Famous People From Australia

The very mention of Australians might bring to your mind the image of a beer guzzling, tanned, fun loving person lounging on the picturesque beaches all day long. From the past many decades Australians, especially men, have had to live with this dumb stereotype that projects them to the world as carefree beach mongers. Ever thought about what Australia would actually be like if Australians actually fit the stereotype? Australia is one of the wealthiest nations of the world and boasts of a high standard of living unmatched by many other countries. This would not have been possible without the relentless hard word, ingenuity, and dedication of the Australian men who gave it their all to build such a wonderful nation. 

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth

11 August 1983

Liam HemsworthLiam Hemsworth

13 January 1990

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman
(Actor, Producer)

12 October 1968

Heath LedgerHeath Ledger

04 April 1979

Steve IrwinSteve Irwin
(Television Personality)

22 February 1962

Luke Hemsworth Luke Hemsworth

05 November 1981

Troye SivanTroye Sivan
(Singer, Actor)

05 June 1995

Keith UrbanKeith Urban

26 October 1967

Julian AssangeJulian Assange
(Computer programmer)

03 July 1971

Ben SimmonsBen Simmons
(Basketball Player)

20 July 1996

Joel EdgertonJoel Edgerton

23 June 1974

Paul HoganPaul Hogan

08 October 1939

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Eric BanaEric Bana
(Actor, comedian)

09 August 1968

Guy PearceGuy Pearce

05 October 1967

Jacob ElordiJacob Elordi

26 June 1997

Travis FimmelTravis Fimmel

15 July 1979

Hugo WeavingHugo Weaving

04 April 1960

Ben MendelsohnBen Mendelsohn

03 April 1969

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Brenton ThwaitesBrenton Thwaites
(Film Actor)

10 August 1989

Errol FlynnErrol Flynn

20 June 1909

Nick CaveNick Cave

22 September 1957

Michael HutchenceMichael Hutchence

22 January 1960

Angus YoungAngus Young
(Co-founder & Lead Guitarist of the Hard Rock Band, AC/DC)

31 March 1955

Bon ScottBon Scott

09 July 1946

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Malcolm YoungMalcolm Young

06 January 1953

Bob HawkeBob Hawke
(23rd Prime Minister of Australia)

09 December 1929

Ned KellyNed Kelly

31 May 1855

Nick VujicicNick Vujicic

04 December 1982

Anthony MundineAnthony Mundine
(Professional Boxer)

21 May 1975

Rick SpringfieldRick Springfield

23 August 1949

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Rolf HarrisRolf Harris

30 March 1930

Malcolm TurnbullMalcolm Turnbull
(Journalist, Politician, Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Investment Banker)

24 October 1954

Terence TaoTerence Tao

17 July 1975

Dacre MontgomeryDacre Montgomery

22 November 1994

Levi MillerLevi Miller

30 September 2002

Baz LuhrmannBaz Luhrmann
(Film Director)

17 September 1962

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Tony AbbottTony Abbott
(Former Prime Minister of Australia)

04 November 1957

Peter SingerPeter Singer

06 July 1946

Vance JoyVance Joy

01 December 1987

Maximilian I, Holy Roman EmperorMaximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
(Holy Roman Emperor)

22 March 1459

Bob MorleyBob Morley

20 December 1984

Peter FinchPeter Finch

28 September 1916

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John Howard John Howard
(Former Prime Minister of Australia)

26 July 1939

(YouTube Personality)

08 July 1979

Mark OliphantMark Oliphant

08 October 1901

 Barry HumphriesBarry Humphries
(Comedian, Actor)

17 February 1934

Gregory John NormanGreg Norman
(Australian Golfer)

10 February 1955

Curtis StoneCurtis Stone

04 November 1975

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Cody SimpsonCody Simpson

11 January 1997

Harold HoltHarold Holt
(Former Prime Minister of Australia)

05 August 1908

Mark WebberMark Webber
(Racing driver)

27 August 1976

Biggy NorrisBiggy Norris

24 September 2009

Nathaniel BuzolicNathaniel Buzolic

04 August 1983

Paul KeatingPaul Keating

18 January 1944

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Clive PalmerClive Palmer
(Australian Politician)

26 March 1954

John MonashJohn Monash
(Civil engineer)

27 June 1865

Gough WhitlamGough Whitlam
(Former Prime Minister of Australia)

11 July 1916

(YouTuber, Gamer)

25 August 1995

Robert MenziesRobert Menzies
(12th Prime Minister of Australia)

20 December 1894

Banjo PatersonBanjo Paterson

17 February 1864

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Peter GarrettPeter Garrett
(Member of the Australian House of Representatives)

16 April 1953

(YouTube Gamer, Twitch Star)

23 November 1994

Nicholas HamiltonNicholas Hamilton

04 May 2000

John CurtinJohn Curtin
(14th Prime Minister of Australia)

08 January 1885

Rod LaverRod Laver
(Tennis player)

09 August 1938

Barry MarshallBarry Marshall
(Australian physician)

30 September 1951

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Paul KhouryPaul Khoury
(TV Personality)

06 September 1975

Helmut NewtonHelmut Newton
(Fashion Photographer)

31 October 1920

Percy GraingerPercy Grainger
(Musician, Composer, arranger and pianist)

08 July 1882

Lannan EacottLannan Eacott
(YouTube Gamer)

14 December 1994

John Villiers FarrowJohn Farrow
(Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter)

10 February 1904

David UnaiponDavid Unaipon

28 September 1872

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Brady HaranBrady Haran
(Video Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, Podcaster)

18 June 1976

Calum HoodCalum Hood
(Bassist & Social Media Star)

24 January 1996

Socratis OttoSocratis Otto

05 May 1970

Luke HemmingsLuke Hemmings
(Musician, YouTube Star)

16 July 1996

Josh HelmanJosh Helman

22 February 1986

Patrick WhitePatrick White
(Australian Writer)

28 May 1912

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Slim DustySlim Dusty
(Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist)

13 June 1927

Michael CliffordMichael Clifford
(Musician & Social Media Star)

20 November 1995

(Internet Celebrity)

01 January 1993