Think Thomas Alva Edison, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, and Sir Isaac Newton are the only superstars of science the world has ever produced? If yes, think again. Over the years, the world has produced a slew of curious men and women, who by virtue of their inquisitiveness and insatiable hunger for truth and knowledge has led the world to some trailblazing advancement that altered the way we think and operate today. Such an enlightened lot of people, whom the world reveres as scientists, have altered the course of human history with their groundbreaking inventions and discoveries. While nations like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden rules the roost when it comes to producing the highest number of scientists, country like Australia with relatively small population hasn’t done too badly for itself, making a remarkable number of important inventions in the last 200 years. Not to forget, down south has given the world extraordinary scientists and inventors like Elizabeth Blackwell, Dorothy Hill, Graeme Clark, Frank Fenner and more. Read the biographies to learn all about the timelines, life stories and interesting trivia & facts related to the lives of some of the most famous Australian scientists.
Terence TaoTerence Tao
17 July 1975
Barry MarshallBarry Marshall
30 September 1951
Australian physician

Elizabeth BlackburnElizabeth Blackburn
26 November 1948
American-Australian researcher

Howard FloreyHoward Florey
24 September 1898
Pathologist and Pharmacologist

Douglas MawsonDouglas Mawson
05 May 1882
Explorer, Geologist

Mark OliphantMark Oliphant
08 October 1901
Peter C. DohertyPeter C. Doherty
Scientist, Nobel Prize Winner

John CornforthJohn Cornforth
07 September 1917
Nobel Prize Winner Chemist

Robin WarrenRobin Warren
11 June 1937
Australian pathologist

Ian FrazerIan Frazer
06 January 1953
Australian scientist
Gustav NossalGustav Nossal
04 June 1931

Frank Macfarlane BurnetFrank Macfarlane Burnet
03 September 1899
Virologist & Noble Prize Laureate
Frank FennerFrank Fenner
21 December 1914
Played a vital role in eradication of smallpox

Ferdinand von MuellerFerdinand von Mueller
30 June 1825
Botanist and Geographer

David KarolyDavid Karoly
12 July 1955
Australian scientist
Sir John Carew EcclesSir John Eccles
27 January 1903

Akshay VenkateshAkshay Venkatesh
21 November 1981
Mathematician, University teacher
Brian SchmidtBrian Schmidt
24 February 1967
Astronomer, University teacher

Tim FlanneryTim Flannery
28 January 1956
Biologist, Paleontologist, Zoologist,

Ian PlimerIan Plimer
12 February 1946
Rodney BrooksRodney Brooks
30 December 1954
Computer scientist, Engineer, University teacher,

Bill MollisonBill Mollison
04 May 1928
scientist, naturalist, psychologist
Andrew TridgellAndrew Tridgell
28 February 1967
Engineer, Programmer, Computer scientist

Hubert WilkinsHubert Wilkins
31 October 1888

Raymond DartRaymond Dart
04 February 1893
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Prehistorian,

Eric BurhopEric Burhop
31 January 1911