lives of some of the world’s most famous robbers.