List of the most notorious fraudsters ever. The list includes names like Anna Delvey, H. H. Holmes, Frank Abagnale, Henry Hill and Ross Ulbricht.

Fraudsters intentionally deceive people for personal gain and commit fraudulent acts by lying to their victims. The mode of operation for such individuals is to contact victims posing to be someone from a government office or a company and trick them into providing information which can then be used to the fraudsters advantage. The fraudsters also attack their victim’s computers to get the private data which can help them access personal and financial information relating to their victim’s. When fraudsters plan to deceive the government, it is regarded as government fraud. When an employee deceives his company, it is considered as employee fraud. There are several instances where fraudsters have deceived people through telemarketing system and online dating sites. Online shopping is an area where fraudsters make customers their victims very easily. Getting personal information by offering financial products is another way through which fraudsters conduct their operation. Tricks like advance-fee frauds are very common to deceive people. In such cases, fraudsters offer victims a large amount of cash as a return of a specific amount of money deposited to them. What follows is a collection of the biographies, timelines, trivia and other information about the professional and personal lives of some of the world’s most dreaded fraudsters.

Henry Hill Henry Hill

Frank Nitti Frank Nitti
Italian, American

Virginia Hill Virginia Hill
Austrian, American
Charles Ponzi Charles Ponzi
Italian, American

Elizabeth HolmesElizabeth Holmes
Joran van der SlootJoran van der Sloot

Paul ManafortPaul Manafort
Otto WarmbierOtto Warmbier

Anna AndersonAnna Anderson

Ryan LeafRyan Leaf
Lee IsraelLee Israel

Charles AlbrightCharles Albright
Jeb Stuart MagruderJeb Stuart Magruder

Paul Vanden BoeynantsPaul Vanden Boeynants

D.B. CooperD.B. Cooper
James McDougalJames McDougal

Roberto di RidolfoRoberto di Ridolfo
Otto von PackOtto von Pack